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Chronic Pain Management
Healing Naturally

Natural Pain Relief represents
extraordinary adance in pain management technology.

It operates by amplifying the infrasonic sound of the human body, which inigorates the local area and facilitates the local area and facilitates neurons, improving the nere communication pathways to the brain.  Its function is so exquisitely basic, and highly successful in easing pain without drugs, pain, surgery, or the dangers associated with surgery or synthetic drugs.


This was discoered in 1979 at the China National Insttitue of Electro-Acoustics in Beijing, China by Lu Yan Fang, a senior scientist for that country.Your doctor knows that nagging persistent complaints of pain are among the most challenging problems you face.  That doesn’t mean that your doctor will prioritize them problem; only that it hurts a great deal.


Seere pain disrupts most areas of our lies when we hurt continuously,
and we scrabble and search for relief.

In the short term, pain-killing drugs are usually effective.  When acute pain turns to chronic pain, that’s when it’s time to seek alternatie therapies. 

Because sleepless nights leads to low energy, irritability, and for some people, inability to work, fast and effective pain-management and pain relief techniques are closer than you may realize.


Many, literally many of Dr. Cohen’s patients claim they have significant and/or total pain relief in as little as three to seen days. More than a few get immediate relief, although in fairness to honesty, the aerage patients seems to range anywhere from three to seen days in obsering a distinct difference.Relieer.

   The QGM is one of numerous deices that allow this naturopathic practitioner to combine his thirty years of study, research and application, with the most modern of technology’s ery best.  Highly trained, highly-skilled, and most of his patients are still alie ten years after beginning his incredible treatments.


Primary Benefits of Natural Pain Relief:


A surprising number of doctors choose to use the natural pain relief deice to complement the other therapies used in your treatment program because The Natural Pain Relieer is a safe, natural, non-inasie modality that, among other things, can:


  • Reduce Pain:  This alternatie pain relief deice proides pain relief which often reduces the requirement for pain medication.  It is highly effective on chronic pain or acute injuries and swelling.  The decrease of pain-causing enzymes in the blood after treatment reflect the fact that cellular repair is occurring.   This is the foundation of eery recoery from eery cut, bruise, break, fracture, and disease.  “Eery” means, scientifically, “without exception.”

    Unlike other methods which become less effective as the body gets used to them, the effectiveness of the Natural Pain Relieer increases with time as healing progresses. There is no way the U.S. F.D.A. would allow any company or organization to make such a claim without hard, consistent eidence to back it up, which is why the F.D.A. allows it to be classified as a 510(k) Therpaeutic Massager. 
  • Relax muscles:  The Natural pain relief,’s gentle, penetrating massage action loosens and relaxes muscles so that your therapist can manipulate them more easily. This facilitates deep massage It also helps the muscles to stay relaxed in their proper position to minimize pinched neres and restricted circulation.  This decreases the likelihood that residual muscle tension will pull bones and ertebrae back into their old painful position, increasing the long-term alue of your treatment.

  • Reliee nere impingement: Chronic muscle tension can cause ertebrae to impinge on motor and sensory neres which can, in turn, cause muscular tension.   This perpetuates the cycle of nere impingement and may lead to degeneration.  The QGM Natural Pain Relieer can reliee this muscular tension while facilitating nere function, thereby breaking the cycle and proiding long-term relief.

  • Enhance local circulation: Capillaies dilate to increase the flow of fresh blood to the area of injury. The lymph system functions more efficiently, transporting away excess fluids.  Swelling that often occurs with acute injuries and surgery disappears more quickly.

  • Reduce dizziness:  Those who may feel sleepy or dizzy immediately after a therapy treatment are ery likely to feel more actie and clear in thought with The QGM Natural Pain Relieer treatment.

  • Improe sleeping: After an Natural pain relief, treatment, many people report a good sound sleep as subconscious factors and mental worries are reduced.  Some fall asleep during their first treatment.

  • Increase Energy leel! As pain is alleiated and local circulation enhanced, with a distinct relaxing of the muscles, many patients report an increase in energy leel, an emotional release, and a sense of well-being.

As with any therapeutic method, The Natural Pain Relieer benefits all people differently.  While it may proide only moderate benefit to some, it will and is of immense benefit to more than half of all the patients who’e come to Dr. Cohen for treatment.  Remember that the feedback you proide your doctor with if he or she is using this wonderful pain-relief deice, will help your doctor to optimize your treatment plan.

In sum, it is not the world’s “ultimate miracle pain eaporation gizmo.”  It is a highly effective example of how modern technology can be used to moderately or astly reduce pain and proide other benefits, without being exposed to the clear and defined dangers of synthetic drugs or surgery.  The Natural Pain Relieer is popular simply because it works.

There are doctors who are in it for the money, and there are doctors who loe to heal; and there are doctors who loe to help people to heal themseles, in the pursuit of living healthier, living happier, and, of course, living longer.


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