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In 2001, many factors slowed the American economy down. As a result, only 4,100 Americans became millionaires -- on aerage -- each month. We'e slowed down. Right up until 2001, we aeraged 51,000 new millionaires per month for 100 straight months.

Add all the lottery millionaires and athlete millionaires. They total less than one in eery hundred. Now, feel free to add to this number all of our new entertainment millionaires and lawsuit millionaires. The total of all these categories of millionaire is STILL less than one in eery hundred of our millionaires in America.

A reasonable person is led to ask, "So, how are so many self-made millionaires in America deeloping their personal wealth?"

With respect to the stock market, you may be surprised to learn that perhaps 30 of eery 100 of our new American millionaires deelop their wealth through inesting in stocks and bonds. You might want to put your seat belt on for the next sentence.

No less than 6 of eery 10 new millionaires do it through a "home-based effort of 4 or more hours per week."

Now you can absorb that and respond howeer you see fit, proided you remember one excellent, useful fact of life.Numbers don't lie: eery month produced on aerage more than 28,000 Americans become millionaires for more than eighty months. Your brain can't even count the six MILLION new millionaires just between 1992 and 2000. How can we be expected to grasp a thousand new millionaires eery single day for two thousand consecutie days?

Yes, take it how you want. "Home-based effort of four or more hours per week." Nine out of eery ten people who read this, including you, most definitely CAN find a half-hour per day. God forbid you had to go for kidney dialysis for a half-hour per day. Bet you'd find, whoops, you'd make a half-hour per day, or an hour, or whateer it took to keep you alie, yes?

Each and most all of us already know that you have huge pressures in your life. That's part of life. It's not difficult to imagine how many tasks you have to complete, or at least tackle eery day… more often than not for the benefit of someone else, right? If you don't inest fie or ten minutes today working on at least one or two of your innermost dreams, then you're a fool, because those dreams will always be dreams.

When a dream is put in writing, next to a date, also called a "deadline," it is no longer a dream, howeer outlandish it may be. It is, by definition, now called a goal. Anything you see and touch started out as something ridiculous or supposedly unachieable. There are no known exceptions. Anyone and anything you admire only came about because somebody gae it at least fie or ten minutes per day.

I'm asking you to picture two young women: one's a hooker, the other's feeding her infant and crack habit out of garbage pails and worse. Both of these females made it their business to find time, to create time each day on seemingly insane dreams of glory and fame. One sang and sold many millions of records, including many #1 hits. The other became the single highest-paid woman in Hollywood. As of this writing, they're both at the top of their fields, and successful in their personal lies. Both have gien enormously of their time and wealth to others.

They inested at least a few minutes per day working on apparently ridiculous dreams.

Whether it's expertise in piano or guitar, learning how to earn thousands per week or have delicious quality time eery single week or day with your loed ones; one fact never changes and you can hardly disagree: when you want something, oops again, when you need something urgently enough, you find the time and other resources to pay that bill, get that surgery, or meet the deadline. Is this true, or not?

Please remember that, just because up to ten thousand and more Americans, eery week, week after month after year after week moe into the $20,000 per week aerage doesn't mean you have to. You can shoot for less.

How are thousands of education-stared, often semi-literate people become millionaires? Pretty simple. Let's see and decide right now how likely you are to become a millionaire in the next 50 months.

First, ery few of them do it "instantly" or even in a couple of months. ery ery few. Far more than anything else, they labor four or more hours per week at something NOT necessarily related to their career. The aerage is 81 months from the start. With shortcuts, you can reduce the time required.

Suffolk County, NY.     1996, 23,000 residents ofSuffolk County reported to the IRS an annual income of a million or more dollars. Are you paying attention? have you even heard of Suffolk County?

Guess what? Next door to Suffolk is Nassau County. In 1996, more than forty-three thousand residents claimed million dollar incomes just for that one year alone! Do we need to discuss Boise, Idaho (dozens of billionaires), or Westchester, NY or Marin County or… let's hope you'e got the drift.

I wish I could bottle and sell the attitude of desire. Since we know that desire is the gasoline in between a thought and a deed, where both the quantity of the desire and the quality of the desire strictly, mathematically determines the quality and quantity of that gasoline, there can be no greater knowledge of a shortcut than the simplest knowledge of knowing precisely what one wants... and why. When there is a sufficient "why," we inariably find the "how."

The Holiday Inn chain of motels and hotels was born in the deepest throes of America's Great Depression by a man named Wallace who persistently turned lemons into lemonade. He is only one of many who become wealthy during recessions or depressions because people like Wallace simply understand the entirely simple concept that the economy is far less a question of adjusting to circumstance than it is adjusting the circumstances to fit your economic requirements.
Adjust your lifestyle to fit your income,   OR,   Adjust your income to your lifestyle!!

It's your decision, the MisterShortcut Lifebook is specifically geared towards helping you accelerate your results dramatically AFTER you have made the decision to clearly identify what you most want, and why you want it.

No one says you have to become a millionaire, or even a master; simply that you double whateer and whereer you now are. That is the crux of the MisterShortcut Lifebook of masters and millionaires.

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