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Breath of Life: 

Breathing, Relaxation And Stretching For Stress Relief


It’s no secret that one of the keys to Longeity is to keep breathing as long as you can. 
Yet, simple breathing – the inoluntary act so many of us take for granted – is much more than the mere physiological act of taking in oxygen.

Ancient practitioners of Chi Kung, Tai Chi and other forms of marital arts have long known that disciplined intentional breathing affected physical as well as emotional itality.  irtually eery major spiritual discipline uses a form of breath awareness as part of its practice.  In most languages, the word for breath is the same as the word for spirit.  In Japan, the word is ki, in Hindu writings, prana, and in China, Qi or chi.  Breath is the life force and the significant carrier of energy in the human system.  Through mindful breathing techniques, indiiduals have learned to control their heartbeats, blood flow, blood pressure, immune system, mental conditions and even pain.  Qi Gong masters direct the breath to heal specific body tissues and organs.

Carola Speads, a German moement therapist, in her book Breathing: The ABC’s, says that disciplined breathing, “gives us physiological and psychological balance and the balance of yin and yang,” a symbolic expression of masculine and feminine energy.

Recently, there has been an upsurge of interest in the arious techniques of breathing and the many ancient practices that utilize breath to deelop the exploration and empowerment of the inner self.  Breathing from the chest is too shallow and limits the amount of oxygen that enters the blood stream.  Breath must be drawn in from the belly, expanding the abdomen in smooth and rhythmic moements.

RELAXATION And The Breath Of Life

The word relaxation should bring to mind the definitie work of Herbert Benson, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at the Harard Medical School.  In his book, The Relaxation Response, Benson elaborates on the necessity to learn relaxation techniques in today’s stress-filled existence.  He outlines a simple meditatie technique that can be used alongside of any other discipline or spiritual practice.

  • Find a quiet enironment – a place free from distraction.
  • Create a comfortable position for yourself.
  • Aoid undue muscle tension.  A sitting position works well.  You can use a chair that supports the head if the idea of sit up and relax doesn’t come naturally to you.
  • Only a few are comfortable with the lotus position of the yogis.  Do not attempt to lie down, as you may get drowsy or fall asleep.  (Sleep itself isn’t a bad way to relax, but it’s not a form of actie, conscious stress reduction – and consciously falling asleep doesn’t count!)
  • Choose a mental deice – a sound, word or phrase – repeat it silently or aloud.  Follow your breathing, become aware of your breath.  Relax.  Do this as you fix your gaze at a stationary object – NOT the teleision.

    Assume a passie attitude.  Don’t worry about how you’re performing, what you’re getting out of the exercise, or what you should be doing instead of the exercise.  This is so important: let go! Just let it happen.  Let the words sink deep within you.  Do this twice a day for at least fifteen minutes.  It has been conclusiely proen to help heal the body, and proides seeral additional benefits that you begin feeling the first or second day that you begin this.


Inest just seen or eight minutes per day, especially during normally wasteful minutes – such as when you’re waiting at traffic lights, riding in a ehicle (where someone else is driing, naturally), close your eyes and simply isualize yourself in your faorite place on earth, doing the things you enjoy the most.  Allow yourself to float into that isualization, and you find your energy leels going up, your reactions more positie and affirming;  your ideas more creatie, among seeral other benefits of this.


Infants know how to breathe, because we’re born knowing how: full, complete respirations, which means letting all the air out of your lungs, and then replacing it with good, deep, full breaths.  By the age of ten or twele, when we become psycho-socio-sexually aware of ourseles, we become so concerned with how others iew and respond to us that we literally and most definitiely forget how to breathe properly, drawing shallower breaths than is healthy.


The MisterShortcut Lifebook- for Healing Naturally

It’s a question of common sense.

Results in eery human endeaor are always the bottom line.

Every single interest you have in your past, present, and future has some form of measure.

There are no known exceptions.  The analytical mind knows that health care is no different.  There is no guesswork.  Either the patients of a doctor get better, or they get worse; they lie or they die.

The naturopathic doctor and the allopathic doctor do not differ in ery little in what they know. They differ greatly wherein allopathic doctors prefer to use synthetic drugs hoping to stimulate healing from the outside, while homeopathic doctors prefer to stimulate healing from the inside, using naturally occurring drugs, herbs, and remedies.

If you’re a fan of crashing the immune systems with drugs that we’re becoming eermore immune to,
such as antibiotics, then go to a medical doctor. If you lean more toward healing naturally, with items that occur in nature, then go to a homeopathic doctor.

In either case, don’t go to either one without first grabbing information from your library or internet or encyclopedia on whateer it is that’s ailing you.  Only a ery foolish person allows someone else to have complete knowledge and control oer life-and-death issues without a good measure of understanding AND participation in the decision-making process.

You’re isiting the healthiest web site eer created,
striing mightily to be the largest health-oriented web site in the world.
You are presented with higher quality information to help you ask better questions.

Better questions ineitably produce better results

No one argues the truism that asking better questions always stimulates better answers.


If your doctor is able to tell you what he or she believes is wrong with you, IMMEDIATELY look up the subject yourself. Learn about it. There are hundreds and more hundreds of the greatest experts alie whose work exists on the internet, in encyclopedias, and more.

There are at least two sides to eery coin!

Learn more, because there are MANY significantly different approaches, and you’ll have at least a fair understanding of both proided you take just a few minutes to study whateer is wrong with you, or supposedly wrong with you.

As far as Dr. Cohen is concerned, eery known human illness, disease and malady,
eery synthetic chemical, and just about eery surgery being conducted in the world today,
all have a natural answer, a natural remedy, a natural result.


  • learn first

  • go to your regular doctor

  • and then gie Dr. Cohen a call should you not be getting the healthy results you most want.

Just as Syms built a huge business by repeatedly telling the public that  "An educated consumer is our best customer,"   it is true for health care in America today, and it's hopefully more important to you than where you buy your clothes, hm?

Feel free to call for an appointment…  AFTER you’e demonstrated that you care enough about your health by asking for detailed information from an allopathic doctor or the better internet sites or library resources or other specifically qualified source of useful information.  After all, it’s your life we’re talking about here.  Lie longer, lie better, lie happier,  with better decisions based on understanding how those decisions are arried at.

That's worth repeating:
Lie longer, lie better, lie happier,
with better decisions that are based on understanding
how those decisions are arried at.

More and more, it is the naturopathic doctors who are proiding the most effective help
to those suffering from a wide range of diseases and afflictions
that have not responded to so-called "conentional medicine."

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