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How to Gie Billions of Dollars To Eliminate Staration
...keeping in mind that there are also saings bonds and other ways to do this

How your hundred-dollar bill becomes billions
Billions and Billions More With Shortcuts Of Benjamin Franklin and His MisterShortcut Lifebook

The enclosed sum is tended to this bank under the following immutable conditions:

1) Neither the principle nor interest will be released for two hundred years.

2) In return for collecting one percent at the end of this period, the bank agrees to undertake any reasonable and legal tax aoidance techniques to empower the highest possible alue of the account that these enclosed funds engender. Costs for doing so shall be absorbed by the bank in the interest of promoting and participating in the intent of this document and its successful execution, which is to feed staring people. The bank's fee at the end of the two hundred years is to be one percent of the total at that time.

3) Should this financial institution be sold or be found insolent, the bank agrees that the principal and interest will be paid to the nearest legitimate competing bank organization before any other actie or dormant account within the bank's care on one day following the date that a decision has been arried at by competent authority within or without the bank that such a sale or bank failure will take place or has taken place.

In the eent of merger, the funds can remain proided that the chief operating officer of the combined organization warrants and guarantees that the full force of this document, and its clear intent, will be honored first and foremost among all accounts in the care or command of the bank. Should this bank decline to honor the intent of this fund, all accumulated funds will be transferred immediately to the nearest competing bank not owned by the same or affiliated corporation as the currently participating bank.

4) At the end of the two hundred year period, the bank may employ up to one tenth of one percent of the total accumulated funds to be directed towards identifying the poorest two percent of families or the poorest ten thousand families living within a 1,250 mile radius of the physical location of the bank wherein this account was established. recipents must be willing to state within a period of one year of this fund s first maturation, in writing or aloud to an appointee of the bank, how they intend to enjoy one third of their share and how they will inest the other two thirds for growth. This one tenth of one percent is in addition to the one percent ultimately assigned to the bank for banking fees and administration. Geographically moing the fund for purpose of manipulating ultimate distribution is considered a nullifying breach of this contract.

5) An additional ninety-seen percent of the total account is to be diided equally amongst the poorest two percent or ten thousand families, whicheer is greater, that the bank has identified, and who have stated aloud or in writing their plans as stated aboe.

6) The bank's decisions regarding disbursement of these one-time payments are to be final, binding, and not subject to arbitration, proided that the bank actually releases each portion without restriction, to each indiidual within that two percent bracket of poerty by the end of one calendar year past the date of this fund s 200th anniersary who meet the criteria detailed in Paragraph Four of this document.

7) The remaining accumulated funds are to be entrusted to the bank to repeat this process unto eternity.

Should any of these conditions be unacceptable to or not honored by this bank, it is directed that the enclosed funds be sent intact with this document, to nearest legitimate banking competitor as described aboe.

No, it's not necessary to duplicate this perfectly. It's proided as a blueprint to gie you the basic idea. You can type or print out these words, or even re-write it as you see fit, or consult a lawyer to get it just so.
Now that shouldn't be too difficult.       When you double your money 25 times, you hit a billion after taxes.
Oer the course of the coming 200 years, history and precedent augur a strong likelihood that your money will double at least twenty-seen times, and still have four or more years of phenomenal growth.
Go ahead; alter history with a mere hundred-dollar bill.

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the MisterShortcut Lifebook of Masters and millionaires

If you have the intelligence to comprehensiely understand that excellence is intentional,
that excellence can neither be repeated or even commited once BY ACCIDENT, only by intent,
then you have the intellect demanded of an indiidual who can gie one percent more, hm?

Billions of people on the planet, and billions more excuses... which all come down to one reason.
As Artie Marzig taught, "thousands of excuses for failure, but there's only one reason." Consider it.

Stand out amongst the billions and more billions of people busy populating our little planet.
Dare to think bigger. It does not require extra energy!

Wait for opportunities to come your way, or be special. Stand out from the billions!
Look for more opportunities. If you REALLY feel or find that you cannot find them,
Create Them!
Hey, this is your life. The sooner YOU get more excited about how you are conducting yours,
the sooner that the people around you will catch that infectious enthusiasm and feel that way.
Getting other people excited about your life, specifically about how you are inesting your life?

