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Doctors, Doctors: Who Is Minding The Store?

Doctors have been around for many centuries. Thankfully, a portion of them are deoted or highly-skilled -- in rare occasions both at the same time -- and we benefit from their deotion.
Although not exclusiely because of pharmaceuticals, more patients than not are getting worse or dying as the result of appointments with medical doctors.

If we, indiidually, happen to know one or more great doctors, it seems impossible to consider such a scathing indictment. Mathematically, which does mean measurably, more patients than not are getting sicker and/or dying. Six million emergency room isits in one year just from taking prescribed dosages. More than a hundred thousand dead from taking the same amount and substance their doctor ordered. We can accept or fail to accept a fact; it doesn't change the fact.

In just one year, six million people in the U.S. go the emergency room for "correctly" prescribed dosages. Three hundred thousand admitted to the hospital, sicker from the medicine than the malady that prompted its use.

Those are ery big numbers, and unless you're truly foolish, you'll find ways to use this information to the personal adantage of yourself and your loed ones.

A few months before President Clinton finished his second term of office, he issued an executie order permanently banning handwritten prescriptions in all federally-funded hospitals when it was reealed that nearly 300,000 Americans were being killed eery year, even up until 2000 just from wrong medications being administered and accidental oerdoses!

THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND per year! Hundreds of families per day being shattered by negligence and sloppy handwriting alone, day after day, year after year. It is itally important to at least 80% of all Americans to be keenly aware of this. We know that 80% of us will consult at least one doctor within any twenty-four month period.

Sadly, dissemination of this unpleasant hard reality causes many people to confuse personality or opinion with factual issues. Many doctors, perhaps even a majority, are genuinely caring people who wish to sae lies. Few of us would doubt this.

It doesn't change the fact that, after twenty-fie consecutie years of schooling and training, doctors are gien a license to do what? That's right, practice medicine. There is a difference between practicing something, and achieving something. When we fit this comparison to medicine, the phrase "life and death" applies in the most literal sense. With this comparison, it becomes easier to understand why, after two thousand years, we still use the word "practice."

Doctors do not often go out on strike. When they do, the death rate declines rapidly and identifiably. This cannot be licitly disputed or refuted. To the wit who claimed it's only because there's no one around to sign the death certificates, we remind them of a couple of simple, scary facts.

  1. Make no mistake or understatement:thousands of Americans died from wrong medication or misdiagnosis in American hospitals… in the past week. This number has been repeated, on aerage, eery week for too many years now. Just from wrong medication or misdiagnosis.

  2. Insurance actuaries assign malpractice insurance rates based in part on the frequency of their company haing to pay out to ictims of malpractice. the astronomical rise in malpractice insurance rates for doctors is directly related to the equally great rise in the dollars paid out by insurance companies - to ictims of malpractice, the third in this trilogy of rising numbers.

What do you call the medical student who graduates last in medical school? Think ery, ery carefully about your own health, and quality of life here as you understand that he or she who graduates last in his or her medical class is called "Doctor." This man or woman, along with the other forty-eight percent of those who graduate at the bottom half of their class, will make decisions that you'll tolerate, which as often as not contribute to how long and how well you and your children lie on this earth. Isn't your life, and the life of your child, important enough for YOU to be the captain of your ship? We're not saying to excommunicate your doctor; simply get yourself, and then your doctor, to understand that you require control of your medical destiny.

The moment you take this control back, you instantly add time to your life. You see, among a host of other benefits, you'll no longer need to have a worried-looking doctor telling you you're eating too much fatty meat, or smoking a bit too much. As your own doctor for all but traumatic injuries, you'll monitor yourself with more knowledge, less stress, and therefore better long-term prospects.

If you have piles of money, you can afford to have a doctor in the upper fifty percent of his or her class, which produces only a mildly better chance of your benefiting from them. The downside is, the more you pay for your doctor's serices, the more you know that money is his or her motiator. How bemusing, even sad that our most honored medicos are NOT those who earn million-dollar incomes, rather, those who inest up to half or more of their time into helping at inner city clinics and other forms of serice.
      What does it say about the others?

