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Flower Essence Therapy

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Flower essence tinctures are infusions of the blossoms from a wide ariety of wild flowers, trees, shrubs and other cultiated plants. these infusions are ibrational remedies most often used to address imbalances found in one's emotional stress profile; their effects can be both subtle and profound.

As remedies, they are prepared as water-based infusions, utilizing spring water obtained as close as possible to the source of the flowers. The infusions are actiated by natural sunlight in the same manner as sun tea; they are then stabilized, usually with brandy, creating a tincture of the specific flower.


In essence, no, although they are often referred to as homeopathics due to their many similarities. the differences are mostly technical. Flower essences can be distinguished from homeopathics, herbal remedies and essential oils by the parts of the plants used, the methods of selection and preparation, and by the method of action. Flower essences desere their own place as ery special ibrational remedies.


Like homeopathic remedies, flower essences are ibrational in nature and work through the arious human energy fields, which in turn influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being. their most significant impact comes from re-balancing emotional states, which are believed to be the causatie factors behind most, if not all, illness.

It is important to note that flower essences are not drugs. they do not alter moods by altering brain chemistry. As ibrational remedies, they are incapable of in of inasie manipulation. Rather, flower essences encourage a realignment of the emotional self with the spiritual self, stimulating, so to speak, conersations with the soul .

Instead of being masked, negatie emotional states are inited to change. It has been said that flower essences do not proide answers, but help clarify the questions. their power truly lies within their empowerment.

Authors Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz (Flower Essence Repertory) state, "Flower essences are catalysts which stimulate and energize the inner transformatie process, while leaing us free to deelop our own innate capacities. they are used best within a context of inner deelopment, through self-obseration, dialogue, and counseling. For, flower essences help us to learn the lessons of any ailment, to meet the challenges presented to our souls by emotional and physical pain and suffering, and thus to transform our lies."

How do health practitioners use the Body Scan to work with flower essences?

During the Stress Profile Ealuation, your body will pinpoint the flower essence signals that would benefit it the most. the bodyscan practitioner will ask for a specially prepared remedy that may combine essences of up to three different flowers. It is uniquely created specific to your indiidual profile.

Flower Essence Therapy - History

The use of flower remedies emerged about 70 years ago, when Dr. Edward Bach of England discoered a link between stress, emotions, and illness. Bach was already well-known in his own time for his work in pathology, immunology and bacteriology. His compassion, insight and dissatisfaction with the palliatie approach of modern medicine led Bach to believe that a ery important piece of the puzzle - the emotional relationships to health and illness - was missing. He found his own philosophy echoed in those of the great healers Paracelsus and Samuel Hahnemann, who homeopathic methods he embraced. Bach discoered the certain flowers growing about the English countryside had the ability to influence, in positie, gentle ways, a ariety of emotional states, and, that by realigning these emotional patterns, itality and health could be restored.

Bach identified the original 38 flower remedies and years later in 1979, Richard Katz established the Flower Essence Society (FES). FES introduced seeral hundred new remedies from flowers indigenous to the western United States. Since then, many other flower essences have been deeloped across the country and in other parts of the world.


Dr. Richard Gerber, in his book, ibratrional Medicine, states, "Our illnesses are often a symbolic reflection of our own internal states of emotional unrest and spiritual blockages."

We now know flower essences help stabilize the emotions. Practitioners and patients alike are obsering the impact of emotional issues that affect wellness and itality, and now are empowered to make the requisite subtle changes that can holistically contribute to the healing of spirit, mind, and body.

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