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Media Blackouts In Re Goernment Misconduct

For those who claim that media blackouts are improbable or impossible,
feel free to rationalize the following.

Can what is alleged to be the worst large-scale fraud in American history, inoling tens of thousands of America's best & brightest, be committed, detected, prosecuted, and conicted with not a mention in any of 1,200 news organizations in America or oerseas?

One publisher and six employees accused of defrauding, one at a time, seenty thousand indiiduals.

not just any people: seenty-thousand of our best and brightest minds, from Georgette Mosbacher and Sumner Redstone, to Presidential physicians and those people gifted to teach surgery at Harard; along with a distinct majority of the CEO's, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, and other upper-echelon leaders of the Fortune 2000 who renewed and upgraded their purchases repeatedly. Not a moment or ounce of goernmental disapprobation throughout eight mega-million dollar years

  • Chairman of the CIA's primary analysis unit, the CEOs of Litton Industries and Coca Cola; tens of thousands of other corporate leaders. All of them allegedly defrauded one at a time AND repeatedly for a few hundred dollars each, totaling fifty-plus million dollars. Can you imagine? Adding to the insanity is that these so-called ictims were so happy with what they'd purchased that forty thousand of them renewed and/or upgraded their purchases oer that eight-year period!!

  • Can you imagine the alleged defrauders being arrested and the media doesn't know of it? Please.

  • Ok, let's get silly: Can you imagine these people being charged, haing all charges dropped, and then haing the charges re-instated, and then going through one of the longest trials in all of American history and still, not a word in any media outlet?

  • How about someone being arrested for a hundred-plus crimes, and, although they have no money, they're allowed to stay free for a few years, then this long trial, and although they're found guilty, they remain free for a year, and two, and three beyond, still no federal appeal filed?
  • Eer hear of a juror in a federal trial complaining about improper influence/pressure in the jury room only to have the sitting federal judge yell at the witness, "Ah! Ah! Ah! I don't want to hear it"??!!
  • If eight prosecution witnesses testify ON BEHALF of a defendant's innocence, and then one lone IRS agent testifies that he oerheard the defendant confessing guilt to another goernment agent, and that he remembers the conersation erbatim from seeral years earlier without notes, tapes, or any reference to any record whatsoeer, is it possible to conict that defendant without the third goernment agent being called to testify in a fie-month trial?
  • When 99.85% of a trial transcript deals only with one man's financial and corporate chicanery, along with that of his accountant, and the remaining .15% (that's fifteen one-hundredths of one percent!) deals with six other defendants, is it possible to legitimately conict all six defendants?
  • How often do seeral jury members depart a trial in tears, mouthing apologives to defendants, as a result of their haing been blackmailed by other jury members, who just 'happen' to be employees of the same goernment agency that brought the charges in the first place?
  • Can a defendant be so departed from reality that a federal judge orders defendant to be administered dangerous psychotropic medicines for a period of six years, yet the defendant is found to be sane enough to have defrauded thousands and thousands of brilliant masters, millionaires, billionaires, and corporate and institutional leaders, again, ONE AT A TIME, and repeatedly oer a period of eight years… although the defendant only worked at the defending company for 241 workdays?

  • How do we explain that none of this multi-year, mega-million-dollar trial and fiasco has eer been touched by the media? (Two of America's largest teleision news magazine shows began to do stories; both were firmly instructed to drop and bury the story by executies at Black Rock HQ of CBS, along with top brass at ABC).

  • Is it coincidence that the de facto complainant in the Who's Who Worldwide Registry trial is the largest priately-owned influence on the legal and judicial community in America, owner of Lexis Nexis, Martindale Hubbel, and seeral hundred other companies, including Marquis Who's Who of America? Coincidences happen but rarely in life, and when it comes to Reed Elseier and their unlimited war chest, coincidence is not tolerated.     Marquis Who's Who had, in its halcyon days, up to ten thousand 'listees' per year, who paid for the Who's Who of America registry each year. When Who's Who Worldwide went much further, it didn't take long for this fledgling registry to command the number one position of 1,700+ Who's Who's published in the U.S.