Those who wish to be financially wealthy should be a part of the merchant class, not medical class. Each time I see a doctor in a BMW, with that hundred-dollar anity license plate, I griee for the thousands of children who will die in the next twenty-four hours from staration and malnutrition. That hundred-dollar anity would feed, clothe and medicate sick, staring, utterly innocent children, young children who don't have to die, if that money-loing moron wasn't more concerned with impressing his neighbors than with saing lies. Just imagine how many children's lies he'd sae if he droe a used, reliable two or three-thousand dollar car, and sent the other eighty thousand or more to Sae The Children, CCF, or Habitat for Humanity to help people build their own homes.

I've earned a dollar an hour, and eighteen hundred dollars per hour, and I still derie enormous pleasure from the same foods I ate back at a buck an hour: pastas, egetables, fruits, chocolate, cashews, etc. Maybe that's part of how I've disproed all those doctors who told me that a functional life was beyond me. How many times I've laughed, tooling down a country highway at considerable speed on one of my motorcycles, or swimming at the beach with childlike laughing. Surgeon after surgeon after surgeon told me I would be restricted to a wheelchair no matter WHAT they, we, or I did. Yet, I've managed to function pretty independently for ten years beyond those dire prognoses, and beyond.

When you see how doctors and medical professors seminally disagree on the simplest of life-extending methods and treatments, from low-fat/hi-carb, or low-this and high-that, to the simple task of breathing better, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee: you need to find out what's best for you, what has worked consistently for other successful people, and then duplicate the effort, knowing that there are irtually no known exceptions to the axiomatic truth that duplicating an effort leads to duplicating the result. It's how you repeat eery single successful task from birth to death. Think about it. Don't just read and run past. Think about it.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we all have high-powered shortcuts aailable to us that will instantaneously guide you toward a far healthier life, adding both quantity and quality to your personal existence. In eery case, their effects are also generally experienced immediately, as well as for the long term.

They'e been practiced for literally thousands of years by people who lie longer and better. they are the horse's mouth because the best teachers are NOT those who know better; it's those who DO better. If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, which end of the horse are you getting it from? Old wies' tales actually tend to be about as worthwhile as the information touted as "the most current scientific data aailable." Every single year of your life, you can find "solid scientific data" that utterly belies what was "solid scientific data" as recently as a year earlier. Doesn't this gie you a hint you want to heed?

Only a few things have never changed for those who lie long and well, physically.

  1. They do not get all bent out of shape in life's ongoing disasters and challenges. they accept, and focus on resolution rather than resentment and complaint. the identical brain energy used to focus on the problem is persistently channeled into the solution.

    No matter what doctors, professors or researchers tell you, we have known for thousands of years that the absolute number one cause of death on earth is stress. It is identifiably the single greatest cause of heart problems, back problems, gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems, and more.

    even diabetes, although passed on genetically eery third generation (and sometimes even more often) is deeloped by many people as a direct result of stress and the dangerous chemicals that the body produces as a direct result of stress. Bet your bottom dollar that ulcers are NOT caused by what you eat, rather by what's eating YOU. Dr. Sarno and so many others have conclusiely proen with, get this -- thousands of indiidual patients - that literally 99% of all back problems are caused by stinking thinking. Stop thinking your doctor is God; she's NOT; he's NOT. Better to learn more from those who are living longer and better lies, right?

  2. They drink more water than you do. Only air is more important than water.  Period.

  3. They tend to breathe more intelligently than you do. When I exhale, I do so thoroughly, ridding myself of far more toxins than any other method has eer been known to achiee. But, hey, maybe you know better than the healthiest people of the past couple or few hundred generations.. Those who know how to breathe properly, those who remember their childhood habits of breathing deeply and completely, take in more oxygen than those who breathe shallow breaths. When I make it my business to take those extra seeral deep breaths of fresh air each day, my brain functions more efficiently AND creatiely, which is why, since re-adopting this practice, I've been able to learn to play and compose for piano, guitar, and harmonica; create at least ten to twenty new columns and essays eery week, along with 45 to 48 other REGULAR actiities per week where my output is no less than ten times what yours is. I'm not smarter than you; I simply breathe more. Wheneer I slack off, so does my super-productivity, which is Nature's way of reminding the forgetful mind that aboe-aerage health requires aboe-aerage efforts!

