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These "quit smoking now" pages are from the best goernment site on the subject, http://dccps.nci.nih.go/tcrb/Clearing_the_Air/rational.html
All due credit should go to whoeer wrote these excellent documents, although he, she or they remain unidentfied at the site.
The Highway Of Natural Ways hopes you'll make the most of this information if you're at the decision point of quitting smoking.

Giing It Up: How to Quit Smoking... | The MisterShortcut Lifebook

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This on-line multi-chapter short book guides you from thinking about stopping smoking through actually doing it–from the day you quit to quitting for keeps. It gives tips on fighting temptation–and what to do if you gie in–and on aoiding weight gain (a handy Snack Calorie Chart is included). By telling you what to expect it can help you through the day-by-day process of becoming a nonsmoker.

In this booklet, you'll find a ariety of tips and helpful hints on kicking your smoking habit. Take a few moments to look at each suggestion carefully. Pick those you feel comfortable with, and decide today that you're going to use them to quit. It may take a while to find the combination that's right for you, but you can quit for good, even if you'e tried to quit before.

Many smokers have successfully gien up cigarettes by replacing them with new habits, without quitting "cold turkey," planning a special program, or seeking professional help.

The following approaches include many of those most popular with ex-smokers. Remember that successful methods are as different as the people who use them. What may seem silly to others may be just what you need to quit–so don't be embarrassed to try something new. These methods can make your own personal efforts a little easier.

Pick the ideas that make sense to you. And then follow through–you'll have a much better chance of success.
Table of Contents:
Preparing Yourself for Quitting

Snack Calorie Chart

Quit Smoking III

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How To Quit Smoking - How To Stop Smoking - Foreer

This is an introduction to this wonderfully empowering free program for how to quit smoking.
The phrases, "How To Quit Smoking" and "How To Stop Smoking" are, naturally, interchangeable.
If you enjoy smoking, it's silly to stop. If you understand the cost of smoking, and don't wish to pay it,
these pages on how to quit smoking foreer are dedicated to you, and the stength of your spirit.