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The important information shared on this page is NOT original material of Mr-Shortcut; rather, the work of, an excellent source of useful information on holistic healing.
Anytime a scientific principle is made more digestible, it tends to grow in awareness if not popularity. Because the subject of biosyntony is rather complicated as described by Pierre, let's try to break it down at least somewhat.

What is Biosyntony?

In nature, all naturally occurring waes have a ortex (three-dimensional) shape. These waes, including sunlight, cosmic radiation, magnetic fields, graitational fields and others proide information to the body. The water content of the human body seres as a recording mechanism and carrier of information just like a ideotape or any other magnetic media such as the computer's hard drie. . The information receied by the body from the natural waes seres to regulate the body's biorhythms" organ functions and glandular functions. These waes also modulate the DNA. Without this information, the glands and the organs could not function, nor communicate with each other properly, and the body would not adapt to its' enironment. This is the reason that people feel better in natural enironments.

Not all of the waes we're exposed to occur naturally. Humans promulgate quite a few waes, too All of these man made waes, including electric electromagnetic fields, radio, T, microwae towers, cell phones and many others are made from bi-dimensional sinus waes. These waes when they mix with natural waes alter the natural waes and therefore change the original information. As a result, the body receies misinformation and the normal function of the DNA, organs and glands is disturbed. This contributes to illness, disease, aging and emotional and mental stress. Extreme examples of this phenomena are people who work in front of computer monitors eery day for years, and thus, are exposed to ery intense electromagnetic pollution and often suffer seere health problems, also people who lie under high power lines for long periods of time frequently deelop cancer.

Biosyntony Does Not Diagnose - It Restores

Biosyntony restores the normal ortex waes using resonance phenomena. The ceramic memory discs resonate and create ortex waes wheneer they are exposed to natural or artificial waes. The arious crystalline materials in the discs emit beneficial ortex waes that restore the correct information to the body, thus improving its functions physiologically and energetically. This phenomena results in greater well being as well as acceleration of healing physically, emotionally and mentally.

Biosyntony is not concerned with diagnosis and disease. It restores body functions in a natural and non-inasie manner. Biosyntony greatly enhances the body's natural healing mechanisms as it allows the body to heal itself at its own pace and priorities, unlike many other modalities that push the body into healing.

Biosyntony is remarkably effective even after one treatment, especially in children, adolescents, and acutely or seerely sick people. After a series of treatments, most people experience increased well being, a sense of calm and peacefulness, and are able to better handle stress. The benefit of undergoing a series of Biosyntonic treatments is significant in that it is ery effective as a preentie therapy and it increases physical, emotional, and spiritual well being in both children and adults.

Natural waes ersus manmade waes

The problem and the solutions

The creator of the Biosyntonic method, Pierre Nicholas, is a researcher in applied biophysics. He created microcrystalline ceramics that behave like tuning forks. When the ceramic discs (memory discs) are placed on, or around the human body, they correct deficient functions in the body.

It unifies many disciplines of functional medicine including oriental medicine. The basic idea in Biosyntonic therapy is replacing needles with ceramics, while respecting and synchronizing the chronobiology and the ariable electromagnetic potential created by the natural cycles of the body. Acupuncture needles impose external stimulation on the sympathetic nerous system (i.e. energy system of the body but does not necessarily respect perfectly the natural synchronization of the natural electric and energy potential of the body).

Biosyntonic therapy acts to correct deiation and harmful effects in the body generated by modern physics (electromagnetic waes from electric currents, microwae oens, cell phones, radio, T, satellites, H.A.A.R.P. project do a web search for this one if you have not heard about it, you SHOULD) and allopathic medicine.

Natural physics (natural occurring magnetic and electromagnetic waes such as the magnetic fields of the earth and arious cosmic and sun energy waes), allows the liberation of energy blocks in the body. It allows and facilitates the natural deliery of information from one transmitting area to another specific receiing area in the body. The receiing area is directly related to the transmitting area.

Natural physics repairs in a natural way the blockages of energy/information in the body and corrects deiation in the biological clock. The properties of the ceramic-programs (memory discs) allow natural resonance and regulation of the biological functions by means of the natural waes. Natural waes generated by natural physics are shaped in ortex form (in contrast to artificial physical waes, which have sinusoidal shape).

The human body is a universe, which is interdependent of the enironment. The body works properly when it integrates two processes of energy /information.

