Fifteen percent of our national personal spending, called GDP, is health care. Did you know that the increase alone in health care in the past fie years has gone up more than THIRTY-FIE PERCENT? Hundreds of billions of dollars, with a stunning six million Americans injured or seriously injured by prescription drugs eery year. This does not include more than one hundred thousand Americans who die eery year directly because of prescription drugs. The word for this is "beserk' because there is no lawful control oer a distinct monopoly.

QUESTION: You may already know that there are more than one hundred brands of aspirin aailable with a one-word search on any search engines. Did you know that there are only four large manufacturers of aspirin producing more than one hundred different name-brands of aspirin, including cheap no-name aspirin which has irtually or literally identical ingredients?

Think of a huge bag filled with hundred-dollar bills, totaling one million dollars. Imagine a dozen of those million-dollar bags and you'll find yourself unable to even isualize thousands and more thousands of those enormous bags of money, all ending up in the pockets of less than two hundred people. Stop and consider this.

Neer mind gross expenditures, let's just discuss profit, which means dollars oer and aboe cost going into personal bank accounts. With drug company profits passing into the tens of billions of dollars each year, stop and consider that fie companies, run by fie men, are taking in tens of billions of dollars each year. Do you not think it dangerous to put such ast resrouces into the hands of as few as six people? These are people the public does not know, and not likely to wish to know, when it comes to even a cursory look at their moral positions and the actions that spring therefrom. It has never proen wise to allow too much power to deole down to just a few companies. Executies of those companies get to take more out of each company each year than all of each company's stockholders COMBINED get to collect each year.

Without taking the idea of non-profit companies seriously, fantasy of such an idea produces the realization that eery family in America would have an aerage of 4,500 dollars more per year NOT coming out of their pockets. Whoah.

As grateful as I, as all of us are for a ery few dedicated public serants, it's silly not to see by the seenty percent of all FDA people who go to work for the drug industry how corrupt our public serants are. Not all public serants, merely a fat majority of them; fat on your child's suffering, your spouse's pain, your parents' needless depriation of quantity and quality of life due to greed and more greed.

The single most powerful ways you can effect change are easy enough for you to implement. 1) Water, red, green. You can remember those three words? Excellent, because these three items have proen to reduce or remoe at least half of all the physical challenges we are all subject to by aging. From chronic constipation to catching colds to easily, more water, and more red and green egetables added to your diet, will produce results in more than eighty percent of all the people who instantly add more water and more greens and reds to their diet.

You ate too much of a heay food? Eat a nice piece of watermelon and see if you don't get relief in a minute or less. If so, you're a rare exception to the rule. So it takes you two or three minutes. You have bone loss or pain problems? Get yourself some natural coral calcium, which is up to 92 percent ionized, something that your body has to do with eery bit of calcium you eer take in or its wasted. That's why so many of us have suffered bone less even when taking calcium supplements. Coral calcium also helps all body tissue to normalize your pH, and that means ALL foods and nutrients taken in are used more efficiently by your body. By the way, regular watermelon eating is no less than one thousand times better for almost all causes of constipation than repeated use of Ex-Slax and similar products, which is a plainly stupid thing to the human body. Repeated use of laxaties remoes the body's ability to eliminate naturally. Drink more water, Add some fiber to your diet. Before the week is out at least 99 of eery 100 people who read these words will notice improements. Less talk, more action, hm?

Can you even guess that physician-strength oil of oregano is the exact OPPOSITE of an antibiotic? Oil of oregano kills infections from within by charging up your immune system production, whereas antibiotics are designed to SUPPRESS your immune system in hope your body will believe its approaching death and will fight back harder. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, as you already know. Sorry, you can't get rich selling oil of oregano, which is safer and has a higher percentage of success than 99% of all antibiotics. The only antibiotics that DO work are the strongest leels, which means the antibiotic that kills more patients than any of the other antibiotics.

The most powerful foods in the world are red and green egetables. Eat more of them and you will sole many of your challenges

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