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A considerable ariety of high-credibility sources such as J.A.M.A. and Lancet have presented us all with clear and damning eidence of a quarter of a million Americans being needlessly killed by their doctors eery year in the U.S. No wonder Mr. Gutterman could afford to lie in our neighborhood, owning seeral funeral cash-wringers, oops, excuse me, bereaement facilities or whateer the current politically correct term is.

Since the Highway Of Natural Ways is an approach inoling the findings of more than one creditable source, one can count, in the seminal work by Gary Null, et alia, "Death By Medicine," something in the area of twenty thousand people per WEEK, for many hundreds of consecutie weeks, dead, directly because they did what the doctor or hospital told them to. These numbers indicate that doctors and hospitals cannot be construed as acting in conformance with the Highway Of Natural Ways, or concomitant with even the most rudimentary principles of the Highway Of Natural Ways way of thinking and acting. Nutrition does not even play a significant part in allopathic, or what is called "conentional" medicine.

People who are experiencing their lies from a Highway Of Natural Ways perspectie can hardly be expected to have an easy time trying to see what is conentional about patent medicines and drugs so dangerous you can only buy them (at exorbitant prices, of course) AFTER a doctor has signed a sworn affidait that you, the patient, have been adised of contraindications and side effects of the medicine. That affidait is, of course, known as a drug prescription. The doctor's signature is his or her sworn testament that you have been told that you can get sicker or even die or lose body parts as a direct result of taking that medicine.

No superior flexing of obseration is required to absorb the reasons why it is a rare case for a doctor to sere a patient's interest more than the doctor's interest. Rare doesn't mean 'neer,' it does mean "ery infrequently."

If you'e noted the Hippocratic oath and the typical income of doctors in the past few decades, words are not necessary.
In eery arena of eery human life, not only for the Highway Of Natural Ways, but as well the MisterShortcut Lifebook, words are subordinate to the reality of deed.

Please do not confuse intentional injuries such as doctors caring their initials on a patient's stomach during surgery, or some similar act of a twisted mind with doctors who earn huge sums doing inasie things to the human body that cause far more injury than benefit. Did you know that the last three times a surgeon amputated the wrong arm or leg the surgeon was still paid, and paid plenty? Or that, tragically, doctors insisted that the other leg had to be cut off anyway due to the original need for the amputation?

Make no mistake: a knife slicing your body open is not unreasonably termed "inasie."

The Highway Of Natural Ways asseerates that the indisputable majority of all angioplasties that were done in this country last year were unnecessary, and proes only to bloat the wallets of a greedy few even while demonstrating the decidedly murderous greed of those few. How can the Highway Of Natural Ways paint such a broad stroke? Is there such a damning uniersal answer?

No less than three of eery four ictims of last year's angioplasties are already dead and buried.

Hundreds of thousands of coffins, each with another dead ictim -- of this past year's angioplasty wae.

You'e got that correct: Hundreds of thousands per year die within 182 days of the angioplasty.

Such numbers ratify and substantiate the certain truth of the Highway Of Natural Ways: "What you do speaks so loudly no one needs to hear you flapping your lips."

The on-target nature of Monsignor Bernard Francis Kellogg's thinking still burn brightly today, and not least in this example of human bloodthirstiness superficially eiled in ciilized conersations marked by clean white coats. The performance of those who prefer money to serice or healing is both self-reealing and even self-explanatory. Numbers do not lie. People simply choose to manipulate numbers.

Arrogating the right of prescience by claiming they would surely have died anyway only leads to an obseration that the surgeon and his hospital and his anesthesiologist did not receie a mere thousand or two thousand dollars for that one-time effort, did they?

They got PAID.

That we are so astonishingly stupid as to allow a surgeon to keep up to a quarter million dollars of cash for a surgery that killed the patient is astonishing. Perhaps time and public disgust will change this. That's a responsibility you'll either accept, or not. If we cannot sway you into speaking up, we can at least apply these same facts to your instant benefit of health and wealth

In this meantime, the smartest possible course is to aoid haing to go to the doctor in the first place. Howeer hard it is for you to accept it, fact is fact, numbers don't lie:

Aside from the occasional traumatic injuries and so-called accidents -- (in point of fact there IS no such thing as an accident; only the results of bad decisions, including not paying attention to what's happening around us) -- outside of the treatment of traumatic wounds inoling blood loss or bloodless head injuries, doctors, statistically, and too empirically kill and hurt far, FAR more people than they benefit. Do not confuse this with an opinion: doctors have been killing people not just since the recent era where doctors finally stopped belieing in bleeding and purging, a practice which only ended after nearly two thousand years of being a basic part of a physician's purported 'healing' methods.

