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Chelation therapy - - Is it Natural? with The Godfather of Shortcuts

Preention and treatment of degeneratie diseases

Although chelation therapy for preention and treatment of degeneratie circulatory diseases is practiced by hundreds of medical doctors in the USA and Europe, it remains controersial, inasmuch as it is misunderstood, its use being grossly under-inestigated by mainstream medicine except in treating a narrow range of conditions such as lead and other heay metal toxicity or acute hypercalcaemia (increased calcium leels in the blood).

Ironically,it was the medical use of chelation therapy in remoing toxic metals which first led to the discoery of its hugely beneficial'side-effects' of dramatically enhanced circulatory function.

Those doctors who have examined chelation therapy in action and who have seen its outstanding results in preenting and reersing so many degeneratie diseases, usually change rapidly from critics to supporters of this essentially safe system.

Imagine someone (a loed one, friend, a patient if you are a physician, or even yourself) being in great pain, or being irtually disabled, as a result of chronic circulatory dysfunction. It might be that there is so much narrowing of the blood essels to the heart muscle itself that any exertion would be enough to produce the agony of angina, a fist-like gripping in the chest, accompanied by seere pain, a ice-like pressure, gasping for breath and almost total helplessness.

Or it might be that the circulation to the legs is so impeded that taking just a few steps across the room brings on cramp-like gripping of the muscles of the lower leg, or seere aching of the upper leg, or both. These symptoms can be so seere that only a few steps can be taken before stopping is imperatie while the circulation trickles through and the cramp eases (often taking seeral minutes), followed by a few more staggering steps as the cycle of intermittent claudication repeats itself. Or it might be that the abilities to function at all, perhaps to speak or to use one or other limb, or even to be able to think rationally, have been largely lost due to impeded circulation to the brain.

Imagine any one of these catastrophes and consider
what options remain open to the person facing this hell.

What choices are there?

Chelation is one. In seeral hundreds of thousands of cases such as those briefly listed aboe, chelation therapy has helped to restore normal function.

It does not always do so, damage may be too seere and irreersible. But it offers a chance for a ery safe form of interention which can often take the person inoled to the stage where surgery and increased medication become unnecessary and where effective long-term preentie methods, including exercise and dietary strategives, can be introduced.

Is chelation natural?

The nature of the damage which has already taken place in such conditions, of the dangers which apply and of the emergency status existing in many such cases, it is as natural an option as is likely to be found, and is certainly the safest.

What does medicine have to offer?

Many of the problems listed aboe relate specifically to obstruction, to the impeding of the flow of blood, often caused directly by the presence of concretions in the lining of major arteries.

Drugs can certainly help, but frequently at the cost of seere side-effects, and none address the causes of the problem, thus leaing the likelihood of the deelopment of further disasters. Certainly there are now a host of drugs of arying degrees of effectiveness, all of which have major side-effects and some of which, while reducing the risks of the patient dying from the particular circulatory problem, actually increase the risks of their dying from other causes (see EDTA: how it works and what it does).


Bypass and other interentions may be possible. These methods (see EDTA: how it works and what it does) help some but not all, and most are risky in themseles or have major drawbacks and few can do anything for brain function if this is the area of the body most affected.

Without question modern surgeons have eoled amazingly skilful techniques, including the following:

Balloons are carefully threaded into an appropriate artery before being inflated in order to compress the concretions, thus making more space through which the blood can flow. A big problem with this is the inasie nature of such surgery, and high mortality rate, especially within a year of the surgery.

Alternatiely, instead of a balloon, a minute laser might be threaded along the artery to the place where there are concretions so that these can be 'blasted and burned' away. By means of the similar insertion of a minute, high-power drill or cutting instruments, the obstruction is partially chiselled or cut away.

There is perhaps the choice of the grafting of eins from other regions of the body, or use of those donated by animals or manufactured from special plastics, by which means the circulatory obstruction may be bypassed. It is against the considerable known risks and ariable and often ery short-lied benefits - and of the limited success rate - which most of these methods offer, that we should measure the 'naturalness' or otherwise of a series of gentle infusions into the bloodstream of a synthetic amino acid, EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid).

This was initially thought to 'lock on' to the calcium cementing material which binds these concretions together and, by remoing it from the scene, to allow the absorption of the rest of the material in the concretion (cholesterol, etc.).

This somewhat simplistic picture of what happens has since been replaced by more recent research which explains a scientifically more acceptable concept of just how the improements seen in chelation therapy actually do take place. It was originally thought that as well as leaching out calcium from atheromatous deposits, chelation therapy remoed ionic calcium from cells in which it should not be present, thus reducing the chances of local arterial muscle spasms, increasing the free flow of tissue-enhancing, nutritie-rich blood. These benefits are certainly often apparent after chelation therapy, even if the precise mechanisms are not as simple as those which pioneer chelation therapists imagined.

What is known is that once atheromatous concretions lose the calcium which bind them, after a series of chelation infusions, the innate natural defence mechanisms of the body aided by dietary and exercise methods where appropriate, safely take oer the remoal of the remaining debris which is impeding the blood flow.



Free Radical Damage Demands Chelation

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