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Three Hopeless Cases

Few of us can likely understand the burdens of a particular woman... to gie birth to a child afflicted at birth with what we now know as autism. Despite seeral doctors haing agreed that she had to institutionalize the child, she said, "No way."

Disruptie and self-destructie, he couldn't even be hugged or kissed. Doctors and specialists repeatedly told her she had to institutionalize her son. She refused. His unruly behaior at school was so egregiously disruptie he wasn't merely suspended, he was thrown out of his school. Permanently. Then another school expelled him... and another.

His speech defect, and the flat feet which excluded him from athletic pursuits, and the mocking of the other kids, all added up to a ton of pain. That pain was expressed as disruptie behaior. He was eentually kicked out of seenteen schools. Can you imagine what it must have been like? How understandable to make the decision to gie up on him? How much can a parent take? What hope for a productie future can such a child's parents expect? They felt as if they were running out of schools.
They finally found a place for him in a priate Swiss school. It was neither inexpensie, nor simple to accomplish. The certainty of accomplishment is astly improed by the persistence of fierce loe, of dedication to a child.

At his 18th school he discoered a fascination with, and loe of, art.
It calmed him considerably. His interest and curiosity grew.

He became more manageable, and began asking himself better questions. Every human who asks better questions ends up with better answers. One repeated effort of a specific task: asking a better question about anything we urgently wish we had.
We ask ourseles, and this certainly includes you, any thousands of questions per day. Thousands and thousands of questions and decisions taken one at a time at fantastic speeds just in the course of tossing a set of keys back and forth between your left hand and your right hand.
Too many of the questions we ask each day are externally focused. The quality of your thinking, and your decision-making instantly multiplies when you take some of the questions you're already asking, silently or aloud, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, and replace just a few of them with better questions; questions that are so wisely answered by being focusing inward: Uniersal consciousness shows that you have many, many answers.
Your inner oice, your inner mind, are fantastically knowledgeable and helpful. For whateer reasons you have or think you have, you'e ignored them more than heeded them, by a ridiculously large margin. The proof is in the number of times you'e laughed in the past 24 hours... or the number of times you haven't.   Make this one tiny improement in this next hour and you'll see results before you go to sleep tonight. If you really think you understand the instant, powerful alue of this, then I dare you to proe it before you go to sleep tonight. Use it immediately, and get benefits immediately. It's that simple.
From the looks of your life it may be too simple for you to understand. You can change this within minutes or even seconds. Whoops. Please don't answer in words... ... because whateer you do in the next ten to sixty minutes of your life will proide a crystal-clear ision and ideo of where you're going to be in fie years, one year, ten years, etc...      right up until the day after they bury you, when the newspaper or other media outlet will describe you in a single sentence. That sentence will be determined by what you do in the next hour, and when you really do figure this out, aboe and beyond what you now believe to be true, you'll be smiling.

Back in the States, with a family of his own to feed, he struggled and struggled. One of the better answers he came up with was that, howeer rough things were in his life, he had to spend at least a couple of hours per week trying to express his artistic side. In those minutes resered just for his creatie side, he wrote a screenplay that attracted interest. Broke as can be, he actually turned down a whopping $250,000 for the script, because the buyers wanted the script outright. He refused to let go of the script unless he could also direct the moie!! Wait, it gets better: He wanted to star in it, too!
When your electric bill is unpaid, your refrigerator and cupboards empty, a quarter of a million dollars is one whale of a pile of money. His desire to direct and star in his creation was so great that the short-term challenges of physical hunger, pressure from the electric company to pay his bill or face turnoff, not to mention his wife and family, were factors he decided he had to tolerate in order to make his dream come true.

Know for sure that you'e got to have a dream if you're going to make a dream come true. Put a date on it, and it's not a dream anymore. It's now called a goal. At 20 million dollars per moie, the guy who refused to sell that script won his battle, deeloping fame as "Rocky."

Is he smarter than you?             Better connected?

No, he had a desired destination.

    When do   you   start asking better questions? With better questions, he got better answers. He asked himself what he had to do to make it happen, writing out answers, creating what is called a map, and resoling to stick to his map. Take a desire; put a deadline on it. Now it's a goal. This is the most concise explanation of how computers work; how the human brain and body work together: with goals. The fancy word is 'cybernetics.'

