Dr. Andy Ptak, D.C.

I've been a chiropractor for 16 years and have been fortunate enough to help thousands of people.  I loe chiropractic, yet realized there had to be something else out there that works even more holistically.  A trustworthy friend, who had researched many different systems, told me about the BodyScan.  He said it was the machine that "put it all together" and was FDA approed.  I took his adice and looked into it.  I've now been a BodyScan practitioner since December of '97.

Although I still practice as a chiropractor, 98% of my practice is deoted to Body Scanning.  We loe it!!  Almost all of our new patients are referred in by their friends and family members who have gotten results from their own scans.  We'e had referrals from 14 states.
We'e even had three people fly in from Europe just for the BodyScan.  We're completely booked for 5 weeks out.  The results the BodyScan gets will flood your practice too.

Every week there are "little miracles" that occur.  Recently, one BodyScan saed a 5-year-old boy from haing two operations. For years he had suffered from chronic ear infections and recently from inflamed adenoids.  His medical doctor scheduled him for an adenoidectomy and to have drains put in his ears. Luckily a friend of his parents told them about the BodyScan.  Three weeks after his scan and homeopathic protocol his medical doctor canceled the surgeries.

For those who are looking for a higher leel of health, the BodyScan is the ultimate step.  Once people experience it, they "get it", they "loe it", and they tell their friends about it.  Eeryone understands that "Nature Knows Best".  The BodyScan 2010 fulfills that for ideal health.

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The Highway Of Natural Ways inites you to inoke a timeless concept referred to as the "kiss of success."
K.I.S.S. is an acronym, where the first letter of each word represents a different word, as in, "Keep It Simple, Stupid," or, depending on whose obseration you accept, "Keep it short & sweet")

The Highway Of Natural Ways now shares with YOU the K.I.S.S. of success with respect to extending both the quality of health and also an extension of longeity regarding time, and how much of it you have left to enjoy. What alue is there in living longer if you are not also living stronger? Only the most powerfully effective master secrets of the universe are shared by the Highway Of Natural Ways. Prepare yourself for the indisputably greatest prime secres of healthy longeity, because nothing you eer absorb from any other source in your lifetime can even begin to compete with these six lie-extending words.

Air, water, oil, salt, bulk, and bacteria.

You believe that you take in and make use of sufficient oxygen? Not close, friend, and this ONE indiidual master secret of the universe will significantly alter your healing rates, nutrition absorbtion, use of nutritional intake, energy leels, ability to eliminate properly, and so ery much more. Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen!

Exhale more, immoderately, een. The further you empty your lungs, the more toxins you remoe from the body, and the more you stimulate your small and large intestinal tracts to fulfill their assigned tasks, and more. Inhaling deeply is good, and helpful, and still, it is EXHALING a good bit more than you are now, fully emptying your lungs as many times per day as you wish, that profoundly eleates not merely dozens, instead, thousands and thousands of bodily functions, including seeral thousand enzyme-related functions of the lier. Without haing to spend thousands on supplements, the one master secret of the universe, exhaling much more than you do now, then refilling your lungs deeply with fresh air, you can expect the quantity and quality of your daily life to eleate, both immediately and for the long term.

Next is water.
WHY the Highway Of Natural Ways is so keen on water

Your kidneys pumps more than a liter of blood eery minute of eery day. The need to be cleaned and cooled is neer-ending. Any hour that you are awake, you need to take in at least a few ounces of water.

Any time you are thirsty, you are too late, you have already done damage to your poor, oerheating kidneys, because thirst indicates that you are up to a QUART or more low on water within the body. Pay attention to your water intake, not to the words of people who are well-educated in OTHER areas, but know little about how to keep young, energetic, and healthy. never heed the words of anyone, no matter how extensie their education, unless they personally look great, feel great, and demonstrate what is colloquially referred to as "walking the talk." Eeryone else is full of opinions, and approximately 80% of all opinions are 100% wrong, based NOT on personal education and experience, instead, based on the words and opinions of people who were trusted at the time the opinion was passed on. Drink water eery waking hour of your life, and never a drop less.

Air-dried sea salt. Salt proes to be the single most critical food a human (or other mammal) can eer take in. Learn more about the difference between oerheated trash salt sold in most supermarkets, and the uber-healthy nature of air-dried sea salt, which, among other things, is responsible for producing your HCL, (the acid that disinfects things that we foolishly eat).

Oil refers to NEER-HEATED ORGANIC OILS, such as olie oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil. You cannot lubricate your skin and bones from the outside anywhere NEAR as efficiently as you can from the inside out. More oil, please.

Eating fiber is how we help control blood sugar, and how we clean out the colon and its thousands and thousands of pockets, where all flour products congregate, lump up, and grow moldier, with eer-growing leels of bacteria and fungus and more.

A typical healthy adult has approximately fie to seen pounds of healthy, probiotic bacteria in the intestine. These bacteria are what actually digest your food in order to delier nutritious liquid to your intestinal walls, which then passes the nutrition through the brush-border cells, and into the bloodstream. Good kefir is even better than using probiotic supplements.

The Highway Of Natural Ways urges YOU from within, to make smarter nutritional decisions, to help you to help yourself.

Learn more so that you can lie more, naturally. Bring out the best of the Highway Of Natural Ways within you.