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Best Shortcuts Are Here For YOU

Best shortcuts for this and best shortcuts for that,
Learn to pull shortcuts from your sleeve or your hat.
Shortcuts exist in every feat of our lives,
shortcuts of grandmas, husbands and wives.

Longshoremen, dancers, dilettante romancers,
all are using shortcuts to find better answers.

Use your great shortcuts, the best that you have,
use them with pride to brighten your lives.
There is no shame in shortcuts,
there is no game in shortcuts,
they simply provide us
a message for poor boys.

Grounded eagles, corporate deceipt,
angelic doctors, pontifical proctors,
all use shortcuts to attain their means,
action outdoes the fiction of your thrill of means.
It all means so little if it's JUST you that you serve,
wake up use your shortcuts if you still have the nerve.
Through all things human within our lives and without,
you'll find yourself using shortcuts, without any doubt.
Just use them for all, spreading waves of devotion.
for shortcuts prevent the solipsitic notion.
Shortcuts and secrets, shortcuts and more,
you will find your best shortcuts
pry open that door.

Best Shortcuts Redux - Still For You

Best Shortcuts, Best Shortcuts
Diving deeper into the MisterShortcut Lifebook
Best shortcuts, that's who I am
Best shortcuts, happy as I can.

Believe it when you're told that you shall join the holy fold,
when you use your Best shortcuts, to find that knowledge yet unfurled.
Best shortcuts shine a new light, one you've not seen before,
Such as asking more people more times for what you want,
Thanks to Best shortcuts, which teach that much more.

Best shortcuts, right in your hand,
best shortcuts, aren't they grand?
Don't bother with the little words,
Your brain is much better than that,
and with one hundred seven million lenses per eye,
you'll find you don't miss them, for your mind is that phat.

As long as you re-write, within the hour,
in words you would teach a child,
you will find you remember three times as much,
adding to each of your piles and smiles.
Best shortcuts, best shortcuts, all that is mercy and mild,
best shortcuts, for adventure-seeking knights,
will take you to places you could not have devised.
Best shortcuts will strengthen your floors,
shine light on the darkest of unexplored moors.
Best shortcuts, not for snoring old boors,
Best shortcuts will open more doors.
Best shortcuts for knowledge to pour,
Best shortcuts always bring much more.

Today may be, we can agree, a most powerful day of your own life.
There are only three days in your life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Yesterday is history, and we can hardly improve yesterday, can we?
Tomorrow is still a mystery; we may not be here on the morrow.
This leaves just today, the only day you get to live.
Therefore, live more in this moment of this day.
Reduce your minor conversations and collect,
collecting thousands of wasted minutes,
that you may live more and better.