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What you know is less than what you do with what you know.
What you do with what you know is why we admire you.
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Why We Have a Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity

Mr-Shortcut, determined to promulgate facts of life that alter how long and how well we live,
invites you, now, to count the number of kids and adults who die following MD's instructions.
You are asked to learn ten facts about whatever ails you so you can participate intelligently.
Foolish and prematurely aged, prematurely dead are those who obey without participation.
Decisions based on money do not serve the interests of you or any of those you love.
Strictly money-based decisions of doctors proving to love money more than life,
demonstrating this in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of "doctor error" deaths in the U.S. EVERY YEAR,
LET THE TRUTH STAND OUT IN DISHARMONIOUS CONTRAST - thousands of us killed every day,
by people living luxurious lifestyles directly from the suffering of women, children, the elderly,
and perhaps most egregiously, the suffering of America's work force, our honest laborers.
If a doctor wants to be rich, he or she should join the merchant class, not the medical.
We can understand that you believe your doctor is an exception, and cares greatly.
The best test? Look at your doctor's car or house. Even one step above average,
and we have proof that material interests supercede claimed care for healing.

You must fully grasp that spending more on a car does not buy more car.
It buys something ego-based that robs your retirement of big cash.
It is the number one cause of bankruptcy for American families.
In hope of you learning more in order to live more, naturally,
MisterShortcut is thrilled to present for your edification,
many hundreds of healthy websites with health tips,
the health tips of those who live stronger longer.
The first rule is to learn how to heal yourself.
Start by learning ten facts about yourself.

Study ONLY what concerns you, and you will quickly master it.

Pay careful attention here, because I promise your genius will come out to play, in any human interest.

Your Genius Is Here And Now

The Psychology of Shortcuts exists to share the master secrets of the universe. Pay heed.

If to save your own life, you can learn ten new facts about that one area in one day, right?
Ten new facts times thirty days is three hundred facts about just your narrow area of interest.
That is approximately three times the number of facts known by ninety-nine percent of all M.D.'s.
There is no possible way that your doctor will know more about your challenges after ninety days.

Factually, by the time you have done this for one hundred days, you will be among the best on earth.
Please, do not debate with anyone who has shattered so many records: Your genius works instantly.
Forget the jargon they toss up: Not one MD in a thousand knows more than 100 facts about each area.
Eighty percent of an M.D.'s training is sales training, matching catalog items with the stated symptoms.

What is your challenge?  Cholesterol? Heart? Cancer? Liver? Gall bladder? Kidneys? Forget everything.
You got that right: FORGET EVERYTHING. You can learn ten new facts in one day if your life hangs on it.
In a month you know hundreds of facts. ONLY seek information from those who have already succeeded.
Considering the speed of today's internet, you are invited to bring out your genius in these sixty seconds.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is a living reminder that you get to be a genius any time you want.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is rich with master secrets of the universe, only as useful as you are.