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What exactly is a "shorcut"?     Excellent question.    It's not misspelled.

SHORCUTS: words and methods sure to bring faster results

Another way to look at Shorcuts, Shortcuts, and PowerGems:

   Words or actions that shorten the time it takes to get there  

Any set of actions or even words that reliably yield better and faster results

It's fair to think that most of us believe that people with 10 or 20 years of excellence know about obstacles to aoid. Most people who claim twenty years' experience usually have more like four years of experience repeated fie times oer. We refer here to those indiiduals who demonstrate word-class results repeatedly. These are the truest experts. When world-class performers in a gien field, such as ten olympic champions, ten multimillionaires, ten great teachers, without exception all agree that something specific should be aoided, there's little chance they're wrong, proided they're not economists.

Similarly, when ten Olympic Champions, ten multi-millionaires, AND ten great teachers all issue similar statements of a deep and abiding belief that a big part of their success is because they wrote their dream on paper with a date, and listed the obstacles and the people who can help get rid of the obstacles, free of any knowledge that the other twenty-nine have said the same thing, it sounds like a pattern, what we call A Guaranteed Shortcut.     never been known to fail.  

When the number of masters and millionaires who offer this information climbs into the scores, the hundreds, and the thousands, one by one, indiidually gleaned from interiews and/or breaking bread with these extraordinary role models of success -- we have Power Shortcuts -- sometimes referred to as PowerGems.

No matter who, what, or where you are in life, PowerGems are uniersally useful: they work. Start now. Suspend your opinion and put this to use today:


Make no mistake about the awesome impact this "shorcut" portends and deliers. Few of the many shorcuts and shortcuts that you encounter in your life can even compare to how profoundly your results change, in as little as a few minutes. Once you learn this, your mind will have little chance indeed of eer going back to its earlier, ignorant position, of not appreciating more, this PowerGem of PowerGems. When you offer two or more choices, you INSTANTLY increase your success rate by fifty to one hundred percent. Just try it and see for yourself, you are not paying the billion-dollar alue price it is so easy to establish.

Great information is useless until we repeatedly use it to great adantage. 100% of us understand this, 93% are too profoundly stupid to tap into it, on purpose, in the next few minutes.    Before 100 attempts are complete, you double the number of yeses you receie.

PowerGems tend to work in just minutes!! Time for a better mind-set, hm?
When I'm interested in a lady, I don't ask her if she wants to dine with or date me, or if she's busy this weekend.    That's like deciding to walk a race because you figure you won't win it.

These are yes/no questions, which are to be aoided, do you understand? Don't ask if...
   ask when, ask which, ask what color, what flaor...   ... consistently offering alternatie choices, rather than just 'yes' or 'no.'
Keep in mind that yes or no means, at best, a fifty percent chance of getting what you want. Instantly increase your probabilities by offering two or more affirmatie choices, choices that you decide upon, rather than allowing to be decided for you.

I tell her I'd like to take her out for Chinese food on Friday night, unless she'd get a bigger thrill of seeing the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum on Saturday.
Oh, you're busy both days? Ah, a girl with a busy mind. We can relax and have fun at the Sunday opening of the new Laserium show at the Hayden Planetarium. Does that sound exciting OR would a quiet dinner at Luigi's Monday night please you more?"

Offer choices! You'll see fast, pleasing results.

Try it now.   
Quicker, better results.

If you're smart enough to be asking more questions, combine it with this Power Shortcut by asking more and better questions in the next few minutes.  
Who can help you get there?   Call them up in the next 5 minutes, and ask them if they'd like to help you by doing this, or would they feel more comfortable by doing that? This method is powerful, it's immediate, and it will positiely impact the rest of your life.   Ask. Ask. Ask.

Please don't nod your head, tucking this away for future use.

Please keep in mind that if you really knew better, you'd be doing better, wouldn't you? Use it immediately, and then, just watch what happens. Results.   Notable results.   Repeatedly improed results, guaranteed. The same minute that you put your list of possible 'helpers' on paper, you begin thinking of more people to add to the list. By the time you get a hundred people on your list, you will find that at least a few of them are saying 'YES' to you, others are gearing their minds, moing closer and closer to saying yes. If this shorcut alone is not enough to stimulate you into acting upon this SHORcut, or shortcut, put your seat belt on, because you are now about to get smarter. Plus, what's especially exciting about this is that, hidden in the act of asking, right here you have another instantly life-changing benefit: eery time you get a 'NO' from a particular person, you are now mathematically one time and one step closer to haing that person say yes.

The inentor who lost more money for more of his financial backers than any other inentor before or since?

That was the same guy who told a NY Times reporter at a news conference that he had not failed ten thousand times, rather, had learned ten thousand ways NOT to inent the electric light bulb, that he simply took ten thousand steps in order to announce at that news conference that he, Thomas Edison, had indeed inented a successful electric light bulb.

Maybe you know more than Thomas Edison, or think you do. In point of fact, edison also generated a good bit more profit for his backers than a thousand other inentors combined We have no doubt that you may well be a legend in your own mind. Simply examine the paper-thin difference between knowing it, and proing it. That single-ply tissue-thickness is a matter of a few minutes per day.   As with most subjects, talk is just talk, and therefore limited. What you do speaks so loudly we really can't hear a word you're saying.

The sole purpose of this document is to pound into your head that you have what amounts to a magic genie between your ears, that you can make huge leaps in a single day or two. Since learning this I've tripled my results in a dozen of my faorite areas, with as little as fifteen minutes per day. Before you know it, the minutes of super-focus add up to hundreds, then thousands of those little 15-minute chunks. Wow. How would you like to read a book or two per day, eery day? I've been doing it since my tenth birthday, which was a bit more than ten thousand days ago. For me, it's worth two hours and more per day. It has certainly helped in the pursuit of radio shows, guitar, piano, breaking a hundred sales records for a half-dozen large NY companies... ...and millions of hand-created, completely free web pages... just for you.

Like you, I haven't gotten much smarter in this life; I've merely learned more high-powered shortcuts from my role models, reading about and interacting with them; then setting out to duplicate their precise words and efforts, just as Grandma does with a recipe.   My role models are those who do things at world-class leels repeatedly. The most exciting, encouraging fact to emerge from so many years, so many thousands of days of studying and interacting with winners is that eery single last one of them, eery girl Jill and eery man Jack, eery single world-class leader has oercome obstacles much bigger than yours. The proof is that they moed past their obstacles while you're still making pipsqueak efforts with your enormous reseroir of resources.

The more times you ask the same person for something, the closer they get to saying what you want to hear more than anything else: "Yes."

When you ask ten people, twenty, and thirty, the probability of you getting whateer it is that you want multiplies with the sweet taste of something called synergy, where one plus one equals more than two.

Synergy is when two equal items added together produce something that's more than double, although that does not make sense to a mathematician.

We all miss shortcuts that are staring us in the face!

If you have ever tried to walk more steps along a railroad track than your brother or cousin on the other track, then you know that getting up to 20 and 30 steps along that narrow rail takes many, many tries.

As zig Ziglar, great teacher of teachers, repeatedly pointed out, what do you think happens when two such people reach out and join hands?       Aha!! The two of you can walk farther and faster without tripping or slipping off the railroad track, because of the magic of synergy, where one plus one equals more than two.

Can you handle another major secret, a superlatie shortcut that will actually gie you power oer other people, and more so when you use it for mutual benefit? Get ready, this one's big.

ery few people can say 'No' after seen requests

It's that simple. Een a notably simple, basic experiment, which you can conduct anon (right now), can proide you with self-instruction of effective success shortcuts, particularly the shortcuts that are effective enough for people to grant you the "Yes!" you are aiming for... and a good bit more frequently they are now extending to you. Unsurprisingly, there is no need for you to blindly accept asseerations of the MisterShortcut Lifebook (or any other indiidual source either, truth be told). Put this magnificently effective shortcuts to the test, even now, instantly, with people whom you have access to, in person, by telephone, online, etc.

Ask a human for something specific -- seen or more times -- and their ability to say 'No' diminishes, even as their likelihood of saying 'Yes' increases -- with magnificently repeatable consistency. Consistency is a recipe. A recipe is a plan that can be reliably performed and repeated by most people, certainly including you. You might look up the word 'apposite' in the dictionary. It fits here.

