the MisterShortcut Lifebook of Masters and Millionaires

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PowerGems -The MisterShortcut Lifebook

PowerGems are shortcuts. Few of us recognize just how many shortcuts are aailable for immediate use. The best news is that you will find about as many shortcuts... as you wish to find... as you believe you will find.   Major shortcut unto itself.

With 32000 human skills to tap into, failure has become nigh-impossible for all but a few. Those few have closed minds; probably not you.  Successful shortcuts speak for themseles.

City after city, country after country, the two human traits most commonly obsered:

  • drastic underutilization of immediately useful resources
  • The apid belief that "things will get better."
Whether or not it applies to you, the second of these borders on insanity, when we consider that the medical definition of insanity is found in repeating a behaior identically and expecting a different result.

A better result is predicated exclusiely upon a better effort.
In hope of assisting you to achiee and obtain better, accelerated results, you have PowerGems... fantastic shortcuts of true masters.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is pleased to share the world's great PowerGems, from those who do best.

PowerGems are uniersally-applied secrets and shortcuts of genuinely, fully people:
great champions and masters, the millionaires and billionaires, many true role models,
interiewed one at a time by a Senior Associate Director of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

As with eery category of human life, those who do are the best possible teachers.
The bare reality is simple: we're far less interested in what you know than we are in what you DO with what you know.   Please.   Talk less.   Do more.
With special thanks to the late, great Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, a unique man among millions

Dedicated to you, because I believe in you.

May all those we lost on 911day rest in peace,
knowing we still have heroes.

  Keep our heroes alie by  living,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
   Remember 911day.    
  Keep our heroes alie by  living,   DOING  more!   

LIE more       GIE  more!
Remember that this is the most powerful day of your life.

You cannot build, as Henry Ford said, your reputation based on what you're GOING to do.


Your best, ia the MisterShortcut Lifebook of achieers and champions - of masters and millionaires

Here, in what appears an unlikely place,
you learn critical master secrets of the universe.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways are here to sere.
Those who strie to get to this ery line have earned a bit of sweet access.
Let us inest into you, and your potential, master secrets of the universe.

B-DORT and Q.R.A. are quite among them.
Surely you can remember B-DORT and QRA ?
B-DORT is acronymic for "Bidigital O-Ring Test."
An acronym, as you may know, means the first letter:
The first letter of each word is used to create an acronym.
B-DORT is anacronymic for Dr. Omura's bidigital o-ring test.
This is some of the most powerful information you will eer learn.
QRA (or Q.R.A.) is the acronym for Quantum Reflex Analysis. Got it?
Dr. Robert Marshall literally multiplied the alue of B-DORT with QRA.
Quantum Reflex Analysis takes kinesiology up seeral orders of magnitude.
Seeing such instant eidence, there is no guessing with quantum reflex analysis.
Remember, quantum reflex analysis has proen true thousands of times in a row.
Each negatie comment about QRA seen so far has come from one who knows not.
If you wish to pretend to be even more intelligent than you already are, use your power.
Your power is found in first experiencing quantum reflex analysis, then forming your opinion.
Idiots are those people with or without superior education who decide before they experience.
Brilliance is the flexibility to take information in before forming what becomes an informed opinion.
Disinformed opinions are damaging to your health and to your prosperity, so it pays you to learn first.
quantum reflex analysis changes eery single foundation you thought was solid about modern medical knowledge.
In the hands of a skilled practitioners, this cute little one-second test from B-DORT which Marshall calls "QRA,"
you will instantly know which of your organs, glands, or other tissue is weak from nutrition depriation.
Pay attention when you learn, because quantum reflex analysis has so far proen correct eery time.
You got that right - eery one of many tens of thousands of attempts to proe or disproe QRA.
You can either find QRA practitioners near you by calling Dr. Marshall in Texas or California,
or you can inest a modest number of minutes learning and studying QRA online.
As more and more medical doctors, surgeons, etc., get to experience QRA,
we will find quantum reflex analysis becoming more and more mainstream.
Because there is no huge repeat profit to be made by professionals,
there will be a long-term resistance to quantum reflex analysis.
You can be sure of this, because greed is a powerful force.
Under the guise of pretending to care about other issues,
remember how much doctors charge for simple things.
Learn about quantum reflex analysis for yourself.
QRA changes everything you thought you knew.
Without a personal knowledge of Q.R.A.,
any comment is one of inexperience.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Shortcuts, "Q's" and Quantum Reflex Analysis

* Incidentally or not...*
You may note that the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook is mostly presented to you in bold lettering.
The difference that this makes for many tens of millions of people with isual challenges is worth inesting a minute into.
Whereas ALL-CAPS are often understood to mean that whoeer typed the message is expressing a bit of personal rage,
the bold lettering of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways is about aiding the isually challenged.
So, if you feel that the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook are screaming by boldity, heh heh,
reconsider the thought, because that many millions of people need empowerment as much as you do, hm?

When you fail to intentionally get more from your today, how does tomorrow gie better results?
Results are no more and no less than a running SUBtotal of all our yesterdays, added to today.
So, what profit you contribute to today is going to alter the running subtotal of your life.
If have a sufficiency of hunger to truly see the irreplaceable nature and gift of today,
you instantly expand your intelligence when you determine to rise up one percent.
That's it - just one percent - and one hundred days will see you at least doubling.

All your yesterdays PLUS today is what will equal your tomorrow.
Add just one percent more into whateer it is you repeat today,
and you are assured of a tomorrow more profitable than today.

Anyone who engages the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook,
anyone and eeryone using the secrets and shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions
anyone and eeryone who is hungry enough to inest some additional effort gets paid most.
The ery quickly find the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook to be reciprocal.
From quantum reflex analysis, a one-second test you get to use for the rest of your life for food, etc.
to the simple and undeniably powerful shortcuts and secrets of success, the choice to learn more is yours.
In return for your agreement to help more of the world's helpless, you will learn here the great secrets of life.
Start now with more air (deeper breathing at least once per hour), clean water (a few ounces eery waking hour),
if only because your kidneys, which pump more than a liter of blood eery minute of your life, are so heaily taxed;
neer less than a teaspoon or two of real salt per day, which is AIR-DRIED sea salt, the third most critical nutrient of life,
knowing that a fantastic eighty-plus percent of all humans seen to lie beyond 100 eat/drink unheated olie oil most days.
and plenty of green egetables, all of which is helped by maintaining good intestinal bacteria, by not eating so much garbage.
You will find more often than not that the greatest secrets of Longeity, as of those relating to wealth, are indisputably simple.
The best secrets of masters, the best secrets of millionaires, are also your best secrets for succeeding in self-empowerment.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook recognizes that those who show the best know the best.
That is how you win at the game of life ... the most serious and exciting game of all.
As long as you help the helpless, you are welcome at the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways.