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Masters and Millionaires
Immediate Boost in Intelligence

Raising your I.Q. is easier and faster than most of us realize. Like so many other times in your life, you're about to enjoy the simultaneous experience of feeling pleased at a skill you'e preiously wanted to possess but thought was not worth the effort and perhaps a bit annoyed that you didn't learn it earlier. So many opportunities for such a skill to have sered you well, but, what the heck, at least you can do it now. That's the best part, because boosting your I.Q. produces more benefits than your current I.Q. empowers or entitles you to recognize.

Boosting your IQ is not only easy, there is a wide range of approaches. That means that, even if you find fault with what you're about to read, an attempt that science won't back up, you will still have your mind opened to a more actie dimension of understanding that boosting your I.Q. can be accomplished. Intelligence is not static when you're specifically focused on increasing that intelligence.

That doesn't mean you're expected to work at it ninety hours per week; more like a single minute per day. The MisterShortcut Lifebook has a few simple foundations. One of them is to keep things focused on what is most desired. This is next minuteor two expanding your brain, and your life. Forget rah-rah motiation at least for the moment, this is the science of success, a mechanical application with a mechanical response, in this case a higher resulting I.Q.

Approximately one hundred percent of us are able to understand the raw, brain-boosting power of this shortcut. No less than 93% of us are too profoundly stupid to actually tap into it.

Don’t get me wrong: at least 7 out of eery 100 of us ARE smart enough to try it once or twice. Only 3 of eery 100 will be brilliant enough to do nothing more complicated than using this extraordinarily powerful SUPERshortcut for 22 consecutie days. There is a 100% guarantee that your brainpower will increase.

It’s so simple that you yourself have failed to see the forest because of all the trees getting in your way. It is also the specific reason why, as a child, you could absorb, assimilate, and use information at speeds far greater than you do today.

You have specifically forgotten how much power and benefit there is in oxygen. As a child, you breathed deeply as a matter of genetic programming. You were born knowing how: all the way out, all the way in. Then, you became socially more aware of yourself, and you actually forgot how to breathe. Every single emotion of stress, good or bad, and you just decided to breathe little shallow breaths, like all of us.

It is perfectly certain that expelling eery last ounce of air from the three hundred million sacs that make up your two lungs, and then inhaling fresh air deeply through your nose, just once per hour eight or ten times per day will boost your I.Q. and problem-soling abilities by 15 to 30 points within the next 22 days.

No drug company, scientist, medical specialist, country doctor, or Harard Medical Professor can successfully deny this claim. I don’t know one who would bother trying. You see, our brain requires only two types of food: tiny amounts of glucose, and huge amounts of oxygen. Do you know that the only purpose of blood is to act as a transportation system? More than 90% of that transportation system is deoted to carrying… you guessed it… OXYGEN!!!

Our muscles and brain and organs all require oxygen. The most important transportation system in the world is your bloodstream, which carries the oxygen and glucose to your brain and body. The system is even nice enough to carry along other, literally minor nutrients and defense mechanisms for our immunologic requirements. None of these items is worth anything without oxygen getting to the brain in large amounts.

When you breathe, you barely go halfway. When you get angry or depressed, frustrated or confused, you breathe even LESS, and your brain and body suffer instant loss and challenge to its ability to function with excellence. That’s why, when we suffer negatie emotions, people tell us to do what? You’re right again: "TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CALM DOWN." Is this true, or not?

Taking a deep breath instantly boosts your immune system, reduces dangerous blood pressure leels, not in minutes, rather, INSTANTLY, and creates an instantly clearer, uncluttered path to intelligent thinking.

Emptying out your lungs and filling them with fresh, oxygenated air instantly boosts your I.Q. and your problem-soling abilities. Not in minutes, rather, INSTANTLY.

Here you have a superb, high-powered shortcut that will bring you rich, fast, better results. As always, knowing it means bupkus. USING it, and DOING it, are what tell us how smart or stupid you are.

Boost your intelligence by ENSURING that EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) are a part of your diet.

Every human brain has placques sticking to brain tissue, identifiably interfering with brain function.

Whether you supplement with EFA oils sold by reputable companies, or make daily and persistent use of extra irgin olie oil WHICH HAS NOT BEEN HEATED, or perhaps organic coconut oil, washing the beta-amyloid placques from the brain is truly crucial to continued good brain function throughout the decades of our life.

Een young people can benefit enormously from getting good oil into the body.

Did you know, for example, that children who act out are almost always found to have high leels of sugar in their diet.

A parent who allows their child sugar in their routine diet is either ignorant, or simply a ery, ERY bad parent.

Brain damage is perhaps the most tragic loss, from the coign of antage of those who embrace both the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways approaches to living.