  1. Proper exchange of information within the body through the autonomic nerous system/energy pathways.

  2. Integration of external information proided by natural physical energy phenomena (moon graity, cosmic graitational forces, moonlight, sunlight, earth magnetic fields, changes in barometric pressure, cosmic radiation, and others), which synchronize the internal biological clock. The integration of both systems allows optimal auto-adaptation of the body to the external natural enironment and optimizes the internal body functions. This allows optimal physiological functioning of the body under arious external conditions.

ElectroMagnetic Pollution Still Multiplying Each Decade

Contemporaneous electromagnetic energy pollution causes problems in the physiological functions of the body that need to be treated. The Biosyntonic concept is a solution for the problems created by the energy pollution of modern physics. These problems play often a major role in the deelopment of illness, disease and poor health.

Biosyntonic Therapy is bound to play a major role in the healthcare systems of the 21st century. It integrates the understanding of quantum physics phenomena and their essential effect on biological systems. These effects can be beneficial or detrimental. The new understanding will help us improe our health and well being, and correct or aoid detrimental effects of the modern artificial physics on our health and well being. This will allow the eolution of mankind, the eolution of humanity to a higher state of health and well being.

The Biosyntonic procedures optimize the free flow of body fluids, regulations of the bodily secretions, optimization of the biological clock, regulation of eery function of each organ, optimization of body fluids, including the central nerous system fluids and body gases.

The techniques and technologives of Terre de Lys open new perspecties in quantum medicine. The techniques are reolutionary in the mode of obseration, and understanding of biological functions and healing processes in biological systems.

Role Of Water In Nature - Relating To Humans

Our body is made up of seenty to ninety percent water, depending on our age. The reason for this is that water in nature functions as a storage and transfer system for information just like the ideotape in our CR. ideotapes record information in the form of electromagnetic charges, which are then read by another deice that transforms the electrical charges into sound and picture information. Water is capable of storing information because the angle between the two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules can ary by 20 degrees. The distance between the two molecules can ary as well. So when a certain color is projected on water or a specific musical note is played toward a container of water it will cause distinct and measurable changes in the physical characteristic of the water. Those who study homeopathy know that by sequentially secussing (shaking) and diluting arious substances in water we impart the energetic fingerprint of the substance to the water. This energized water is then put into pellet or tincture form and used for energetic stimulation of the natural healing processes of the body.

In nature, we are bombarded by many frequencies, from cosmic radiation to graitational and magnetic fields. All natural waes are three-dimensional or ortex shaped. These natural frequencies permeate our body and the information these frequencies carry become stored in our bodies' water. This is essential because water not only stores information, but transfers it throughout the body. This information is then used to modulate the biological biorhythms of the glands, organs and all the biological systems in the body.

When we get closer to nature we experience well-being because of the high concentration of these natural waes. In our regular enironment, we are exposed to heay concentrations of man-made waes. All of these waes, from electromagnetic waes generated by electricity to microwaes, are sinus waes. As we know from physics, when two waeforms interact, they alter each other. In addition, since our body is a conductor, man made electromagnetic waes can penetrate the body and further de-reference the information in the body's water. When man made electromagnetic pollution is heay, the natural waes are altered. When altered, the waes do not correctly carry the ital information the body needs, thus the body receies misinformation, which adersely affects all of the bodily functions. These disturbances preent the body's glands and organs from communicating with each other and synchronizing their functions properly. These perturbations are a major factor in the deelopment of illness and aging.

NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: This info is proided to you as a courtesy because of the startling nature of this information, and the potential that it clearly carries to impact any human's approach to regaining balance and health.

Kudos, and more kudos, to for proiding this information to the world.

Biosyntony Fills An Important oid in Health and Healing

Biosyntony fills a oid in the contemporary concepts of health and healing. It integrates quantum physics, western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and bridges the current gap between them.

By enhancing the energy flow in the body, Biosyntony increases the body's self-healing capabilities.

It is a non-inasie modality easy to apply in any clinical settings. Biosyntony is complementary to any clinical method and healing modality. Without a doubt, it is dramatically effective for children, young adults, and those with acute illness. Biosyntony has unparalleled effectiveness in establishing well being, physically, emotionally, and mentally. either in healthy or sick people.

In the Biosyntony course, participants will learn about the ital relationships between the body and natural waes, and their essential role in the biological functions and healing mechanisms of the body. Artificial electromagnetic pollution and its effect on biological systems will be discussed and the effective solutions offered by Biosyntony to this problem will be presented.

The participants will experience Biosyntonic sessions and their healing benefits during the course. After the training, these techniques can be applied immediately with patients. Biosyntonic protection deices made by Terre De Lys6, allow the safe use of modern technologives without the health risks that are currently associated with them.

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