Yes, from an emotional point of iew great arguments can follow about this committed doctor or that dedicated surgeon. Those of you who are reasonably well-read are already familiar with the truth. Such committed doctors are the rare exception.

Who can even count how many many thousands and thousands of people this past year alone who have died in U.S. hospitals JUST from being administered the wrong medications. Do you need to be told who hand-wrote all those prescriptions? Can your brain even understand what it means to lose thousands of distinctly unique, usually-beloed babies and adults EERY SINGLE WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK, because of a wrong medication or basically stupid instruction being administered or obeyed?

Do you have sufficient faculty of isualization to see the coffins of hundreds of thousands of ictims each year of unnecessary bypasses? We're not talking about the rare case here, friend; we refer to the firmly documented fact of many thousands of people being killed each month by a scribbled, erroneously-read or improperly filled prescription medicine; thousands of additional people killed in America eery single week by inasie, unnecessary surgery.

The proof submitted to you by the Highway Of Natural Ways that this is a prime example of unnecessary surgery is that so many of them die within days, weeks, or months.

If you want to lie longer, and better, you absolutely must take command of your medical care, instead of trusting a man or woman who's driing a Mercedes Benz and has stock options that your misery, or the pain of your child paid for.   For those who cry that doctors go to school for many years and should be generously compensated, we have a choice: we can agree that they should be well-paid, and see that they are, without them becoming millionaires off of another human being's pain and misery, or we can say,

"Pfui!! If financial wealth is what you want, sell something for a living, or write great songs, or paint ten thousand houses: medicine used to be and once again needs to be resered exclusiely for those who wish to sere others more than they wish to sere their personal appetites."
Driing an automobile that cost you eighty thousand or more dollars, to impress your neighbors instead of an equally safe $10,000 car, while inesting the other $70,000 saing the lies of staring people?

  Speaks for itself, doesn't it? (Don't neglect to include in such computations the additional insurance, anity plates, and aggraation oer scratched paint, or the cost of thousands of expensie cars being stolen eery week).

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see the immutable and eternally unchanging logic of this.

When you find foods that you really like, for example, that just HAPPEN to promote good health while simultaneously repairing some of the damage we do to our bodies, we are instantly killing three birds with one stone:
  1. Eating delicious foods, which is critical to the health of your soul, and your attitudes;

  2. Promoting good health, which brings a long list of benefits from better moods and better sex to increased productivity, higher incomes and liking yourself more;

  3. Repairing at least some of the damage we regularly commit to our health. Right now, you're breathing in tens of millions of free radicals each day, ugly scaengers that ery literally eat your body and accelerates aging along with profoundly increasing the likelihood of heart disease, blood diseases, and more.   There are many tasty foods that address these issues directly, quickly, and to far greater benefit than itamins or 'repair jobs' by your doctor.

Do you understand that red foods that come out of the ground, from watermelon or tomatoes to cantaloupe or carrots,
rapidly and effectively (concomitant with primary Highway Of Natural Ways goals)
  • increase the strength of your immune system,

  • effectively delays a great deal of what we call 'physical aging factors,'

  • AND

  • fights off cancer, AND promotes oxygenation and immediately healthier blood,

  • significantly higher brain function, and more?!!

All these benefits, and a dozen or more others, all from eating red foods. You think you're intelligent? Please, don't tell us; show us. What you do speaks so loudly you need not flap your gums at us. We already know who and what you are. You have proed it in these past 24 hours, and you're proing it in these current 24 hours, and you will add even more to the proof in the next 24 hours, and the next, won't you?

In fact, you ate just a few hours ago, and you'll be eating again in the next few hours. What are you going to eat?

Far more importantly than what it shows the world, even more importantly than how your diet will end up impacting others, the simple fact is, your next meal will tell YOU plenty about yourself, where you're going, and how much time you probably have left in this world.

