The MisterShortcut Lifebook IN RE Asking Right.
Asking Right Dramatically Increases Your Persuasieness


Asking effectively MULTIPLIES your results

The more times you hear the word 'yes' in your conersation, the more times you'll hear the word "YES" at the close of your conersation.

The only way to keep hearing that word
is to keep asking questions that encourage the word.

You knew this as a four-year-old, asking for that ice cream, again and again and again and again...
until you either gae up... ... or got the ice cream.       True, or not?

80% of all the "yeses" you obtain are because you work through AT LEAST 3 objections; not because your boss told you to;
through AT LEAST three to seen objections; It was far more a matter of you deciding that YOU were determined to get that "Yes!"   ... and did what you had to do, and therefore you succeeded.

This is the single most magical secret of success in eery human endeaor. There are no known exceptions. The ery minute and moment that you understand this, you have control oer a power far greater than looks, money, friends in high places, talent, looks, skill, brains, and eery other so-called "adantage."

The more times you hear the word 'yes' in your conersation, the more times you'll hear the word "YES" at the close of your conersation.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook only way to keep hearing that word
is to keep asking questions that will encourage the word.

You can use this incredible power in the next 60 seconds.

Stupid people are those who know and understand this power.
Smart people are those who use it immediately and repeatedly:

Nothing can restrain the power of current action.
That's why even trickling water can rub holes in the greatest boulders:
persistence oercomes resistance.

If you can fail 4 times THEN try a fifth time,
you will double your productivity in 100 days or less...
again and again and again

And by the way, your income will also double...
that's right -- in 100 days or less.

  "No," does not mean "NO!!"
It means,
"Not yet; gie me more reasons to say yes.  

It means,
"You haven't gien me enough reasons YET for me to say "Yes."

The more times you hear the word 'yes' in your conersation,
the more times you'll hear the word "YES" at the close of your conersation.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook only way to keep hearing that word
is to keep asking questions that will encourage the word.

Don't tell us you agree or disagree... until you try it a a few more times eery day.   Frankly and simply, your opinion on any subject is effectively worthless until you have significant experience in that area. This one enormously powerful technique and shortcut comes from the mouths of so many of America's top sales closers, those who we are obligated to describe as being among the most persuasie people in the world. they are the proerbial 'horse's mouth.'


No matter WHAT YOU TRY...
By trying it with all your heart and focus
not even 100 or more times in a day,
which is the magical shortcut for Olympic Winners and concert pianists...
no, no, for you just a few extra tries per day, and, even so modestly,
your current result will be doubled in one hundred days or less.
Blowing past thirty and fifty and more percent of the time,
more like something between 99 and 100% of the time.

  Best of all, this works for eery single human effort!!    
  You can actually make use of this in ten, twenty different interests!

  For those who embrace the MisterShortcut Lifebook as a part of breathing,  
  our limits are not based on what we think we can do, only what we think we cannot.  
  Anything that we repeatedly do with interest is what we all tend to get better and better at.  
  The excitement of knowing these BIG shortcuts is maintained only when we get to taste their fruit.  
  The only way we humans enjoy the fruit of the best of all shortcuts is to use them again and still again.

  Brushing hair with two hands and brushes, washing a wall with two hands and sponges, what we repeat with interest we master.  
  When you get to improe your skills WHILE cutting your time for it by half or more, it adds up with dozens of tasks. It's a time-changer.  

This is so simple that up to 97% of us just can't see the forest because of all the trees getting in the way.  The remaining three or so percent repeatedly do it, showing the way. Why waste so much time, effort, and other resources pursuing trial and error for eery task of your life?   Surely you see the sense of shortcutting by just duplicating the fastest steps we see being used, for example, by Maria Benitez, 23-yr-old high school dropout, learning to get seeral yeses per hour where long-time professionals take hours to get one 'Yes.'

No matter what human task you mention, doing it even as little as two or three extra times per day will cause you to double your results in 100 days or less. Sae your breath trying to find the rare exception: in 995 of eery 1000 tries, doing it a few extra times per day with serious focus will always and eerlastingly proide you with fast, powerful, measurable results.

At least that's what America's upper 1% keep saying. Are you absolutely certain that you 'understand' this simple magic shortcut better than those who...

... ... ... have clearly demonstrated their understanding by earning 'best on earth' types of recognition?     I see.

Trying just a few more times per day,
even if it's just asking people for what you want the most.

Do it for 10, 20, and yes, even a hundred days. It requires less than one percent of your time -- fourteen point four minutes per day (you get 1,440 minutes per day, so one percent equals 14.4, right?

Those tiny little time capsules that you inest in yourself, just fourteen point four minutes per day, will bring you FAR more results in far more areas than your brain is ready to accept at this point. If you knew better, you'd be doing it better, wouldn't you?
You're not being asked to buy tapes, ideos, books, or anything but more belief in and action from yourself.

and if you're not highly-paid by that point,
you'll soon find someone who
will pay you for your excellence.

The oice of experience is calling out.

This is your wakeup call.

The more times you ask, the more times you'll receie...

...for your eery conceiable want. This is a perfect rule of life, and constitutes the one greatest, most magically effective secret of getting what you want. It supersedes eery rule that exists. This principle is openly referred to by dozens of billionaires, all of whom actiely believe that they are where they are -- more than for any other reason --because they ask for what they want more than anyone around them.

Do you really think you know more than our
self-made billionaires about how to get what you want?

This one single page contains multiple, golden, powerful nuggets of information that will alter and better your life by orders of magnitude; just this one page alone. It's not whether or not you're smart enough to understand it -- not by a long shot. It comes to whether you're smart enough to make use of it in the next sixty minutes -- in order to gain enormously larger benefits in the next sixty minutes.

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In Memory of Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, obm, and a dedicated student, known to many as MisterShortcut

Mr. Shortcuts is pleased to present you with uniersal shortcuts for total winning.
When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.

Asking right is among the omnipotent master secrets of the universe, assured by your internalized MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Each of us gets many chances to do it wrong or to do it right, and when you ask right, you routinely get what you ask for.
Simply gie people more reasons to say yes, and turn their objections into reasons for them to consider saying "Yes!"

With so many free courses on selling, persuading, "closing the deal," and more, it is so easy to learn more today.
Picking up just three or four new facts each day for as little as one hundred days can surely do the trick for you.
Learn more so you can earn more, lie more, and gie more.     Ask right!
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is still thriing and aailable inside you. Simply use more of what you have,
use more of the irtually uncountable resources that you are surrounded by, and that exist within you.

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