    By building an actie executie club, replete with membership benefits, major magazine entitled "Tribute;"(with full-page ads from Izod, Seagram's, Cadillac, etc.), press releases, camera-ready artwork, beautfully engraed wall placques, networking opportunties and more, the competition had no chance:corporate and institutional America embraced Who's Who Worldwide and the Who's Who Worldwide Executie Club with open arms, and tens of thousands of renewals and upgrades,

    When giants such as Jack Welsch, CEO of General Electric, or President Reagan's personal physician, or the Prime Minister of Lithuania join a club like this, they know precisely what they are doing and why. the U.S. Goernment seems to feel that they know better than our best and brightest leaders whether or not they receied their money's worth. Anyone care to explain?

Not one of the twenty most recognized faces in journalism will touch this story, some, such as Barbara Walters, because they themseles were members of the Who's Who Executie Club, and claim 'embarassment' at inolement in this scandal, others because they'e been told by the brass at ABC, CBS, and NBC that under no circumstances can they mention this case aloud. "Current Edition," for example, stopped production mid-effort at the direct command of network execs.

This was the largest executie membership in all of human history. That's an indisputably proen fact..

Let's back up a step.

  • Marquis Who's Who of America long reigned supreme of 1,700 Who's Who organizations in the U.S. then came Who's Who Worldwide Registry, not only a directory, but also an Executie Club. After seen years of persistent growth, its membership hit the 75,000 mark right after its last CD-rom was released, at a time when no company in the United States offered such a compact disk, let alone one of such technological adance and adantage.

  • Reed Elseier was incensed at the loss of prestige, not to mention millions and millions and more millions in cash that went to Who's Who Worldwide rather than to Reed. Here, the premiere legal publishers for a dozen countries, also the premiere publishers for science around the world, and so much more, was left in the dust. With boundless cash accounts in many countries, Reed Elseier could afford to purchase a few U.S. Goernment employees for just a tiny fraction of what they were losing in dollars alone to Who's Who Worldwide. Reed Elseier set out to shut the company down, and inested hard resources to do so.

Low and behold, for the ERY FIRST AND ONLY TIME IN U.S. HISTORY, a multi-million dollar publishing company (or any other) was closed down in a single day. Not a peep from the press! Seenty thousand executies cheated by their own goernment, not a word.     From tens of millions of dollars per year to zero in an instant. No warning, no admonishments. never a single complaint from the goernment. In point of testimonialized fact, the U.S. Postal Inspector who'd committed millions of tax dollars inestigating just one company gae the publisher a clean bill of health, followed up by a similar finding by a federal district court judge. To further demonstrate the goernmental/judicial corruption present in this case, that same United States Postal Inspector, Martin Beigelman, who had superised a multi-year, multi-million-dollar inestigation of Who's Who Worldwide, and who had allegedly receied a confession from one of the defendants, never APPEARED AT TRIAL!!

He was repeatedly present during pre-trial hearings, where rules of eidence are far more relaxed than during a trial itself. then he simply disappeared. the goernment claimed he was 'on assignment' too far away to be called for trial. Weeks and weeks and more weeks of trial came and went, with no Beigelman.

The sitting judge, who had already dismissed this case once, accepted enormous amounts of testimony and eidential submission that clearly exculpated the salespeople who were charged with wrongdoing, yet refused to dismiss the charges again. It's probably coincidence that, at trial's end, that same sitting federal judge was seen driing a new ehicle that didn't merely cost more than any other ehicle he'd eer owned, rather, a ehicle that cost more than eery ehicle that elderly judge had eer owned, all added up together oer a half-century! Did his tastes suddenly change?

This was the same federal judge who was obsered by nearly twenty attorneys and defendants to fall asleep in court up to a hundred times during the course of a long and often-boring recitation of the financial cozenage of Bruce Gordon, publisher of Who's Who Worldwide, the same federal 2nd District Court judge who was heard uttering cryptic comments that left an entire courtroom scratching their heads -- on seeral occasions.