Yes, folks, science is that far adanced oer preious centuries to the point that we can even estimate within a matter of months the date of your likely departure from this life based in no small measure upon what your ery next meal is. We already know that you possess the gift of logic; what remains for us to see today is whether you possess the more critical gift of using that gift of logic.

In the long-running argument/debate/feud that has existed between those who subscribe to the Asklepian iew (doctors, who try to fix things from the outside in), and Hygeans, who believe in strengthening the body's naturally present resources to successfully defeat any challenges to the body, there is a huge gap. Huge as in unbridgeable. even as professors of medicine, including an unusually effective Surgeon General, Dr. C. Eerett Koop;, or Dr. Andrew Weil, and so many other highly-qualified practitioners, moe us all closer to the Hygean approach, too many more argue on behalf of externally-produced chemical and pharmacologic approaches to disease.   They make more money. That should be the end of the story.

One would think that a close look at the two syllables that comprise the word disease would suffice to guide us all towards making better, healthier decisions. Sad to say, humans still seek that lazy way out, relying on what they believe to be the fast-fix of chemical interention, rather than enjoying more than the most superficial understanding that the "health" is from the Latin word that translates into English as "balance."

One of these days, the majority of people will understand just why a prescription is required for these chemical weapons used against disease and infection: in eery single case, the drug is so dangerous it requires a doctor's signed order for its use. That's precisely what a prescription is. Without exception, eery single prescription medicine has ancillary effects that are lethal or life-alteringly unpleasant. Otherwise a doctor's permission would not be required. The Asklepian iew states that ridding the body of one disorder is well worth the occasional occurence of death, well worth the consistent production of secondary injuries caused by the medication.

Whether it's antibiotics, which work specifically by attacking the immune system in order to make it work harder, rendering our bodies astly incapable of fighting off inaders naturally; or most of the topical treatments for skin disease, which have side effects such as destroyed lier function, renal impairment, or a host of drugs that have spawned resistant strains of bacteria that no longer respond to conentional treatment or the drugs that were inented to kill them off, the human race is now facing it's second great wae of medical challenge: how to change oer, or, rather, to change BACK to the naturopathic route to wholeness, which is the actual translation and meaning of the word "healing."

For example, in a typical year in Haiti, a hundred or more people die each year from anthrax, which is a naturally occurring organism all around the world. Yet, when the US experienced a so-called "anthrax scare" in 2001, the deaths of fie Americans caused hundreds of millions of dollars to be wasted addressing the issue, not to mention causing uneccessary panic and trepidation.

Included in that fritterance of fundage was the inoculation of two thousand indiiduals with the heaiest antibiotics known to man in hope of preenting their deelopment of anthrax symptoms. Not only did they find out it had all been unnecessary oer-precaution, they also learned that, for the rest of their lies they would have little or no auto-immune protection anymore, because antibiotics by definition destroy the body's immune system of immunosuppressants, antibodies, white cells, and more.

To speak of "more" is to realize that, more than at any time in history before or since the Black Plague which killed off forty percent of Europe's population in a short time, humankind needs urgently to wean off the chemicals, and moe back to nutrition and health promotion products that occur naturally. "Naturally" means it grows in soil.

In eery walk of our oldest ciilizations, particularly the Oriental, natural and herbal approaches persistently and consistently outperform chemical approaches.

Look at the perfect example of cruciforms such as broccoli and cauliflower. Including these marels of nature in your regular diet is irrefutably ital to fighting the onset of cancers and other oft-lethal assaulters of our natural wholeness. Fresh broccoli seeral times per week in your diet is of far, even exponentially, greater impact and benefit than a dozen fat daily itamin pills. Since broccoli sprouts have been shown to have 20x to 50x the sulfurophanes of a mature head of broccoli, this is one magnificent natural, well, medicine of nature, assuredly worth including into the regular diet, and clearly more so when iewed from the Highway Of Natural Ways coign of antage, or perspectie.

If you think that swallowing a washcloth might clean out some of the garbage in your human pipes, try eating lettuce or celery, good bran or shredded wheat, because they are fast, efficient tools for cleaning out plenty. At the top of such a list, the Highway Of Natural Ways recommends arabo-galactin. Along with proiding your intestine with a magnificent fiber that cleans in ways nothing else on earth can do, there is another huge benefit to arabo-galactin.