Every baby born knows how to breathe: all the way out; all the way in. By the age of 12 or so, when we become so keenly psycho-socio-sexually aware of ourseles, our breathing patterns are pitiful. An obserable analogy might be the seen-year-old, who, hearing the teacher ask a question, is straining in the seat with arms waing, URGENTLY needing to display his or her knowledge to the teacher. At age 12, that same child is still sticking that arm in the air, the enthusiasm is muted by that unoiced concern, "Oh, gee, I hope I don't get it wrong in front of anyone" (refer to Maslow's hierarchy of human needs: not being made a fool of is more important to us than a half-dozen other seemingly ital needs). By age 17, when the teacher asks that question, both of the student's hands are firmly tucked into the armpits, concomitant with the thought, "ooooh, no; I'm not making a fool of MYSELF in front of the class."

The analogy to breathing is made because we're so hung up on what other people think that we literally prioritize their opinion oer our own well-being. When the boss or company is coming, you rush to make the house neat, and yourself presentable. When was the last time you rushed to make the house nice for your kids or spouse to come home to a thoroughly presentable enironment? Yeah. Right.

We relinquish control oer the most crucial functions in subserience to other people's opinions, and that is literally killing thousands and thousands and more thousands of Americans eery month. Re-teaching yourself how to breathe properly is the first, and by far most effective shortcut you can take towards adding to the quantity and quality of your life. Exhale completely, and inhale completely. If you're that challenged by this itally urgent requirement for a healthy life, challenged at the thought and deed of breaking out of your (ridiculously uncomfortable) comfort zone, then try one simple deice and reap the benefits instantly, and within a day or two, measurably.

The deice? It's called PRACTICE!!!

This ery minute, before you even make a commitment to do it ten times per day, start with once; start with the first occasion in too long. Right now, as you read this, force all of the air out of your lungs. When you think your lungs are empty… think again; there are still AT LEAST two quarts of air left in your lungs that are dirty and in life-saing need of being replaced NOW.

Keep pushing that air out. Keep pushing. believe me, no matter how empty you think your lungs are, you can find more to push out…. And if you were offered a hundred grand to push more air out of your lungs than fie other contestants next to you, you'll amaaaaaze yourself with how much exhalation you're capable of.

OK, you'e hit the point of being certain that there's no more air in your lungs. Slowly, and eenly, breathe allllllll the way in now, through your nose, refilling your lungs. That's it!!!

Just once is all you're asked to do. Once. In an hour or so, do it again. Obiously, it's best to do this outside, where you're getting fresh air. never mind all that city pollution: it's far healthier than the air you haven't even been breathing by irtue of the insanely shallow breaths you'e been taking for years!! Doing it inside, howeer, is fine, as long as you're not in a room filled with smoke or chemical apors.

If I were you, I'd be getting ery excited, because, haing read this far, it means you DO care enough to want to glean benefits from shortcuts, and guess what? This one PowerGem brings a slew of benefits you haven't even guessed at.

A) Engaging in proper respiration INSTANTLY boosts seeral brain functions, and for those who actually do a full respiration ten times per day for the next 22 days? You will find that your thinking is clearer, faster, and by a powerful measure, more creatie. This never fails, it works for one hundred percent of the people one hundred percent of the time. Yes, the more you breathe in and out per each lung function or lung cycle, the higher your intelligence grows.

Nothing changes the fact that, from the precise day that I began breathing a bit more the way I did in my first year of life, my mind and body have responded far beyond what any examiner thought was iable, let alone likely.

B) Your brain requires only two forms of food: tiny amounts of glucose, and enormous amounts of oxygen. the more oxygen you feed the brain on a consistent basis, the more it produces for you. When you understand that your brain is working considerably faster, more creatiely, and more efficiently, you never want to go back. Unfortunately, we are human, so we require a habit before it becomes second nature. Breathe all the way out, breathe all the way in, and watch the results. One great way to measure it is to write down a whacky wish you might have, and try to produce twenty ideas per day on it for fie days. Practice better breathing for 22 days, and then try the "whacky wish"  test again.        

You'll be astonished.

In eery single case, with eery single human, astonishing results.

Your ideas will not only be more plentiful, and faster to appear, more importantly the ery quality of your ideas will exceed all but your wildest imaginings.