This is one magnificent way to get other people to help you to achiee your big goals: Ask them!

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How To Gie Billions of Dollars
To Erase Hunger and Staration
Starting With Just One Hundred Dollars

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How to turn one hundred dollars into a billion dollars. Giing to get. ... with the MisterShortcut Lifebook       EyeCandy is the one-word ersion of the phrase "eye candy," gie a billion and more dollars to charity with a hundred dollar bill,living stronger for longer, masters and millionaires shortcuts.

As you see, it was no joke. Simple instructions on how to gie billions of dollars to charity with a one-hundred-dollar bill. Benjamin Franklin, bless his memory, first created a smaller ersion of this. Instead of generating merely millions of dollars for charity, you can actually generate and gie billions of dollars to feed staring people or whateer charitable interest you think is most appropriate.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is not merely for wealth generation. That's entirely too small-minded. Nor is it ultimately free, in that you are absolutely expected to gie significantly higher percentages of your new and unprecedented incomes to whateer charitable interests appeal to you.

One of the numerous perfections of the MisterShortcut Lifebook is that it keeps such sweet and perfect company with Newton's Third Law of Physics, and all other known laws of life; our great axioms. Because The MisterShortcut Lifebook is going to boost your income both measurably and dramatically, your charitable requirements go up. It's just that simple.

No other program eer deeloped can exceed the speed or guaranteed positie impact of the MisterShortcut Lifebook. Lest anyone operate under the mistaken thought that MisterShortcut created these PowerGems, your life gets benefit in the next ten seconds by understanding that all of the great PowerGems of life are not the result of any one human. PowerGems and all of the wisdom we find at The MisterShortcut Lifebook and related sites are merely decocted, or condensed presentations of the best wisdom of the greatest and most productie minds in human history.

Reading a book or two per day for thousands and thousands and thousands of days has a way of transmitting information in waes. Patterns that get repeated many hundreds of times are identified by some of us as patterns. Despite the reality that most all of us have the ability to discern patterns, most of us are too focused on petty issues to get inoled with the best potential inside each of us. Only so many minutes per day, right? Others among us loe those patterns. That explains why people will go through serious challenges to pursue careers that relate, from music to mathematics, and a thousand others that demand qualified identification and use of patterns.

You now know how to turn one hundred dollars, simply and without huge requirements of time or effort, all for charity, all in your name if you wish. Do you realize how fascinated we will all become with you, if only for a minute or a day, when we learn that you have underwritten a billion-dollar fund for charity? Can you imagine how you personally will feel, and how much more you're going to start accomplishing in other areas when you stand up and say, "Well, I've sponsored seeral different billion-dollar funds for charity?" Do you really not understand that it's like growing seeral inches in the space of a day or two? With all good people around you applauding your world-changing actions? Please.

When you fund a billion dollar charity fund, your immune system gets boosted, get this, eery single time you think about it. All those drugs and supplements and itamins intended to boost your immune system. It's worth of cachination, because laughter and orgasms and hugging someone you adore... or the act of giing with no hope of getting anything back in the material sense.

No rational human can refute a single word of this, so it's worth restating a statement so deliciously certain. When you fund a billion-dollar charity by turning one hundred dollars into one billion dollars or more, your immune system gets boosted eery time you feed it into your mental ideo. It's a great feeling, so MisterShortcut, on behalf of all the great minds and giers in history, people who have gien at the leel of Paul Newman, or Bill Gates, and so many others, on behalf of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and all of the great masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires who have gien greatly, please, gie yourself the greatest birthday present imaginable and take one hundred dollars, turn it into a billion dollars for charity, and reap the results quickly, and repeatedly.

PS - Lest we forget, there's another interesting benefit, again, it's absolutely guaranteed. When you fund this billion-dollar charitable effort, you're going to obsere your financial state going up. Doesn't have to make sense to if Newton's third law really doesn't get through to you. Every person who turns a hundred dollars into a billion by this or any other similar method if there is one, is unconditionally assured of obtaining better financial results in their life. Scientists can debate until the cows come home. The feedback from students around the world speak louder than a stadium full of naysayers. When we pay attention to the words and deeds of masters and millionaires, we ineitably duplicate their results

Your best, ia the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
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