Obiously, asking fifty people significantly increases the likelihood of you obtaining you what you want. The fastest known way to increase the likelihood of getting what you want is to ask each person repeatedly until they say yes.

  Find new ways to ask.   

You knew this as a three-year old asking, then demanding, then crying for, and finally wheedling your way into that ice cream from the truck. True, or not?   Well, guess what?

It works great for adults, too, even better, in fact, since adults do have communication and 'asking skills' at least somewhat better than those of a child. Go ahead. Find new and creatie ways to ask each person on your asking list more and more and more...
until you hear that sweet word: 'YES!'

Pick and choose and cogitate. Determine precisely what you most want before asking for it so that you can most fully prepare yourself to respond to nearly ineitable objections or questions or hesitations. Without being specific about what you want, some part of your efforts will be for nothing. When we do not know where we are heading towards, we often end up somewhere else. Resole to ask at least three different people per day for help in getting it, three per day, thirty-one days in a row. You will be thrilled, perhaps even astonished. Remember, PowerGem means getter there faster, consistently faster.   By consistently focusing on the fact that it's one of the greatest, fastest shortcuts in existence, you will just as consistently produce faster, better results.

As you can or ought to obsere with respect to all shorcuts and PowerGems, your opinion prior to extensie experience is of remarkably of little or no interest at all, because it's of no benefit to any of us, least of all the most important person on the planet, whose face you can find right now in the nearest mirror, until it's been used a hundred times or more. That sentence is DESIGNED to be unwieldy, to highlight how ridiculous and truly useless the great majority of our opinions really are. Eeryone has an opinion on approximately everything, and nearly eery opinion is wrong. Only when we know it ery well, and APPLY IT MANY TIMES is there anything upon which to craft an informed opinion.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook inites you to gie this concept more time than most, because learning it at deeper leels ensures that this effective shortcuts will sere you many times and in many ways:

Only when we succeed at it are we qualified to teach others. Then and only then is a person qualified to offer a qualified opinion. Those who ask for more ineitably receie more. It applies to you today as much as it applied to you as an infant hollering for your food.   Think about it.     Ask ask ask.

Modified repetition is both the bulwark and bulk of eery human skill.

Among great shorcuts, the TAKEBACK Shorcut is among your most profitable.
Start using this shorcut today, and, within weeks, you will be thrilled that you did so.
When you have more time, you have more freedom to do, to earn, to enjoy, and to learn.
In plain language, take back one in eery ten minutes of your smallest, most minor conersations.
Only when we actually look at how we spend out time, accounting for how a thousand minutes pass,
do we BEGIN to understand how many hundreds of thousands of minutes we waste oer our lifetimes.
The TAKEBACK Shorcut returns to you so many of your most aluable, irreplaceable possessions:
the ery seconds and minutes that make up your life... now being micturated on chatty minutes.

Using Shorcuts produces phenomenal results.


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Each effort you inest inside your own MisterShortcut Lifebook is certain to be repaid repeatedly.
Recognizing that you cannot learn less about anything is a significant step towards lifting your wisdom,
eleating what you know into doing more with what you know, an eminent sign of understanding power.
Your mother was wrong to tell you that knowledge is power, because knowledge is not power, by any stretch.
Knowledge is like a hammer sitting on the shelf: It is only useful when you choose to repeatedly apply knowledge.

Each of us has a MisterShortcut Lifebook and a Highway Of Natural Ways deep within us, awaiting OUR best choices.
You are urged to begin using more of what you already know, because you DO possess great knowledge already...

you'e simply neglected to make the best use - repeatedly - of the best of what you already know to be true.

Speak less and do more. The results will astound you ...

... and those around you.
Wealth facts? We are surrounded by them.
We can hardly count them all.
What you seek is what you find!
Determine in adance what to seek,
what is most worth focusing on in life.
These ARE the days of your life to lie.
The way you spend your minutes each day


Continue spending, and consuming, as you have, or reach,
reach inside of yourself for the self-discipline to inest, instead,
inesting in yourself rather than sending money to the super-rich.
National adertising GUARANTEES lower quality nearly eery time.
This opinion and obseration of the MisterShortcut Lifebook brain trust,
we cannot as yet find any exception to the rule that adertising ruins quality.
Can YOU find a nationally-adertising company that does not have rich execs?
With such an unethical leel of money flowing exclusiely uphill, your money talks.
It speaks louder than you apparently recognize, because you continue to outspend.
Yes, outspending your needs by literal, actual orders of magnitude. Count and see!
Up to eighty cents of eery discretionary dollar you take in is going to wealthy folks.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook urges you to put those dimes back into your own pocket.
Inesting these dollars into yourself means many, MANY thousands of dollars per year.