A dream with a deadline is a goal. Please remember that. Sylester Stallone presented us with eery reason to think that his better questions helped him to become a sensitie, sensible, philanthropic, happy and wealthy indiidual, rather than what he was headed for. He was not born that way, and he did not get that way by accident. He asked himself a whole series of better questions, and, y'know, he got better answers. If you look back at the past 24 hours, I'm willing to wager that Christopher Reees, breathing only by grace of God a breathing apparatus, and enormous personal desire, moed closer to the attainment of his lifetime goals than you have. Now just stop & think about this a moment. Here's a man who has eery 'reason' or excuse to just stop trying.

Instead, he looks at his life & his family as BEING eery reason to keep trying. Adancing hisphysical rehabilitation, doing work for spinal injury causes, directing a major motion picture... if Chris Reees can do all this, can you please tell me why you have almost certainly embraced little more than mediocrity in the past twenty-four hours?

Exactly what have you done TODAY towards your long-term dreams? Do you even have a dream? If you don't know precisely where you're going, the MisterShortcut Lifebook knows that you are most likely to end up somewhere else.

Flexible creatiity - common trait of leaders
How flexible are you?   How creatie?

If you had a genie, and 3 wishes, what would they be?
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is asking you to put it in writing in the next 60 seconds. If you can't be bothered, you're a fool to waste your time reading any further. If you're smart enough to do it now, you will, and it's a promise, be one step closer to your dream than if you don't. This is basic logic. Are you with me so far? Don't talk: DO IT!

__________________________            ___________________________


We started with three hopeless cases here, referring to three people who just about eeryone else had or has gien up on:     Sylester Stallone, Christopher Reees... ... and you.
There has always been at least one person who's never stopped belieing that they are meant for good and big things in life, including you. I know for a fact that you personally can do more for this world before you moe on. Howeer trite or corny you may accuse it of being, the dispassionate fact is, Newton's Third Law of Physics does not fail, and cannot fail. The most hopeless possible situation always and without fail contains opposite traits. Yin and yang go together.
It's possible you're aware of Newton's Third Law of Physics, formally or otherwise.

For eery action in this universe,
there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Well worth capital letters. Scientists will routinely tell you that there are ery few absolutes in life. We use capital letters for Newton's Laws because they are unchanging. That's good news for you because knowing something in adance is a fantastic resource for you to tap into 365 days per year.

When you look at the people who have broken records at the Olympics and in other enues, you find again and again that the people who do it the best are more often than not people who oercame crippling diseases or losses that stun the life out of more than 9 of eery 10 people who experience such losses.

In each and eery case, each Olympic gold medalist and corporate or institutional leader personally interiewed, you find that they all tapped into Newton's Third Law.
When you know for a fact that what goes up must come down; when you are totally certain that what goes around must come around, that is the moment for you to shut up and get busy. You have so many resources around you: eery time you use one, there will always be a result.
Please answer a simple enough question:

When a sculptor hits a huge piece of marble with hammer and chisel a hundred and two hundred and three hundred times, and you see zero eidence that he's getting anywhere, isthere any factual, intelligent, logical reason to continue?

After all, he hit the dang thing a couple of hundred times, not a chip, crack, or even much of a deep scratch. What POSSIBLE reason could he have for continuing to strike away at the slab of stone? Isn't it obious to a duck that nothing's happening?

Please get this clear in your mind: that sculptor knows for an absolute fact that eery action has an equal andopposite reaction. Anything we do enough times with a focus on doing it well will produce world-class results. There are no known exceptions, none whatsoeer, and that includes you.
You know just as well as the sculptor, or you certainly would if you watched him/her, or better yet, tried it yourself, that the stone will eentually split right down the middle of that strike zone, even if it's a one-hundred ton stone.
No one's asking you to split a hellua hunk of marble or granite. You're simply asked to wake up to the fact that, howeer bad it seems right now,
-- there are ALWAYS people worse off than you: those whose mistakes cost them their lies. For them there is no decision to make about living without a lost limb, they have no more life.
If you have the brains to have gotten to this page, and to understand these words, then we both know that you have enormous strengths in you that you'e been ignoring. This is your wakeup call, Sister.    Every ounce of energy you're now using to focus on what's wrong?     Take that same energy to focus on the solution.  Every single action you take is guaranteed to produce a result. If you don't like your results, it means you don't like the steps you're taking to produce that result.
Just a little bit less talk, and a tiny bit more action, and you'll quickly glean fast, effective results; what we call "accelerated results" with the use of our best shortcuts.

