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Inesting in the effort of examining efficiency rates in the United States of America, you may find some surprises. Of 416 career fields examined, 315 are all within a range of what we can comfortably call 'the norm.'   No cause for alarm there.

Of the remaining 101 fields, we find a wide range of effectiveness in job attempted s. job accomplished.

For example, one of the most efficient career fields is oil fire control. Those people, such as the internationally-renowned Red Adair, who fight often-explosie fires at oil drilling sites, enjoy a 100% efficiency rate because they ultimately get the job done eery time.

Certain career fields, such as teaching, are difficult to qualify for quality of their effectiveness, and easier to quantify by way of graduation rates, and what their students end up doing fie, ten, and twenty years later. Sadly, there's only one career field numerically identifiable as 'least efficient' in America, although enjoying a higher rate of efficiency in, get this, DOZENS of other nations. What makes it scarier is a double-whammy:

  1. The margin of its marked inefficiency is beyond what seems right; no other field comes close.

  2. Life, death, and money are at the center

If you're even modestly well-read, there's a chance that you already know that, comparing attempted job to successfully completed job, no career field has a lower rate of efficacy than the U.S. medical profession. Leading the way is, of course, psychiatry, designed to bring the patient back hundreds of times in order to pay for the psychiatrist's many luxuries.   (It's worth noting that behaioral psychologists and "inspirational motiators" have demonstrated a greater consistency and repetition of success with their clients)

Following right behind psychiatrists in the contest for "Most Inefficient"Are the general practitioners and surgeons. These are, by no small margins, the two most inefficient fields in America, where, ironically, their persistent failures neertheless gain for these practitioners enormous financial rewards and respect in the community despite their undeniably enormous failure rates, with thousands of people killed eery week JUST through doctor error. This fact has been thoroughly documented here in America.

We can dislike this fact, and can find no shortage of debate on how to best fix it, or why this is so.
It is not, howeer, reasonable to argue the fact itself.   Numbers do not lie, only people do.

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In eery human effort we have ever engaged in, there are definitie shortcuts. Those who come first do not get to enjoy so many of these shortcuts. It is what they learn, these masters and pioneers in many fields. When we see people living stronger for longer, they're showing their mastery with life itself. This applies all the more when you personally encounter people who are both old and flexible, physically limber. You find in approximately one hundred percent of elderly limber people a similarly flexible mind. If that doesn't present you with a huge shortcut this instant to dramatically impact all of the outcomes of all of the days of your life, you can hang your boots up and dribble for your dinner. For the rest of the human race who understands that we can't put milk in a car's engine. Only the fuel that's best for each human is likely to promote extended Longeity.

When it comes right to it, you will quickly find, especially at the MisterShortcut Lifebook, which is free for your life, that you are literally surrounded by great shortcuts to immediately enjoying higher health, longer youth, and better quality of life in one fell swoop can be achieed with no expense, effort, or time on your part. In eery case where you do so, your efficiency leel continues to rise.
Actiely accept that the single largest influence on your health, youth, and Longeity is not to be found outside your own mind and body. ery few doctors can licitly claim a high healing rate. Unless you can afford to have an eminent physician like Dr. Emil Coué or Dr. Andrew Weil, or Dr. C. Eerett Koop or Dr Sarah Brewer, genito-urinary specialist who's written oer twenty remarkably articulate books on health and medicine, to take care of you personally, then perhaps you'll adopt the techniques of these and other life-extending wizards.

The forerunner of the F.D.A. and the American medical profession determined that Dr. Coué's unpredented effectiveness in treating and/or curing many hundreds of supposedly incurable cases of bleeding ulcers, arthritis, specific cancer patients, and more, was due to nothing more and apparently nothing less than each patient stating sincerely and out loud, seeral times daily, "Each day in eery way I'm getting better, better, and better."

Sounds cockeyed to me, too, yet only a fool argues with the horse's mouth: roughly 1,700 seemingly impossible cases were sent into remission or cured after orthodox medical treatment had yielded nothing and his patients did as he instructed. Do YOU know better than those who have already done it successfully? As always, your personal health practices speak so loudly we can't hear a word you say.

People who are both intelligent AND flexible, who enjoy great notoriety for their embrace of open-minded approaches to resolution, such as Gary Null and Andrew Weill, or Bob Marshall, while relinquishing few of life's treats and delights, taught and lied long, actie lies simply by ingesting far more water and foods that come from the ground. Not giing up cakes or other faorites, simply striking a balance between water, foods from the ground, and whateer other garbage you're happy about putting in your body.

Dr. Brewer and so ery many other high quality researchers have proen the simpler methods of stress reduction; ensuring that there is an adequate quantity and quality of sleep; using the simplest herbal remedies such as echinacea, garlic, selenium, ginseng, and lapacho ((Pau d'Arco), which have instant and long-term power to increase a dozen or more facets of your health simultaneously.

Those who walk the talk, ersus those who only talk the talk, are our best teachers. They constitute actie proof of what works. In terms of your health and Longeity, the quality as well as the quantity of your life, why would you place unbalanced reliance upon, let alone pay obscene rates for, a group of people who irrefutably hurt and kill far more people than they help? This is low efficiency, from the 300,000 unnecessary heart surgeries each year (that's how many DIE within months of their surgery), to the hundreds of thousands of additional coffins, a whopping one million emergency room admissions just for patients who took what they were told in the amount they were told. So many tens of thousands of additional coffins each year just for those who were gie wrong medication, efficiency is not one of the claims we can hear from the medical community. When doctors cut off the wrong leg… and then have to cut off the sick leg anyway, are they held as accountable as a mechanic or a teacher who makes a grae error in a critical, life-changing situation?

     Be efficient.    Take control of your medical decisions by participating in those decisions.
You want better decisions? The internet alone proides you with almost eery one of the top one thousand experts in eery human field, including health and Longeity, music or money. Hush up and find a few of them. Those better decisions will please and pleasure you in as little as a single day, and obiously a great deal oer the coming weeks, months, years, and, should you actually stick with it, decades of better, happier, more fulfilled living than you're getting now. Efficiency is not much more than doing what you most want -- that you're now doing or might wish to be doing -- with less effort and expense than you're now going to.

Decisions affecting your present and future life, and even how long your life will be, are not decisions best left to someone who went to school for twenty-fie consecutie years and is then gien a license to merely practice what he or she has learned. Remember: What do we call the medical students who graduate at the bottom of their class?






We call them "Doctor."


More water.         More fruits and egetables.
Use balance.     Enjoy your efficiency!     You can thank me later.    
This is, by a huge margin, the biggest health boost that eer existed.

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