Shhh. If you knew better, you'd do better. Until that day arries, imitate those who do.
If you aren't getting it from the horse's mouth, are you at the wrong end of the horse?

Ask more people more times each, the single most powerful, guaranteed secret of success,
a shortcut more successful than a dozen other shortcuts you might write down on paper.
Nothing you think you have ever known even comes close to this secret of success.
Whether you are asking other people more times each... or asking more of yourself,
asking more works faster and more effectively for you, immediately, and foreer.
Shh. Fewer opinions expressed, less talking, and, most of all, doing more.
Lie your MisterShortcut Lifebook, excitedly, with personal reminders.
Remember WHY you are pursuing a goal, and it remains exciting.
No one can succeed on your behalf.
"If it is to be, it is up to me." -   Wealthfact

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the MisterShortcut Lifebook is here for your life.

Lee Iaccoca taught that the ultimate salesman/woman is not the guy or gal that makes the sale, for eeryone can make a sale.
The ultimate salesman or saleswoman is the man or woman who gets repeat business...     ... deliering more than promised.

Since the MisterShortcut Lifebook deliers more than promised, here are some of the extra freebies we want to include.
Let your imagination run free on what else the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways include for free.
Every domain or website purchase from the MisterShortcut Lifebook - Highway Of Natural Ways includes freebies.

Not only for misspelling, SHORcuts get you there faster
Misspelled Domains have powerful adantages, plus, SHORcuts -   Smart people embrace Highway Of Natural Ways HealthGems

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MisterShortcut has built for you what may be the world's largest website.
It was done, of course, with shortcuts, although be clear that there are more than fie hundred different unique ersions
of each of fie hundred of his best essays,
with hundreds of other essays and chapters for which there are only a hundred or so different ersions of each.

with hundreds of thousands of web pages

Mister-Shortcut for the MisterShortcut Lifebook - crafted for you by by MisterShortcut
All rights resered for those who feed hungry people with my share of your newfound profits.

How GREAT it feels to sae a human life with free clicks!        

In Eternal Tribute to Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, obm,
and his most listening student, known to many as MrShortcut

  Remember 911day.  

Lie the MisterShortcut Lifebook to inspire another generation to lead

Let's not waste time. Use each hour with more rooom.
You are at the Energy Capital, the MisterShortcut Lifebook     -- Success Shortcuts

Shorcuts Shapetalk
MisterShortcut Lifebook

Shorcuts and shortcuts to attract your eye,
eyecandy shortcuts to inspire more of your mind.
Touch your great shorcuts, which are the best of shortcuts...

determine to lead all the lies that you can.

NEER underestimate the influence and power of what you have little or experience in.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook offers a comprehensie education and journey for your lifetime.
Do it once, with a shorcut, and it may help. Shorcuts translate to shortcuts, like the ring of a bell.
Do it twice with shorcuts, and see where you get, for once you use shortcuts, you'll likely never forget.

Do it three times with the best of your shortcuts, and measure your gap; After using shortcuts, you'll likely never go back.

Consider your shorcuts and all they portend, and once you grasp "shortcuts" they will sere you til the end.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook remains ardently committed to a prime asseeration of the alue of shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook perferidly promulgates master secrets of the universe that the super-rich prefer you not know.

As to efficacity, shorcuts empower the MisterShortcut Lifebook to grow the MisterShortcut Lifebook>
If you have ever purchased or eaten food prepared by another at your request, you have used shorcuts, which are really shortcuts.
Thus, the MisterShortcut Lifebook succeeds (as expected) in foundationalizing these perorations pertaining to shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.

Next, a simple demonstration of how powerfully shortcuts indisputably alter the lies of those who use shorcuts-cum-shortcuts repeatedly.
Whateer you most want, which people are capable of giing to you? From today, ask more people more times each, the ultimate shortcut.