As always, you need not take our word for it. Do it eery day for even a week, and you are unconditionally guaranteed to get better and better results. By then, you'll have learned and gleaned OTHER benefits of this phenomenal shortcut.     Go for it!!

"A Physician can bury his mistakes, an architect can only adise his clients to plant ines."
Frank Lloyd Wright

Top Doctors From The Highway Of Natural Ways Coign Of antage - QRA Testers One And All

At this point, to reward you for deling this deeply into master secrets of the universe continue to flow.
Regarding doctors, anyone embracing the underlying principles of the Highway Of Natural Ways is likely to agree about doctors:

NO DOCTOR OF ANY STRIPE, DISCIPLINE, OR PROTOCOL can be a top doctor unless and until he or she is practicing QRA.

More than any other test of your lifetime, QRA, which stands for Quantum Reflex Analysis, is the most accurate, and most useful.
A one-second bidigital test, QRA astounds approximately eery human participating in their first and subsequent QRA tests.
If you are NOT familiar with QRA, allow the Highway Of Natural Ways to insert a presentiment regarding QRA testing.

Of all the things you have ever learned in your life, ery few can even hope to astound you as comprehensiely.

1) You can test the energy leel of anything, dead, alie, once-alie, never alie, with instant and exquisite accuracy.
Food, beerages, clothing, building exteriors, refrigerators, walls, shoes, eyeglasses, literally everything.

2) Medical claims about humans is now illegal, under the aegis of "protecting citizens against harmful phonies,"
although no material protection is proided against companies selling toxic substances disguised as medicine.
Because of the legal ramifications, the only health claims that can be made must relate to eterinary care only.
The Highway Of Natural Ways turns that to YOUR direct adantage, with modified lasers, Qials, EnergyTape, etc.
Animals do not know from placebos or sales pitches. See how quickly their wounds heal, pain recedes, and more.

First, howeer, is the critical need for you to learn how to do the one-second bidigital test.
Immediate power oer many of the circumstances of your life and longeity, in a minute.
Taking no more than a matter of seconds to learn your most basic QRA testing methods,
you will know with an informed certainty what is good to put into or near your body.

You are implored and admonished by both the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook to learn more, so you can lie more.
Excellence cannot be repeated accidentally, because demonstrations of excellence cannot happen in the first place by accident, true?

Instant Power To Profoundly Improe Your Life - Rapidly, Guaranteed

Make an "O" with your thumb and finger, and hold them tightly together as someone else gently pries them apart. That's it.
When you point your first finger at your refrigerator with one finger of your other hand, you will find it hard to keep that "O" tightly closed.
When you pinch a piece of food, and hold it away from your body while testing the "O-ring," you immediately see the energy leel.
When you hold a piece of food (or its container) close to your body, you instantly see if it will strengthen your body or not.
There is no guessing, you do not require the presence of so-called "experts," you need only to practice the one-second energy test.

Naturally, the Highway Of Natural Ways recommends consulting with one of the many hundreds of trained QRA practitioners.
Whether one particular indiidual QRA practitioner is highly skilled or not is, at most, secondary to this recommendation.
REGARDLESS of whether that QRA practitioners gives you a great consultation or not regarding YOUR health concerns,
that QRA practitioner can most assuredly teach you multiple aspects, multiple uses for QRA testing in across your life.
You, at home, can determine with far, FAR more precision and information the state, for example of your child's lier,
than a thousand medical practitioners can hope to do with a thousand machines... if they do not personally use QRA.
This is self-help, this is self-health at its best and highest leels of accuracy and immediate, beneficial utility to you,
because once you learn how to do a simple QRA test, practice will deelop your mastery in an entirely new subject.
When did you last deelop excellence in a new subject? If eer, probably not in more than just a few years, correct?
have someone test your "O-Ring" on the right hand. Point your left index finger at the house across the street, test again.
In each case, you can instantly tell if the people inside that building are enjoying prosperity or not. It works for you eery time.
Get this: It works through photographs and even dot-by-dot reprentations of a photograph, such as we see on any internet image.
Perfectly true: Test it yourself. have someone test your O-ring and point to most parts of Bill Gates' house (call it up on Google maps).
Highway Of Natural Ways says "most parts," because all people who test find the same weak spot at the lower left corner of his mansion.
The rest of the house, (and the grounds), you will notice always testing strong, and you can test it a hundred times.
Now, call up any slum building in the world, from Bombay to Brooklyn, and the building will ALWAYS test weak. Do it!

