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Catabolic Is Defined As Destructie Metabolism

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Cortisol is the major catabolic steroid of the adrenal glands. Catabolic means "destructie metabolism". Cortisol is made from cholesterol, which conerts into pregnenolone, which conerts to progesterone which conerts to cortisol.    That’s about all the technical info you’ll need to understand this page.

Cortisol leels are affected by the circadian rhythm, which is the fancy phrase for our daily sleep-wake cycle.


The amount of cortisol your body produces is also affected – heaily affected -- by stress and diseases. Cortisol is absolutely required for your body’s metabolism to function, particularly energy metabolism, cardiac maintenance, muscle function, and suppressing inflammations. Large amounts of cortisol are produced in the presence of stress.


The word ‘stress’ refers to both positie stress (eustress) and negatie stress (distress). Most of the time, our use of the word stress is actually meant to coney distress.  Few of us use the word for fear of people mistakenly belieing that distress refers to matters more serious than most of our daily aggraations.  All negatie stress is distress, and you can bet that distress means definitiely promoting a state away from health, balance, and ease.  It is the precise cause and definition of the word disease (dis-ease).

Chronic stress leads to chronic eleation of cortisol leels. Chronic cortisol eleation does nothing less than beat up your immune system. This persistent increase in cortisol production in the human body is directly associated with anorexia, depression, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, hypothyroidism, menstrual disorders, obesity, osteoporosis sleep disorders, and more. Dr. Cohen is highly skilled at addressing this issue with you. 

If ongoing, the adrenals become "exhausted" and leels drop below normal. This is often the case in "chronic fatigue syndromes" and can end in Addison's disease.  Dr. Cohen can use the Bodyscan to seek as much biofeedback information from your body as is possible to obtain, giing him the information to help you with.

High-protein diets increase cortisol and high-carbohydrate diets decrease it. The opposite is true of DHEA. egetarians have higher DHEA leels then omniores!  It’s one reason we tend to eat too many sweets when we’re highly stressed.

Exercise reliees stress, but oer exercise increases cortisol,

 often resulting in injury and/or loss of muscle mass from oer training.

People who lowered their stress using relaxation techniques and by
listening to music lowered their cortisol by 23% and raised their DHEA by 100%

 according to the Institute of Heartmath in Boulder Creek, CA.


Without a doubt, from both allopathic and naturopathic iewpoints, there has never been, nor will they likely eer be, a more instant, more powerful, or more long-lasting shortcut to excellent, balanced health than the instaneously helpful, useful tools of relaxation (stress management) and particular forms of music. never has been, nor will there likely eer be, a more useful, powerful weapon in the war against aging poorly.


Let’s be ery clear: Dr. Cohen does not heal you,  your other doctors don’t heal you; The technology and the healthy, powerful natural remedies and the many effective machines that are part of Dr. Cohen’s expertise… none of these wonderful tools actually heal you:  in eery case, they merely encourage your body to do what it is naturally designed for: to heal itself in a balanced, natural, healthful way.


You have many tools at your disposal.  Using more of them adds time to your life, puts more cash back in your pocket,  reduces your aggraation, & promotes happier healthier living.


     As you may have noticed, Dr. Cohen spends too much time with each patient, charges less than his peers and is so busy helping people to help themseles, such as proiding dozens of free follow-ups to eery Bodyscan, that he’ll never get wealthy from his practice.   When a community is fortunate enough to have this kind of dedication, the intelligent person makes use of that resource.   Lie longer, lie better.        That is Dr. Cohen’s philosophy and practice.


Adding quality and quantity to your life.   Does it get any better than that?

Talk less, do more… and enjoy instant, powerful, long-lasting benefit.

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Catabolic hunger in the drie for what's so empty,
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Drie the catabolic range, to repay your youthful ways so strange.
Engage the catabolic drie, burning more than it brings, to help you thrie.
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