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Nearly seen million Americans who became millionaires in a 100-month period between 1992 and 2001 (a significant number of whom became millionaires for the second or third time after losing preious fortunes) have proen conclusiely that there are powerful shortcuts to becoming a millionaire in a set period of time.

It's a bit of a wakeup call when you see that it's been done by many thousands of people here in America -- and who knows how many oerseas -- and will undoubtedly be accomplished by you when you hush up, get all your best information from the horse's mouth (those who have done it and/or are doing it repeatedly), and prioritize properly, followed by persistent, repeated actions; actions we can identify with precision.

Seeking to engage the interest of just seen of eery one hundred, who are serious about becoming a millionaire within 100 days, or 500 days, or 300 days -- whicheer YOU are most coninced is possible for you -- it is safe to say that you now have, or will before you read the next paragraph, at least the start of a unique, ery special 100 list.   Not to worry; you get a whole week to make this list.

It is the list of one hundred separate resources or people or agencies or societies or corporations that can help you achiee this objectie. Next to eery list are fie or six words about why they should help you. You only need to produce one new idea per hour for 100 hours. The first day or so may be tough; by day three you're moing along. By the time you get to the fifth day, you'll find that you're producing ideas in batches of two or three at a time. Like any other muscle that is regularly exercised, the results can be astounding.

Presuming that you're at least somewhat typical as human beings go, the whole secret is in simply moing one foot ahead of the other ONE STEP AT A TIME. Doing it repeatedly, when you have sufficient motiation, you'll find that by the end of the week, you'll likely gain so much from this one trick, this one magical excellent shortcut among all the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, that you should not be surprised to find yourself actiely seeking other "problems" and so-called challenges to focus your brain upon, using this powerful "100 IDEAS" PowerGem, a shortcut among shortcuts.

The largest portion of your ideas will either unaffordable or a bit ridiculous (which is still great, because the specific mental muscle we want to deelop is getting a GREAT workout); a few will be ery good ideas, and one will be brilliant. This list works one hundred times out of eery one hundred tries, and of considerably greater importance to you personally, it's that effective.   One list. One per hour for 100 hours. If you're either lazy or exceptionally retarded, maybe you can only produce one idea eery ten hours. That's still great. Johnny from the group home, despite an IQ of 44, saed $25 per week for fifty weeks, then another fifty weeks, and then 2000 weeks in a row, and retired at 65 a genuine cash millionaire.

Although this group of winners counts out at about seen in eery one hundred, the health and lifestyles of most Americans is such that, well, when your health holds out for sixty-fie years, you're in much better shape to enjoy your retirement, as you'll surely agree. Again, the seen in eery one hundred is whittled even further down.

For most of us who are mathematically and statistically NOT in that wonderful the seen percent, or The top ten percent), producing one idea in in in in writing -- no typo there -- is one of the three steps that one-conditionally and absolutely guarantee accelerated millionairehood.

If you think you know better, please tell us if you have considered that Suffolk County, NY, according to a full-front-page article in Newsday, had more than twenty thousand people claiming a million or more dollars income for 1997? That Suffolk's sister County on Long Island, Nassau, NY, reported 42,000 people who'd earned a million or more dollars in 1997? Being born and raised in the gold coast of Nassau entitles me to tell you that Nassau and Suffolk are just two of the many dozens of pockets across America containing thousands of millionaires. Please note that there is no reference here to people who are merely worth a million dollars; these are cites of United States IRS reports of taxpayers who admit to the tax collectors that they are earning a million or more dollars per year.

We're talking about more millionaires than your mind or mine can adequately grasp until such time as we enter into the arena of belief. At this point, we are all wondering whether you personally have the brains to truly shut off your opinions, not a one of which are based on fact unless you are a millionaire or at least tried-but-failed millionaire. These are the only people who have the right to tell us how they got to be millionaires, because none of them got there by accident.

Do not kid yourself about the awesome and history-changing usefulness of PowerGems, because even lottery and athletic and entertainment and lawsuit millionaires can also state that they are not accidental millionaires. the lottery winner who beat the odds had to buy the winning ticket. It was foolish for eeryone who had losing tickets and great for him. Athletes and entertainers, howeer much we oerpay them, do tend to work ery hard, and they did not make it to the big leagues unless and until they shut up and made a daily effort.

There are so many resources at your immediate disposal. When you see the difference between your life and that of someone from a tiny illage of a hundred years ago in terms of what is aailable to you today, and what was aailable back then in that illage, you'll grasp a taste of how many thousands of secretaries and assorted "helpers" you already have at your disposal.

Been to a library lately? Resources of anything from loe to money and all in between... all at your command in a matter of seconds or minutes? have you been to the Small Business Administration or applied to more than one thousand federal programs that gie and loan money? How about the fifteen thousand priate organizations that gie and lend money? Don't tell us you can't get a few of them to cut you a check. How about the internet proiding a hundred million computers' worth of information at your instant disposal? It's like asking 25,000 secretaries to search the Library of Congress for the best bits or chunks of any information you could want. Hey, why even bother asking for help from our millions and more millions of American millionaires? You can find contact information for a hundred billionaires in a matter of minutes, and then another hundred, and more.

Shut UP and listen to those doing it; they identify the resources that will help them deelop wealth and get that written plan into action. Just one resource alone for you: thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of millionaires for you to ask.