These are master secrets of the universe, with thanks, and credit, to Dr. Yoshiaku Omura, to Bob Marshall, and others who contribute to knowledge.
Each and all of the many inentions and innoatie deices of the Highway Of Natural Ways exist to remediate what is energetically testing weak.
Een free tools offered at and other sites, such as below the fold at can be of hugely helpful self-empowerment.

If your doctor is not a QRA tester, your doctor is stuck in a paradigm that only generates cash,
rather than achieving the stated goals of each applicant for conentional medical schools.
Despite all the horrific injuries sustained, including more than one coma, many breaks,
MisterShortcut proed the alue of imitating people who lie stronger for longer,
rather than people who proe with their prices that cash supercedes serice.

Learn more so that you can lie more, even unto being your own top doctor.

Begin your journey into a sweeter track of longeity by learning QRA
If doctors knew better, doctors would do much better, wouldn't they?
One million in the U.S. die eery year from iatrogenic death alone,
which are all preentable, "gien to the patient by the physician."
That's right, some 20,000 people die eery week heeding their M.D.
Whether it is the doctor that makes the lethal mistake, or the hospital,
20,000 people die eery week just from obeying their M.D's instructions.
It is better, wiser, and healthier, far better for your greater longeity chances,
to PARTICIPATE, rather than just blindly obey the instructions of those focused on cash.
Words have no alue in the face of actions that are screaming, in this case the actual prices.
To charge a thousand or fie thousand dollars per hour to sae a human life is no less than execrable.
Of course it is possible that this is only an opinion expressed through the Highway Of Natural Ways websites,
and even so, nothing, known to Man is healthier than making our own better decisions, participating, not obeying.
The Highway Of Natural Ways cannot fail to work, we, as humans, can only fail to work our own Highway Of Natural Ways.

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Erasing Staration, Easing Hunger With MisterShortcut Lifebook

If you recognize that the earth's residents are not treating each other particularly well,
then you possess sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
If you think that you can sae lies eery day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
without haing the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

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Winning On Purpose - Of COURSE There Are Easy Shortcuts   - Look For People Already Doing It 
Suggestions of the MisterShortcut Lifebook Regarding Success, Hunger Eradication, and magic secrets.

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You get to choose who you imitate, just as you choose what you will master

Until you imitate their results, ALL opinions all-silent.
Use this high-speed master secret of your universe.
Magic results in one to twenty-one days for 99% of humans.
What you know is second to what you do with what you know.

Take back your precious minutes. Plan your daily hours in adance.
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Are you sharp enough to count the fullest number of uniersal shortcuts in this Shapetalk?
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Before looking for new resources, first squeeze more from the brains and assets you possess.
MisterShortcut Lifebook foundations and fundamentals are aimed at YOUR rapid and total winning.

QRA - The Most Incredible One-Second Test For Energy - Learn For Life!
If you wish to pretend that you know more, feel free. OR, learn more and you will!
INSTANTLY increase your intelligence each time you use this one-second test

If you do not know how to do the one-second energy test, your life is incomplete.
More itally to your interests, your knowledge of life and health is incomplete.
From or many other QRA websites, you can learn this easy test.

It only takes a few seconds to learn, even for children. Use it for life.
The more you learn, the wiser your decisions certainly tend to be, hm?

The Highway Of Natural Ways urges you to learn more, so you can lie more.
Of all that is shared within the Highway Of Natural Ways and many sister sites,
you'll have a hard time finding a tool more useful, for life, than the energy test.
everything you see can be assessed for its energy leels, and their effect on you.
If you, for example, point to your fusebox with the first finger (index) of your left hand,
while someone gently pries your thumb and finger apart before and after you point to fusebox,
you will see: While you are pointing to fusebox, refrigerator, or any other significant electrical deice,

You can like or dislike the realities of this test, but do you want to be near what makes you weak?,,
these are just some of the many great QRA websites you can get more information from, freely, naturally.
Learn more, that you might lie more, or at least increase your probabilities of a better and greater longeity.