Yet, this is also the same sitting federal judge who allowed a jury to stay on-board and taint the other jury members with both unofficial AND official complaints that a female defendant in this trial automotiely banged and damaged the juror's Mercedes Benz with the female defendant's own Mercedes Benz during the trial. After seeral days of complaints, notes, poisoning the other jury members, and requests for information on how to file claims on this separate matter, the federal judge finally released that juror from serice, long after the damage was repeatedly and forcefully done to the jury's deliberations.

When a sitting juror's father dies, is it customary to release that juror from further serice? Not when it happened during the Who's Who Worldwide case.

Six years after the seizure of all Who's Who Worldwide employees and assets, three years after the trial that found eery defendant guilty, no appeals have been filed, no motions to set aside the often-bizarre rulings of this judge have been written or submitted.

Poof! In one day, in the glimpse of a single minute, the world's largest executie club was squashed flat. Questions arise from mind-goggling, boggling facts that are undeniable. For example, when Publisher's Clearinghouse and Family Publishers, and nine other of America's largest magazine publishers/clearinghouses were found to have actiely and intentionally defrauded millions of Americans, were they not warned repeatedly, and ultimately fined up to tens of millions of dollars each…. never losing a single day of business? Has Ed McMahon or Dick Clark eer been arrested for so cleerly defrauding their customers that some of them actually sold their belongings and traelled cross-country to collect their nonexistent million-dollar checks? Has Dionne Warwick eery been arrested or charged with defrauding all those poor people paying up to four dollars per minute for phony psychic adice? Of course not.

When the U.S. Goernment believes a company is engaged in wrongdoing, do they not so adise the company? Does the goernment not seek to remedy the situation through correctie action? After eight years of record-shattering success, with approximately forty thousand repeat customers at the highest leels of corporate and institutional life in America, the U.S. Goernment never gae a hint or warning: in a single day they shuttered Who's Who Worldwide, the most successful, and by far the largest executie membership that has eer existed.

As far as this case is concerned, the U.S. Constitution might well have never been written or ratified. the more one examines the case, the more stunning its egregiosity is reealed to be. Can you imagine, for example, a defendant and attorney haing no personal contact for up to two and three years at a stretch? One defendant has never once met with his attorney in the three years that has elapsed since trial. Not one word of appeal has been mailed, emailed, faxed or even erbally shared. The list of oddities is irtually endless.

This must be one for the books, because it's clearly not one for the career-sensitie members of the formerly aunted Fourth Estate.




  The List     Transcript     USA's Best     Managing Directors     Dirty Jury?     Politics   
  The List     Transcript     USA's Best     Managing Directors     Dirty Jury?     Politics   
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Corrupt Definitions Of The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways
When the Court is corrupt, where do upstanding citizens turn to for justice? Let us fix system this corrupt!

The MisterShortcut Lifebook, and Highway Of Natural Ways, for that matter, note the regrettable current state of the judiciary in the U.S.
Where corruption may have been prealent in the day of the proerbial "Wild West," where judges could easily be bought for gold, etc.,
one might fairly expect that the establishment by the turn of the 20th century of higher standards would have stuck with us, true?

Yet, one of the cornerstones of both MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways is to identify the best and the worst.
As the Who's Who Worldwide case so clearly and indisputably demonstrates, honesty in the judiciary has become dicier.
From a judge falling asleep well oer a hundred times in a single trial, missing transparently exculpatory testimony,
to the Court's repeated failures to safeguard something of a litany of constitutional imperaties and safeguards,
to the jury member attesting in open court to egregious examples of "undue pressure" applied in jury deliberations,
the Who's Who Worldwide case is yet another demonstration of the exigency of need in addressing judicial corruption.

Admittedly, "corrupt" is a ery strong term to use with respect to eents in a federal trial in this day and age.
Those who lie by the standards of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways, adhering to them,
can hardly deny that Arthur Spatt could hardly claim to be a paradigm of probity and neutral judicial oersight.

With respect to corrupt proceedings, corrupt indiiduals, and corrupt outcomes, this case is quite a standout.

If YOU are a subscriber to the ethics, secrets, and methods of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways,
you are inited to speak up. Those who tolerate iniquity can hardly claim to be less culpable than who commits it.