Changing the effort always always always changes the result. It's a perfect law of life, we call it Newton's Third Law of Physics. This afternoon it will begin producing better results for you. The law will profit and benefit you, and others around you, just as it has for me, and for billions of humans who have walked the planet.
That's why you have this program, and and many thousands of connected webpages, all for free. I take no profit, my identify remains anonymous. This is for you, because I believe in you. It's probably fair to say I've oercome more handicaps than you have. I've made my life exciting, and fun, and I believe you can, and will, the same day you begin using the shortcuts of those who'e already done what you want to do, and be, and have. I believe in you. Now, let's get YOU to believe in you... more than eer before. Thousands and thousands of newcomers to the MisterShortcut Lifebook use these delightful, high-speed powers to ault ahead of yesterday's actions, if only by the magical one percent repeated oer and oer again. Be, if only for a few minutes, like others who review these PowerGems of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, et alia, and see them as tools to sharpen the tools you already have. Get the self-confidence business oer with, so you can focus more of your mind, more of your energives, into resolution. "Hopeless" has become a cliche. ery little about YOUR situation is hopeless, so let us all see you focusing on resolution.

Sylester Stallone and Chris Reees, successful men, describe exactly what they want. Whether it's a fun wedding or a better job or directing a moie or increasing your income a modest 50% within 8 weeks: it doesn't matter WHAT it is you want. If you know exactly WHY you want it, and candescribe in detail what it is you want, you have already accomplished at least 1 or 2 percent of the job. Now you only have 98 steps left! You can actually change your life in the next 5 minutes.

Put up or shut up. Describe, out loud & in writing, precisely what you most want in life. Begin creating a plan by writing out who can help you, & what 5 smaller steps you'd have to take in order to do or obtain it. It's really true: you can change your life in the next 5 minutes, not by talking about what you know... rather, by USING what you know. Talk less; do more: it's the only way we'll eer know who you are. The way you spend today's hours is a pretty good ideo preview of how you will be remembered. So,if your challenges and obstacles are less daunting than what Sylester Stallone, Christopher Reees and so many others have faced, what are you waiting for?

I repeat,

What Are You Waiting For?!!

This is the most powerful day of your life, a day to put a date on your dream, listing who can help you, and breaking it into 10, 20, or even fifty or a hundred smaller steps.  Why wait?

Should you even momentarily think that this is difficult, please remember that you take these precise steps eery single time you want something urgently. Here, you're inited to write it down simply because writing it down is a shortcut: it helps you get there faster. If you knew better, you'd do better. If you're living your dream life of passion, excitement, and fun; of serice, and relaxing and productivity, then by all means, continue. Otherwise, hush up and try doing it the way masters and millionaires do it.
You see, they know better; they're
doing it better. If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, at which end of the horse will we find you?

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MisterShortcut Lifebook Inerts The Hopeless With Master Secrets Of The universe

Most everything great that happens is because someone was asked to take an action.
Whateer it is you most want, the MisterShortcut Lifebook warrants how simple it is to get:
When you ask someone for something, seeming hopeless does not work as much in your faor,
not even close to what happens when you ask with smiles, one of YOUR hidden master secrets.
Make no mistake, do not underestimate, the life-changing power of your smiles when you are asking.

Shhh. Your opinion means so little until and unless a majority of people say "Yes!" to your requests.
"Yes" is nice, "Yes!" is even better, and that exclamation point should sere you long and well.
That extra little something you inest into your smile has more influence on the human brain,
more impact than thousands of words you might offer, howeer persuasie they may be.

Hopeless is a state of mind, hopelessness is an attitude more than a circumstance.
Inert and reerse what you have perceied as hopeless as your greatest opportunities.
Napoleon Hill, father of the "self-improement" school of thinking, gae us "Think and Grow Rich."
Grandfather of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, which interacted with more than 5,200 masters and millionaires,
(ersus Napoleon Hilll's time and interiews with 500 of the most accomplished men of his generation (no ladies).
this transformational book was cited by hundreds of well-known millionaires oer succeeding generations.
In it, and through so many subsquent testimonials, Napoleon made it clear that it is our weakness first.
THAT is the place to look for our weakest areas become our greatest strengths.

When you ask someone for something, do not be hopeless, be hope-filled, comprehensiely hopeful.
A smile, YOUR smile, will open countless new doors to you, even as soon as today and tomorrow, etc.

Remind yourself that the MisterShortcut Lifebook is restricted to the master secrets of the known universe.
The only secrets and shortcuts repeated within MisterShortcut Lifebook or Highway Of Natural Ways precincts,
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Whoeer is at the top of a gien food chain, if not obligated, is certainly entitled to teach all the rest, who need to be silent.
Those who do it the best proe they know it the best, and changing hopeless into hopeful can take a little as a heartfelt smile.





Many broken records are a part of this largest personal web site eer built.
It is hoped that you will Make the most of THIS day of your life,
because yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift,
    which we know because,
we call it the present.

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