Neer Forget Your MisterShortcut Lifebook - It's Already Within You

As well, the MisterShortcut Lifebook seres to help you to help yourself, ia self-empowering shortcuts.
Every human endeaor, including those within has proen to yield masters.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is about imitating the shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Uniersal shortcuts, called PowerGems at the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways, help you.
Specifically, they help you to help yourself, which puts you in a better position to help the TRULY helpless.
Newton's 3rd law of physics teaches us that what you do comes back to you, as it is for all of us humans.

So, engaging the uniersal shortcuts, the effective PowerGems of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, you win.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways are gifts of MisterShortcut, for and to you.
Kindly engage them to help yourself, then reach out to help more of the world's poor helpless.

"Poor helpless" has more than one meaning. Here's to hoping you intercept at least one.
Uniersal shortcuts are a magnificent path towards winning, your kind of total winning.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

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YOU Are Saing - Feeding The Staring
ERY generous sponsors buy 1.1 cups of staple food for staring people as a result of our free clicks.
When you click this food button and the one that pops open you sae a human life... at no charge to you.
There is no more noble effort within the MisterShortcut Lifebook.   What goes around....

Natural Healing - For YOU

living Stronger For Longer with your healthiest website eer created.

This is the Pyschology of Longeity,
for those who wish to heal naturally and lie longer naturopathically, without drugs, without surgery.

Naturopathic approaches to living longer, living better, living happier,
are scientifically and empirically proen to be more effective, safer (healthier), and more conducie to longeity
than any known form of what we refer to as "conentional" medicine.

You are reminded why a doctor needs to sign any and eery prescription: in eery single case, unpleasant or deadly side effects are a part of the substances that you are paying top dollar for. Whether you look at electro-cardiographs, herbal remedies, bodyscan 2010, which is quite astonishing and effective; whether you become a fan of energetic balance techniques, or simply make the decision to dramatically reduce the amount of animal products going into your body, we are 100 percent confident that using natural healing techniques will find you happy about the reduced aggraation, saings in time, money, effort, and, perhaps most of all, the fact that your energy and general health improes dramatically when the naturopathic approach becomes a part of your life.

Proided you understand that LUCK is only an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge,

.... because you're worth it.

living Stronger For Longer with your healthiest website you're likely to find today....

all just for you

The Highway Of Natural Ways does not diagnose or cure diseases.

This body of information and opinions are based on natural successes,
based on those approaches and supplements
that have proen most successful in helping us regain our natural balance.

These many millions of pages are free for your life,
with the admonition not to do anything significant in your life,
NOW or EER, without consulting with those doing it best among us.
with reminders that consultation does NOT mean letting someone else
make life-and-death decisions without your knowledge and consent.
There is no shame in asking two, even three or a dozen professionals for opinions.
Looking at how a human lies, luxuriously or simply, is often enough to gie a good hint.

There are great professionals out there. Your job is tell the difference!

Stop leaing critical decisions in the hands of others without multiple opinions.
It really is that simple, and with so many excellent internet resources,
you have no excuse for not learning more about what ails YOU.

The Highway Of Natural Ways is offered to inform readers who have a specific interest in alternatie treatments
Humans have proen that for eery known human disorder, there are effective natural remedies.

Learn more in order to lie more. PARTICIPATE in the decision-making process.
What you used to think was highly technical becomes ery real when it hits home.
What you used to think was too technical becomes ery accessible when it affects one personally.

Raise YOURSELF With Your Own Highway Of Natural Ways

Raise your life instantly with the shortcuts of long-lied people.
Let us all show skill in grasping the alue of the food chain's roof.

It is nothing less than critical and fabulous to become aware,
because no drug, no healer, no magic potions cure anybody.