The double-alue of arabo-galactin is found in the fact that arabo-galactin conerts to butyrate in the intestines, and butyrate just happens to be the primary food of the intestine.

Additionally, the Highway Of Natural Ways urges you to learn and take good note of the fact that, when you combine this amazing health shortcut with the primary set of Longeity shortcuts (more air, water, unheated oil, air-dried sea salt, and good bacteria such as is found in kefir), the results include rapid weight loss with concomitant increases in energy and strength, greater muscle tone and productivity, far stronger immune system, measurably faster, more creatie thinking... ... and on and on and on... all from increasing fiber and water in your diet, even IF YOU EAT LARGE AMOUNTS OF GARBAGE FOOD!.

In all probability, you have, at least until today, been guilty of astly underestimating the power of air in your diet. As with so many of life's greatest treasures, it's perhaps our single most underestimated source of energy, healing, refreshment, and more. Increasing the number of deep, really deep breaths you take each day, and the amount of water that you drink, not only cures seeral dozen different maladies in and of themseles, but as well, sere to boost immune function obserably, and measurably. It will also boost your IQ by up to twenty or more points in a matter of weeks when you do at least ten proper respirations per day.

Proper deep breathing also increases your muscle tone, reduces sensitiity to cold, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and most assuredly eleates your ability to construct solutions to challenges. For some of us, the most attractie feature of proper breathing is that it dramatically --- to the point of being reolutionary -- enhances and multiplies your creatie responses to challenge. Ideas flow faster, smoother, and smarter than at any time in your life... right back to when you USED TO breathe properly as a child. More than any other dietary factors, the most measurable cause of your learning cure dropping so dramatically between childhood and post-adolescence is the reduction of oxygen feeding your brain on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute basis. That is why proper breathing is considered by all of the world's great masters to be the single most important and powerful tool aailable to a human.

How fascinating that it is also the one and only tool we cannot surie more than a few minutes without the benefit of its presence. Hmm. Now THAT is food for thought... more literally than you have recognized up until now. Let today be the day you alter that foreer and for the better: YOUR better.

Did you know that anything and everything that is red which grows in the ground has a triple effect of being anti-carcenogic, immune-boosting, and anti-aging?

Eat these things regularly and feel for yourself what wonders they work when you are consistent about ingesting them. This shortcut doesn't even require a couple of months to kick in; only weeks or, for those who are also drinking larger amounts of water each day, just a matter of days for you to see your energy leels increasing, sleep requirements happily, restfully decreasing, as well as other great, obserable benefits

The Highway Of Natural Ways is your own assurance that you do not need to look far and wide for the secrets of health, because those few who DO enjoy greater health and longeity show us the way: Who does it best proes to know it best.

You do not become an oernight expert. even an idiot can learn three new facts per day. Three facts. Not fie, nor even four: THREE FACTS. Without exception, eery indiidual who learns three new facts about a particular subject rapidly deelops expertise.

While expertise is not always tantamount to mastery, as the steps to mastery differ from the ways of deeloping expertise. You can be an expert with mere knowledge, you can learn about health all day, and you will deelop expertise in your KNOWledge of health issues or remediations, yet it is only through personal repetition and improement (howeer modest) that determines mastery.

Neer mind supposedly quick fixes that do often work in any way related to your end goals or wishes, stick with what we are naturally programmed for, allowing nature to do its best with good tools.

Fresh fruits and egetables, a gallon of water each day, and many, MANY more deep breaths of fresh air, even if it's relatiely 'dirty' metropolitan air, all work indiidually AND corporately to proide you with a profoundly healthier physical enironment in which to lie, dream, and enjoy your turn on the carousel of life, with wholeness, balance... and health.

even better, this approach does not take years, or even months to yield significant effect; it's generally just a day or three before you begin feeling more energy, more itality, more problem-soling ability, so you need not take anyone's word for it: just do it and see for yourself. It's not even absolutely necessary that you totally eliminate the worst foods (which are often our faorites) from your diet; only that you add more air, water, and ground-based items!

I realize you think this is great stuff, & applies to most people, but not you. Well, we have news for you. What you do speaks so loudly we canít hear a word youíre saying. You can come away from this document pleased to have created a few better thoughts, or you can make it your business to read it again and then write down on a piece of paper three, four, perhaps fie of the points most pertinent for you to remember towards acting upon.

