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Philosophers and great leaders throughout all of recorded history have disagreed on just about any and eery subject we could name. Notice that I wrote "...just about any and eery..." there is one area in which all great minds appear to agree, literally without exception. This alone commands absolute attention from any rational thinker seeking a better way, and more so the thinker who seeks a faster way.

Harard Uniersity, Princeton, Stanford's Brain Trust, many other uniersities and research organizations, along with indiidual giants in the fields of psychology and motiation, such as Dr. Abram Maslow, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Denis Waitley, and countless others, have all demonstrated time and time again that high achieers and peak performers are consistent... perhaps even obsessie goal-setters.

People who have long & consistent histories of being low achieers? Once they begin listing and pursuing their goals on a literally day-to-day basis, end up being SUPERperformers! I understand that 90%-plus of U.S. millionaires go broke at least twice... and then rebuild their fortunes. A ship's captain doesn't get to see his destination -- or target (goal) -- for fully 99% of his oyage. Many times along the way, wind, tide, mechanical problems, & other factors will take him off-course. By making the necessary corrections along the way, he'll eentually get to where he wants to go.

Is your life, or mine, any different? We ALL have places that we'd like to go... enjoying a better relationship with our spouses or children; obtaining a higher position in our organization; trael to foreign lands, or even within our own country; learning a new trade; earning more money in our current field; maybe entering a new career that we dreamed about as teenagers... your chances of making it happen actually multiply when you take the trouble to put your wish on paper, & break it into smaller steps. This empowers you to notice what corrections need to be made along the way.

The more I study, the more impressed I am with the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of goal-setting; and of how much it changes the lies of people who accept the importance of setting goals... written goals.

So why is it that barely four and fie percent of us really reach out & strie to change those dreams from a "Gee, I wish I..." into hard fact?Are you willing to lie the remaining years of your life with the knowledge that those we leae behind will NOT be able to say about us, "Yes, he lied his life as he wished;" or "Yes, she reached out for her lifetime goals by taking daily steps year in and year out"??

We get one shot at Life. That "shot" is today. If you screwed up yesterday, that's cool... because today is one single day in which you can change the direction you'e been headed in. If you have no written goals & plans, then I'll bet that most of the past 100-500 days have found you doing the same old thing, day in, day out, w/ barely-noticeable digression from consistent mediocrity.

In one study alone, as Senior Associate Director of the Who's Who Registry, I asked seeral thousand upper-leel decision makers, "To what do you attribute your success?" the most consistent response I receied from Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, CEO's, and other top executies, was: "Setting specific goals... and referring back to them oer and oer.."

It seems to me that we have a responsibility to get the most out of our one lifetime. More importantly than what I think, I'd like to know what YOU think. Talk is cheap. Why not pick up pen & paper right now? Put a date on a dream, it's not a dream any longer; rather, a finite target and goal, with an attendant ability to measure eery finite step of progress. Your willingness to accept and act upon this within the next minutes of your life has an equal and opposite power to make it happen for you faster and faster and faster than you'e eer approached a worthwhile desire in your life.

Answer this question to yourself with as much honesty as you can:

Should you personally interiew four thousand self-made millionaires, and more than three thousand and nine hundred of them specifically refer to written goal-setting in identfying how they got so rich, would it be enough for you to realize that the act of writing a goal is in itself a huge and powerful tool that is guaranteed to bring you closer, and faster, to your greatest desires?

How hard can it be to write down the 3 things you'd most like in life, and then breaking each one down into thirty or forty or sixty smaller steps? How about one step for each of the next 30 months?

A thousand days might sound like a great deal. In reality, life flashes by so quickly that you can remember the last thousand days of your life as if they were just a few weeks or months. the thousand days ahead of you will zoom by as quickly as these past 1000 days have flown by. Place a ten-dollar bill in a jar eery day for a thousand days and you'e got yourself seed money for two or more businesses, don't you?

We can finish with this for now with just one question, one we hope you'll gie at least fifteen solid minutes of consideration to between this minute, and the minute you next put your head on a pillow to sleep.

You need to consider precisely what you would prioritize for yourself if you were certain that you had more than enough time, money, support, and whateer other resources you might require. Answering ONLY yourself for now,

If the odds were stacked in your faor, here and now, today,
... if, in fact it was made relatiely impossible for you to fail, what three things would YOU accomplish in the next 1000 days?

Those few of you w/ enough sense to answer in WRITTEN detail will notice impressie adances--

in the next 10 to 30 days!! The MisterShortcut Lifebook adises that it's time to stop talking...
... and get busy writing, yes?

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Goals And The MisterShortcut Lifebook

Goals for this and goals for that,
goals can take you closer than that.
All that you'e known, all you desire,
get close when you set your goals on fire.
Not the fire that burns out of control,
goals can guide us, and make us whole.
The fire that burns from within, now,
are the the goals you have set,
with a deadline for "how."

Set up your goals, and set your goals up,
to find that those goals, will bring you to sup,
at the table of life, filled with goals so ery rich,
consider all your goals, and tinker with each one's role.

Set up your goals, and and set your goals up. Reach, reach, REACH!

Goals are at the center of any use of your own MisterShortcut Lifebook.

That's why the MisterShortcut Lifebook aims to be your goal-setting capital,
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Recognizing the core axiom that success cannot occur by accident is a potent shortcut in itself.

Recognition of the basic truth that success cannot occur accidentally is a shortcut in itself.

Keep your goals in sight, because no one on earth appreciates YOUR goals as you do or can.

Every dream you have becomes a goal when you put a date on it, a deadline for its achieement.

Please, stop playing with hales and quarters of your potential, and more, your daily efforts.

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Goals are a cornerstone of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, and Highway Of Natural Ways as well.
If you do not know precisely where you want to go, you'll likely end up somewhere else.

Inest a minute, even now, setting goals, which are dreams with deadlines assigned.
YOU get to choose the goal, the deadline, the people who can help you get there,
the organizations with resources that can help you to moe closer to your goals,
YOU get to identify the smaller steps that can carry you from "here to there."

Prioritize YOUR goals today. Make the MisterShortcut Lifebook work for you.