No doctor, no particular bit of substance can cure or heal,
or een, when you get down to scientific certainty, even treat us.
Each and eery one of them, both good and bad, serious and risible,
can only, at best, help us to help ourseles to heal ourseles, naturally.
If you eat nucleotides, most basic building blocks of eery cell you have,
you take most all the weight from your immune system, letting it do its job.
You may THINK that the nucleotides reduced healing time by two-thirds.
Thinking it does not make it so; it only adances its latent potential.
Every health challenge but death itself has top-leel natural fixes.
Understanding this may be the healthiest decision of your life.
The iews expressed herein are mostly those of the author,
who proes to be the most well-read human of all time,
aeraging a book or more per day from 1968 onwards.
Record-breaking recitation of thousands of Pi digits,
or crafting a dream into high-speed achieement,
let yourself benefit from the collected wisdom.
Those who do the best tend to know the best.
Why continue at your present leel of life,
if you desire one with a tad more quality,
perhaps an increase in your quantities?
Deelop your wealth with the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Make it healthier by embracing your Highway Of Natural Ways.
Foolish is the one who thinks of each or any day as just another day.
Wisdom is where YOU head when you recognize 86,400 opportunities per day.
When you take back a thousand seconds, you get 1,000 unique opportunities to excel.
You are absolutely promised in increase in your I.Q. when you use this secret just 100 times.
Until you have broken more hundreds of world records than MisterShortcut continually does, shh.
MisterShortcut, repeatedly crippled and medically dead, looking like a child of his schoolmates.
Luck is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. That has been the great luck of MisterShortcut.
Those who pioneer show why your opinion will repeatedly proe to be the best of many.
inest the majority of all the seconds that you do something into one more percent.


Quantum Reflex Analysis

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Competent naturopaths, including and especially the best Q-R-A practitioners, have far, far higher success rates than medical doctors could eer licitly claim when they seek to back up so many of their silly asseerations with fact, such as the multi-decabillion-dollar annual scam with respect to antacids. (No mammal eer lied who had an antcid deficiency. What you need to get rid of heartburn is an eleation of your depleted HCL reseres. Instead, doctors gie you these horrid antacid drugs that do get rid of the lactic acid that disturbs so much... while simultaneously lowering your HCL resere even further, absolutely guaranteeing a cessation of normal digestie function.

Numbers do not lie, people only manipulate numbers.

Q-R-A cannot be manipulated, it can only be correctly done or incorrectly done. It is not that complicated to learn, and you get to use it, like a portable astu machine that's all-natural, foreer, and whereer you go. If you make a list of the ten things that eery human should be trained in as children, it is surely astu and Q-R-A. Less talking from you, and more doing. When you do something one hundred times with an absolute commitment to get at least one percent better eery time, you walk away a big, fat, happy winner.

This works time and time again, and can be fairly refuted by no man or woman alie. The Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook work specifically to gather the best of the best aailable to the human race. Unlike the naysayers and lesser forms, the Highway Of Natural Ways does not charge you money. The MisterShortcut Lifebook does not accept cash or credit cards or checks. The payment demanded for these millions of pages of fantastically truthful magic powers of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires is for you to share the half of the profit we earn through PowerGems with the helpless people you will find or search further to find. In return, you get wealth and health that is not known to be taught at anywhere near this leel anywhere in the history of the world.

Take adantage of powerful information. You need money? Get free money from the goernment's 11,000 free cash and loan programs. Ask eery human you contact for a specific amount of cash, giing them at least three reasons WHY they should gie you their money. Get it through your head that the richest people in any society tend to be the people who ask the most. Bill Gates sold his products by asking many millions of people to buy his products, and he asked each of them many, many, oh, boy, many of times. Who asks the most receies the most.

Q-R-A Capabilities - The Bottom Line

Q-R-A instantly proes to be accurate. Modernizing a test from fie thousand years ago using highly-adanced technology and wisdom seres to directly increase the accuracy of muscle testing, or kinesiology, although, strictly speaking, Q-R-A is NOT muscle-testing, testing instead the electrical pathways of your body as well as testing the strength of specific organs, glands, tissue, and even function.

The accuracy of Q-R-A is irrefutable because it works eery time a trained Q-R-A tester is present, and is strong on his or her own brain points. Use of the QCI ial for 20 to 30 seconds makes eery gland, organ, and even tissue temporarily strong, much stronger than normal, ensuring the accuracy of the Q-R-A test.