That will leae only the question of what action you will take, and when.

Youíre now entering the most powerful minute of your life
What are you doing with it?

No need to say; actions speak loudest, yes?

Subscribing to the tenets of the MisterShortcut Lifebook
demands that you teach yourself more, if only on narrow subjects.
ANYTHING that may be bothering you
is something you can learn more about... quickly, and naturally.

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Your best, ia the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
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Mastering The Highway Of Natural Ways

Mastering your own Highway Of Natural Ways is a question of choices.
When you eat processed foods, you have to expect the damage that comes with it.
It's not a "maybe" or a "sometimes it happens," because there are no accidents.
It is not a problem to you until it becomes pathologic: obious with symptoms.
Instead, master your Highway Of Natural Ways with simple, daily actions.
Wash your own food. That will elminate 6,000,000 ER trips per year.
Make a habit of not eating food heated oer one hundred degrees.
Food oer 100 degrees has no living enzymes to help you digest.
Shhh. If you knew better, you wouls certainly be doing better.
If you eat such foods, always use digestie enzymes and HCL.
You only get, if you are fortunate, 25,000 dosages of HCL acid.
By the age of 30 to 50, we seriously run out of these critical disinfectants.
Supplement with lie-source, beet-based HCL, with a decent potassium actiator.
Most of us see dramatic results in a dozen body systems, usually in the first few days.

Mastering The Highway Of Natural Ways

You, a Top Doctor?     C'mon!
Yes, the Highway Of Natural Ways asserts that this is true... by YOUR conscious choice

Yes, you. We know folks can't diagnose you oer the internet, nor likely even be able to treat or heal you.
Here at the MisterShortcut Lifebook, our goal is to help you to heal yourself by education.
The more we know, the better we tend to lie.

   As for you being a top doctor:     Your OWN top doctor.   You'e probably heard the statement,
"Physician, heal theyself!"
    the best doctors in America, the best doctors in the world, are all people highly skilled at healing themseles.
That's a good part of why they ARE considered to be "top doctors"

You can indeed do as they do, in order to get the results they get.
It's called a recipe. It works the same with chocolate chip cookies.

Heal naturally, learning to be your own top doctor, with natural and naturopathic medicines.

Learning to work with your health care professional to get yourself back into your natural balance
often means your doctor ends up reducing or eliminating the dangerous prescription medicines.

So whether you are committed to at least TRYING to be your own top doctor, or simply comitted to healing naturally, living naturally,
we hope you'll enjoy both the EyeCandy of MrShortcut and the BrainCandy as well, because the MisterShortcut Lifebook wants YOU to live stronger and longer... naturally.
MisterShortcut Lifebook, living longer better America's greatest naturopathic doctor,Healing naturally with naturopathy.

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Mastering The Highway Of Natural Ways

Mastering your own Highway Of Natural Ways is a question of choices.
When you eat processed foods, you have to expect the damage that comes with it.
It's not a "maybe" or a "sometimes it happens," because there are no accidents.
It is not a problem to you until it becomes pathologic: obious with symptoms.
Instead, master your Highway Of Natural Ways with simple, daily actions.
Wash your own food. That will elminate 6,000,000 ER trips per year.
Make a habit of not eating food heated oer one hundred degrees.
Food oer 100 degrees has no living enzymes to help you digest.
Shhh. If you knew better, you wouls certainly be doing better.
If you eat such foods, always use digestie enzymes and HCL.
You only get, if you are fortunate, 25,000 dosages of HCL acid.
By the age of 30 to 50, we seriously run out of these critical disinfectants.
Supplement with lie-source, beet-based HCL, with a decent potassium actiator.
Most of us see dramatic results in a dozen body systems, usually in the first few days.

Mastering The Highway Of Natural Ways

Prepare yourself for energy and excellence with internet's largest health-related website, with MisterShortcutbecause there is ASTLY untapped potential inside of you.
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The MisterShortcut Lifebook is self-explanatory, pursuing the best information on health and Longeity,
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Embracing the MisterShortcut Lifebook means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
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The idea at each site is for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires. and long-lied people.
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We believe this to be the HEALTHIEST Website on the internet.