It should be mentioned though, that it's not the first damage done by the presence sugar.

A portion of a teaspoon of sugar is sufficient to cancel al the HCL in the stomach. HCL is, among other things, responsible to disinfecting the range of stupid things we eat that are laden with bacteria and more.

Thus, for the next few hours, the stomach, without that ital HCL, cannot communicate more than partially with the lier, and the lier cannot tell the gallbladder to release bile. Without bile, one of the gallbladder's most important functions, that of emulsifying animal fats so we can glean energy from the animal fat, cannot be at full and proper leels.


Mood, attention and focus, concentration, memory: All of these are affected by the presence of refined sugar, so, gie some thought to boosting your intelligence, and boosting the effective intelligence of those who rely upon you for sustenance, by eliminating sugar from the diet.

Thankfully, good-quality fish oils are MAGNIFICENT for helping children who act out too much, often acting out exclusiely because of the many negatie effects of sugar in the diet.

Cod lier oil, oil from wild salmon, even krill oil, are delightfully effective in helping mood, promoting calmness in children, and more.

Most children who are gien a spoonful or two of good fish oil each day can be expected to improe their academic performance IN JUST WEEKS OR even A MATTER OF DAYS.

Considering how inexpensie this wonderful gift of nature is, it's among the cheapest and most powerfully-impressie dietary experiments you're likely to embark upon anytime soon.

Boost your intelligence with practice. Boost your intelligence with deices such as what is now called the "BioTuner," not allowed to be sold as a "BrainTuner" in the U.S., despite documented eidence of many benefits, including but not limited to increase of IQ (reported increases of up to 40 points!)...

and even benefits for those dealing with addictions. The BioTuner at last review cost about $200, so, that may be beyond your budget at this time.

MisterShortcut inented BrainLifters for high-speed boosting of energy within the brain, but the benefits of supercharging minerals may be limited to those who purchased them prior to MisterShortcut's moing on from the wonderful decade-long adenture in the deelopment and production of numerous energy deices.

The point is that, even with extra-boosting tools to adance our efforts to raise our intellect, most important of all is the clearing of beta-amyloid placques from the brain, promoting a diet healthier for brain function, and practicing the use of the brain in eer-growing efforts to expand the enelope, to extend limits into new arenas.

Learning more is how we learn to be in a state of living more... than the aerage person eer choose to do.

Boosting intelligence is a choice, not a function of genetics or most other considerations.

Boosting intelligence is a function of any person's use of the MisterShortcut Lifebook.

Learn more, lie more, and, hopefully, gie more... These are good reasons for each of us to focus on boosting our intelligence.

Another EXCELLENT method for boosting your intelligence is to learn the one-second energy test.
It costs nothing, of course, and only takes a matter of seconds to learn. It IS a game-changer, not least because it enables you to test the energy leel of literally anything.

From food and beerages, to electronic deices, specific (identified) organs or glands in any mammal, even property, homes, apartments, factories: All these and more either test strong or weak, and the bidigital O-ring test is the most accurate test eer created, compiled, or reealed.

As always, with respect to MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways, no belief is needed, only testing, for indisputable proof of whether something can and will likely delier high-polarity energy that strengthens, or low-polarity energy, such as that gien off by electricity, whateer comes near the item or field you are testing.

Allow this ideo to share genuine master secrets of the universe with you.


Since we cannot learn less about anything, the Highway Of Natural Ways inites you to learn more!

Why Do We Get So Hungry, So Often.... when our physical labors are so limited?

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MisterShortcut has built for you what may be the world's largest website.
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Boosting Intelligence With The MisterShortcut Lifebook

Boost your intelligence quotient, Raise your IQ on your own, successfully, and at a respectable pace,
because the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook use simple methods.

If you are not regularly taking some kind of healthy fish oils, such as cod lier oil, krill, salmon, etc.,
there is a limited chance of boosting your I.Q., although EFA oills (essential fatty acids) come close.
Secondly, you must do brain exercises. Whether you recite Fibonacci numbers, or memorize Pi strings,
you must find some kind of puzzles or other brain teasers or challengers, in order to excercise your brain.
Like eery muscle in your body, the brain, and your I.Q., require the excercises that are known to build them.

Third, there are deices, such as the Bio-Tuner, which boost your I.Q. in a matter of days, and ery much over time.

Learn more in pursuit of living more, and living WITH more, regarding your body, your brain, and your use of your I.Q.

No charge for something as simple as learning how to increase your measured intelligence quotient,
and boost your IQ, raising your intelligence using the shortcuts gleaned from the experience and wisdom
of our greatest role models and leaders, men and women of excellence and achieement,
who all use the basic precents of the MisterShortcut Lifebook.


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