Because Q-R-A is so magnificently simple, because it is almost ridiculously easy for most humans to learn how to do Q-R-A, it must be recognized right up front that mainstream medicine is continually pressing back, because people with far more money than you do not want their cash flow interrupted. Wise is the person who learns Q-R-A, and how to fruitfully apply any of the uses of Q-R-A. Learn the many rasons why this bidigital o-ring test is such a thoroughly useful tool for life. Most of the best Q-R-A practitioners, in New York or Texas, New Jersey or Long Island or California, are each and all happy to share huge bits of their Q-R-A training with you, especially if you ask! Q-R-A may well be the easiest test you eer learn how to perform, and among your most influential tests. Quantum Reflex Analysis is 21st century nutrition at its ery best. Learn more so you can likely lie more, with better decisions based on better information and more of your own experience. Q-R-A is today.

Now And Tomorrow At The Highway Of Natural Ways

Ladies and bumblebees,
NOW is not synonymous with tomorrow.

MisterShortcut believes one single, single, let's say it again,
single most proable reason for breaking many records while you don't:
Unlike you, MisterShortcut believes that "now" is not synonymous with "tomorrow."
This, too, is a delicious master secret of the universe accessible by none other than YOU.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook cannot fail us. We can only fail to use the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Ignore those who tell why you cannot, so you can find some of the MANY ways you CAN.
There is at least one thing you claim to be great at. When do you get better at it?
Please accept assurances that your words have no alue to us, including you,
until we obtain the inspiring priilege of seeing you do it one percent better.
In the MisterShortcut Lifebook, the Highway Of Natural Ways, and beyond,
what you do speaks so loudly that we can hardly hear a word you say.
Ford: "You can't build a reputation based on what you're going to do.
Now and tomorrow: NOT synonymous at the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Nor should you conflate the two within your Highway Of Natural Ways.
Every day is a fresh opportunity to engage in mediocrity, or excellence.
If you believe in minutes, you get 1,440 minutes, or opportunities eery day.
If you believe in seizing the moment, you get 86,400 of them eery day you lie.
As it is for all of us, your actions speak so loudly you need not flap your lips at us.

This portion of the Masters and Millionaires is titled, "The MisterShortcut Lifebook," with YOUR MrShortcut, if not the best doctor in America, arguably the most effective naturopathic doctor in the land.

Your best, ia the MisterShortcut Lifebook, part of the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
You are isiting the single largest empowerment website that can or likely eer will be created by a human being inest oer a thousand minutes per day for some sixty days past a thousand days.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook, brought to you thanks to Daid Cohen

Since the MisterShortcut Lifebook dares to assert itself as one of the world's healthiest websites, and best source of shortcuts,
it is ery much hoped that you will deign to learn more at the MisterShortcut Lifebook in order to lie more and gie more.
A goal of the Highway Of Natural Ways is for you to find the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of Longeity,
using them endlessly to lie healthier and wealthier, lie happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is a big portion of the largest and most empowering MisterShortcut Lifebook.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is self-explanatory, pursuing the best information on health and Longeity,
sharing the methods and secrets of long-lied people. Good health is augmented by good information.
The more we learn, the stronger, the longer we tend to lie. You desere to lie longer.

Embracing the MisterShortcut Lifebook means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
All of these hundreds of thousands of MisterShortcut Lifebook pages, packed with healthy tips,
and all of these "healthiest websites" pertaining to health and Longeity,
have each been designed and created by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
also known as the Godfather of EyeCandy for his artistic flair.

The idea at each site is for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires. and those who lie longer.
Learn more in order to lie more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
and the most empowering website on the internet, the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
With your mind in mind,

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Wealth index For the MisterShortcut Lifebook

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Doctors Shortcuts Mean Less - Highway Of Natural Ways

Doctor's shortcuts, doctor's shortcuts,
who's to say that one might know more than another?
Doctor's shortcuts springing from doctor's shortcuts,
all to see how many patients are dying iatrogenically.
There is no rhyme in doctor's shortcuts, doctor's shortcuts,
no gain that we know with a million annual deaths by medicine.
Doctor's shortcuts, stealing life and health, stealing longeity.
Look twice at doctor's shortcuts, and see how life can reach to YOU.

The Highway Of Natural Ways is priileged to strie for "healthiest website" online,
because the Highway Of Natural Ways already exists inside of you, free of doctors.
At the end of the day comes the foundations of YOUR Highway Of Natural Ways:
Being our own doctors is a form of Highway Of Natural Ways, isn't it?