Remember that if you filled eery major league baseball stadium in the U.S. with only a non-inherited millionaire in each seat, you'd still have so many millionaires left you could place eery one of them in their own seat in eery major league football stadium in the U.S.A., and fill eery one of those arenas, and you'd still have tens of thousands of millionaires without a seat. So when we see hundreds, and then thousands of them staying focused on what resources they can make use of to bring a twenty-thousand dollar per week income become one tiny step closer, then it's obious to a duck that the goal becomes one tiny step closer to reality. This is not about the art of persuasion, or any art at all outside of the art of science, because these facts are constitute the science of wealth and economy, the science of doubling your income within a hundred days or perhaps two hundred and then doing it again eery hundred or two hundred days. That's the MisterShortcut Lifebook.

If a thousand Americans per day can become millionaires and that rate continues for a thousand days in a row, and another thousand days in a row, and beyond, then it's foolish to ignore the commonalities that are clear, such as the fact that nearly sixty percent of all new millionaires are doing something at least four hours per week outside of their primary income, and growing it week by week, drop by drop. It's silly to ignore the fact that no human being can work harder on someone else's baby as we do our own baby. When it's your own baby, your brain is more actie, even more creatie... ... because it's your own baby.

Proided you do not need a boot in the head to see the obious, you'll also notice that most of our millionaires have a written plan. For Martha Stewart, it began with written recipes. For Ann Landers and Dear Abby, it was written adice to readers of their internationally-syndicated newspaper columns. For someone planning a wedding, it's a list of eery detail in writing. For a carpenter, it's the blueprint of the house he's building.

Talking about mother lodes, your local SBA proides quick access to SCORE, the Society Composed of Retired Executies. the title of SCORE is self-explanatory. Society composed of retired executies. In other words, people who have succeeded at what you want to succeed at. Shut up. Shut up. It's YOUR turn to be a superstar performer. Every human being who eer knows you has an opinion. That opinion is coming from one of two people. Either they are someone who pursues their dreams, turns them into goals, & makes them happen, or they are someone who may start a dream, and gie up when obstacles show up.

You're asked to look at a boy who, although he was one of the geekier band members at high school, knew what he wanted to do even as he gae eery appearance of accepting that he was, quite frankly, a bit socially retarded. No friends, often the butt of jokes, a 15-yr old kid who took a tour of a major studio, and had the audacity to time his exit to coincide with the eening guard relieing the day shift, so that the teenager effectively self-empowered himself to say "Good night" to both guards, ensuring an easier return the following morning, the next day, he put his lunch in his father's briefcase, and walking as if he worked there, breezed past the guard, and the morning after that, and so on, for the whole summer.

Each day, he'd watch, listen, and absorb... from who? Well, from Hollywood's best, and it's always smart to learn from the best, just as you are now being encouraged to copy his attitude.

During his occasional wandering around the lots, he found an unused trailer, and continued his game of pretending to be a big shot director by claiming it as his own. 15 years old!! He then printed up a small sign to hang on the trailer which with his name on it, says, S. Spielberg, Director. Took him only 3 months of gophering and begging to talk one man into letting him make a cheap, simple documentary. It's probably fair to say that the rest is history in a literal sense, since he grew up to become the most critically and financially successful director in history. We're not talking about a hit or two, or even fie big hits; we're talking moies like "ET"... "Star Wars" ... "Indiana Jones" ... "Jurassic Park."

From "The Color Purple" or "Schindler's List" to "Gremlins I & II" or the three "Back To The Future" moies& a dozen other hits, it began like eery accomplishment as a single thought, a single desire and wish in someone's heart.

If I pay you a million dollars to take off for one year of your life and we'll gie you a bunch of helpers & cameras, and we want you to use your imagination to make a great moie, would you accept my offer of a million dollars? Oh, and if you don't believe it's great by the end of the year? No problem, we'll gie you another million and another year, because we'd rather have it done right. You can study directors, you can even speak to them by phone or in person, break bread with a dozen great directors, could you do the job? Of course.   even if you are the stupidest person on earth, it is believed that your ultimate performance is based more upon your attitude and belief in self -- or lack thereof -- than any other determining factor. Honestly, if we gie you two million dollars and two years to learn how to make a funny or sad or dramatic or corny moie, could and would you do it?

This 15-yr old kid worked backwards. He had the courage to wake up and define his dream ery specifically -- precisely where he intended to end up -- and worked backwards from the last step required to the step before to the step before to the MisterShortcut Lifebook........
He made the clear and now obious decision that "on this particular day I am taking just or at least one step forward in these next few minutes." He shut up & pretended to be a director. Whether or not it makes sense to you it is a beautiful, magical FACT of life, that when you pretend something long enough, with enough repetitions of belief in your mind, it will moe closer & closer to reality. Scientifically, we know that the brain accepts any ardently repeated statement as a direct instruction to make it happen, and to tap into eery resource you can think of for the period of time that you have not yet achieed or otherwise resoled the statement.

Act the way you want to be, you soon become the way you act. Some people phrase it this way: Fake it til you make it.     Don't be surprised at getting better, faster results in a remarkably few number of days.

  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Deep Impact
  • Amistad
  • Men in Black
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • Twister
  • Casper
  • Schindler's List
  • Jurassic Park
  • Hook
  • Cape Fear Joe ersus the olcano
  • Arachnaphobia
  • Gremlins
  • Gremlins : The New Batch
  • Back to the Future I
  • Back to the Future II
  • Back to the Future III
  • Indiana Jones
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbitt?
  • The Land Before Time.
  • Empire of the Sun
  • Innerspace
  • Harry & the Hendersons
  • The Money Pit
  • The Color Purple
  • Young Sherlock Homes
  • The Goonies
  • Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
  • The Twilight Zone-The Moie
  • Poltergeist
  • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Continental Diide
  • Used Cars
  • Blues Brothers
  • Actor I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Jaws
  • The Sugarland Express
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