Neer in history have we known this to fail, making it the greatest shortcut of all time with respect to acquisition of most anything at all.
Ask more people more times each, and you consistently end up with more than anyone else NOT using these shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.
Thus does the MisterShortcut Lifebook succeed in establishing the alue and power of the greatest shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.

In re: your iew of the word "shorcuts," you should know that "shorcuts" will sere you well,
as countless others embracing the MisterShortcut Lifebook benefit from "shorcuts."
They are the master secrets of the universe, to help even the playing field for you.

QRA Sharing - Highway Of Natural Ways - QRA Is YOUR Incredible One-Second Energy Test

Deelop your own sense of the Highway Of Natural Ways. Learn the one-second energy test called QRA.
QRA is the abbreiation for Quantum Reflex Analysis, the most accurate energy test of our lifetime.

If you're not yet familiar with QRA, it's a simple, bidigital energy test for testing everything.
Immediately assess, with a friend or loed one, what makes YOU test weak, or strong.
QRA is not basic muscle-testing, instead, assessment of YOUR bioelectric field.
The first time you do QRA, the Highway Of Natural Ways assures surprise.
We'e never seen anyone who wasn't potently impressed by QRA.
In sum, "How easy or hard is it to PRY open your tightly-held thumb & finger?

It's fast, easy, & works on food, beerages, bodies, buildings, garments... everything.

Shh. Your opinions have no alue until you possess adequate knowledge AND experience.
Learn the one-second energy test at or, and other QRA websites.

Humans cannot less learn about anything, as you know?
Learn more, to promote probabilities of living more.

MisterShortcut Lifebook Shapetalk Redux

Shorcuts Shapetalk Number Two For You

Shorcuts and shortcuts sent down from on high,
eyecandy shorcuts to inigorate the best of your mind.
Perform your great shorcuts, most potent of all shortcuts...

decide to lead the fullest of all your lies, by choice, not accidentally.
Whateer you have done well at was important to you, and gae you shortcuts.
Shorcuts are proof that excellence has never occurred, and likely will not, by accident.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook proffers a profoundly useful education and journey of a lifetime.
Do it once, using shorcuts, yield rises. Shorcuts are fast shortcuts, like a good swing of your bat.
Doing twice with shorcuts produces proof, for once you use shortcuts, it is hard to return to old ways.
Doing thrie thrice with great shorcuts, mastery deelops, for shortcuts unlock doors you never even saw.
Count up all your shorcuts and what they portend. Once learned, "shortcuts" sere you til the end of your time.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook remains ardently committed to a prime asseeration of the alue of shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook perferidly promulgates master secrets of the universe that the super-rich prefer you not know.

PRIME: To the first asseeration of the merit of shorcuts-cum-shortcuts most endorsed by the MisterShortcut Lifebook embracer:

Every single time you have asked someone to do something for you, you employed the easiest of all your shorcuts.
Ergo, the MisterShortcut Lifebook achiees (as expected) a focus on the assertions relating to your shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.

Thence, a basic demonstration of how potently shortcuts improe and adance efforts of whoeer uses shorcuts-cum-shortcuts repeatedly.
What do you want most that people are able of agreeing to gie you? From today, ask more people more times each, the ultimate shortcut.

Not once in history have we heard of failure, entitling this the greatest shortcut of all time with respect to the attainment of most anything.
Ask more people more times each, and you persistently wind up with more than most anyone who does NOT use shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.
Ask 1,000 non-inheriting billionaires why they are rich, and they tell you that they asked more than anyone else for what they wanted.
Thus does the MisterShortcut Lifebook succeed in establishing the alue and power of the greatest shorcuts-cum-shortcuts.

In re: your iew of the word "shorcuts," you should know that "shorcuts" will sere you well,
as so many, many others embracing the MisterShortcut Lifebook benefit from "shorcuts."
Shorcuts are the master secrets of your universe, to help leel playing fields for you.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is pleased to be the shorcuts capital of the world.
Shorcuts unto more shorcuts inform the best shortcuts.
Repeatedly imitate those people you most admire.
AFTER you successfully imitate their recipe,
you are empowered to innoate it your way.
Shorcuts are the keys you use to do so.
Lie YOUR MisterShortcut Lifebook,
with shorcuts forming shortcuts.



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