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Biosyntony ® proes highly useful to just about all of us. Many tensions due to the stresses of modern life - physical along with psychological - tend to crystallize in the body of the indiidual. Biosyntony helps the body to "de-crystalize" or dissole such tight clumps and masses of stress, significantly empowering each of us to promote joy and serenity within onesself.  

Biosyntony acts by literally adjusting the lines of energy within the body itself. This gives us the capacity to start the processes which lead to greater balance and well-being. the effects of Biosyntony go in-depth and allow a release of the person as well on the physique plans as psychic by the handing-oer in phase of its own energives with cosmic and telluric energives of the moment present.

Biosyntony is practised lengthened, sitted or upright using ceramics in the shape of medallions or ooid. Deeloped by Pierre Nicolas, these energy ceramics (catalysts), have the property to restore the fundamental biological frequencies of the person.  


This use of the ceramics is ery easy: they are placed either on the body or around the following body of the diagrams simple to implement. these diagrams are directed towards the cardinal points so that the person finds her fundamental reference frames: the energy of the Earth and that of the Sun.   

Thus Man is returned to a more natural cycle, with his own energives rebalanced to those of his natural enironmental support: this is Biosyntony

Who can benefit from Biosyntony?

People experiencing either momentary discomfort or chronic physical pain, and those with emotional challenges and pain.

The people who wish to optimize the work of their medical doctors by associating their conentional medical treatment with the energy therapy; those who determine to work on themseles,

Those people in good health and who take a step of eolution, so to speak,

arious doctors, Psychotherapists and Therapeutists .

In order to attain a useful benefit from these steps, it is significant to understand that the person is a whole and that there is a need to work on the self, a desire to create an improement.


To return the body's energy meridians back to where they belong

To release self from disturbing information

To eliminate waste, oerloads and tensions, including toxins

To transmute energives of stress more productiely/positiely

Réa stronger biological enironment

Rebalancing your energy circuits

To be well in both body and brain

To generate the harmony and serenity in oneself and around oneself

To become increasingly conscious

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Biosyntony | MisterShortcut Lifebook

See for yourself the benefits of biosyntony.

To better lie in the medium of electromagnetic pollution at home thanks to Androlys: indiidual system of conerting electromagnetic pollution.

Balancing energy meridians with highly effective, proen techniques.

Treatment of the Bolts of the Heart: to raise blockings

Stimulation and regulation of the circuits of itality.

Restoration of the properties of the Air to fill the needs for the person, in her physical functions and symbolic systems.

Approach Chinese Traditional Medicine: Presentation of the meridian lines of acupuncture, chronobiology of the circulation of energy, Study of the law of the 5 elements

Experimentation of Omphalys: it is a generator of energy which organizes and rebalances that which circulates in the meridian lines according to the quality of the 5 elements (without needle). So many hospital and other medical patients who'd gotten little or no relief enjoyed fantastic relief as a result of this excellent methodology.

The second phase of the cycle is that of the circulation of the energy which was released during the first cycle.   Life is moement.

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