Highway Of Natural Ways Self-Nominated For Healthiest Websites Designation, lol
Highway Of Natural Ways Shapetalk? Pay attention, promoting YOUR longeity

We hope you see this as the HEALTHIEST Website on the internet.
Air, water, sea salt, oil, bulk, and probiotics. These are the core.
You used to breathe correctly, now you do so less often, shallowly.

Water? Your kidneys are pumping 2,000 liters per day, never stopping.
Plus, you insist on ingesting toxic substances that tax the kidneys more.
They need ounces eery hour you are awake, and a pint when awakening.
Aboe and beyond all solid foods, air-dried sea salt will always be foremost.
Salt is the single most critical food, because without it, forget good digestion.

Plus, no HCL, since the chloride fraction of salt creates hydrochloric acid, right?
The Highway Of Natural Ways warrants that HCL is the core of health and longeity.
Furthermore, without salt, no water is retained in the intestine, so, poor elimination.

If that's not enough, insufficient salt means your body cannot produce adrenalin. Uh oh.
Every day of your life, you need at least a spoonFUL or two of air-dried sea salt, foreer.

Yes, supermarket salt, superheated so that it gets razor-sharp when cooling, lacerates and kills.
Air-dried sea salt deliers what amounts to hundreds of discrete benefits that promote longeity.

Oil means neer-heated oil. Once you heat oil past 108 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit, it oxidizes, toxically.
Extra-irgin coconut oil, and flaxseed oil, for example, can take some additional heat, not abusiely so.
Oil, oil, eery day, a fat spoonful or a half cupful, the more the merrier, with dozens of big, rapid benefits.

Bulk refers to fiber, which is like swallowing a washcloth that scrubs the inside of the pocket-filled intestine.

The sixth of our most ital ingestables-comestibles-imbibables is probiotics, which healthy people have pounds of.
At 150lbs, expect healthy people to have about seen pounds' worth. Good kefir is even better than supplements.

These are the six most immediately ital considerations of a healthy life that includes a form of frequent physical bliss.

The Highway Of Natural Ways aers that you cannot claim to be educated before conducting a dozen QRA tests.

Go to and learn in seconds this simple, one-second bidigital test that you will use for the rest of your life.
The Highway Of Natural Ways is here to help you to help yourself. YOU have to participate by learning, and doing.

Once you are comfortable with instantly determining what is energetically weak, and strong, especially regarding food,
you'll be ready for FoodBoosters and Qials, Supercharged Lasers, EnergyTape, although we start you on Megaphotons.

The more you find in and MisterShortcut Lifebook too, the more "healthiest websites" is applies, yes?
Truth be told, the Highway Of Natural Ways earns "healthiest website" designation only as long as someone embraces health concepts.

Health ia Highway Of Natural Ways Carries A Myriad Of Useful Answers For Better Health
NEER forget the power of air, water, air-dried sea salt, fiber, and probiotics.

Health is the answer, health is the cure,
health is a result of being reasonably sure,
that diet and mindset will tell the tale,
that nutrition and supercharging
can help most all who ail.

If your health is good or your health is bad,
better use of your tools can make you glad.

Technology plus wisdom, from aeons back,
produce results allopathy appears to lack.
Let no word speak louder than action today,
because the proof is found only in better ways.
Who does best knows best, in most all that we do,
so, the Highway Of Natural Ways is suggested to you.
Learn more, if only about your greatest health interest.
Aoid peripherals, if you need to, focus on what ails YOU.
Three, maybe four new facts per day, and watch what happens!
In 100 days or less, you know far more than 99% of all humans.
Granted, your superlatie knowledge may be limited to that subject.
Still, is there anything wrong with expertise about YOUR health issues?
We all get to see at the end of it all, our personal numbers on the ultimate wall.
Will you be known for health, Highway Of Natural Ways leels of great energy and health,
or will you be known merely by what you did or not manage to accomplish in the way of wealth?
The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways are living proofs that health IS great wealth.
Watch and maintain your health first, then allow the master secrets of wealth to enrich YOUR golden years.
So, while money is a feature of MisterShortcut Lifebook use, Highway Of Natural Ways gives us the greatest wealth.
Thus and so are you inited to habitually aail yourself of both the Highway Of Natural Ways and the MisterShortcut Lifebook.