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DIABETES - Dr. Cohen ALWAYS recommends learning more - it's healthier!

The following information is taken mainly from Books, Health magazines and Newspaper articles. the alternatie methods aim to make the body heal itself. Not just take away the symptoms only, as it usually the case with allopathic medicine.  

MisterShortcut urges eery human to learn more about their body, and what may be wrong with it. This empowers you to ask better questions, and make better decisions that allow you to lie longer and healthier.

-Bad Good
DiabetesChlorine Depletes itamin E in the body. Smoking depletes itamin C. Too little Selenium. Too much Selenium, Too much itamin B3 (Niacin), Too little Chromium, Too little anadium, Cadmium Lead, accinations, Aspartameitamin C, Chromium, itamin E, anadium, Selenium, Bee Pollen Essiac, Honey of raw unblended without sugar added, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lingzhi (=Ganoderma), Omega 3 and 6, RoseMary, Zinc if not enough of Chromium, Manganese. Zone-diet
Glucose Tolerance-Chromium, anadium
Heals wounds-itamin C
HyperinsulinanemiaToo little Chromium-
Hypoglycaemia (impaired blood sugar control)Oestrogen contraception pills-
Increases efficiency of Insulin-Chromium and itamin E
Lowers Blood Sugar leels-Gymnema Sylestre (=GUR MAR = Sugar kill), Lingzhi (Ganoderma), Polysaccharides, itamin E, Magnesium
Lowers Insulin leels if too high- Chromium
Less need for or eliminating extra Insulin -Chromium and itamin E
Lowers need for Insulin-itamin C
Normalizing blood sugar leels-itamin E, Chromium, Manganese and Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Misai Kuching, Ortosiphon species (Misai Kuching, Remunjung, Kumis Kuching, Kabling Kubat), Neem 
Preents Xanthine from destroying Pancreas-itamin B6, Bee Pollen
Accumulation of Cholesterol-Bee Pollen
Pacifies poisons like Lead and Cadmium-Selenium
Works together with itamin E -Selenium
Poorer control in diabetics on insulin or oral drugsCadmium, Lead, and Aspartame -

SubstanceCan be found in (at least if it is Organic)
ChromiumBarley, Broccoli, Clams, Corn Oil, Whole Grains, Lier, Mushroom, Brewers Yeast
MagnesiumAlmonds, Bee Pollen, Bran, Broccoli, Bone Meal, Brussel Sprouts, Cashews, Chicken Cartilage, Dark Leafy egetables, Honey, Kelp, Kiwi, Seafood, Sesame, Spinach, Wheat Germ, 
ManganeseBeets, Carrots, Celery, Eggs, Whole Grains, Nuts, Parsley, (Green) Peas, Leafy Green egetables, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, 
Omega 3Cod Lier Oil, Flax seeds, Hemp seeds, Marine Oils, Mothers milk, Sea weeds, Wheat Germ
Omega 6Black currant oils, Borage Oils, Corn, Eening Primrose Oil, Flax seeds, Legumes (Lentils and Beans), (Lean) Meat, Mothers Milk, Nuts, Safflower, Seeds, Spirulina 
SeleniumBee Pollen, Broccoli, Eggs, Whole Grains, Milk, Mushroom, Onions, Tomatoes, Tuna, Wheat Bean, Wheat Germ, Brewers Yeast
ZincBee Pollen, Bran, Eggs, Honey, Lier, Milk, Mushroom, Nuts, Seafood, (Leafy Green) egetables, Wheat Germ, Brewers Yeast, 
itamin B3 (Niacin) Beans, Bee Pollen, Beef Lier, Bitter Melon, Chicken, Fish, Halibut, Honey, (Desiccated) Lier, Meat, Milk, Nuts, Peanut, Poultry, Rice Bran, Salmon, SunFlower Seeds, Swordfish, Tuna, Turkey, eal, (Green) egetables, Whole Wheat, Brewers Yeast, 
itamin B6 (Pyridoxine)Aocado, Bananas, Bee Pollen, Blackstrap Molasses, Bran, Carrots, Dark Leafy egetables, Eggs, Hazelnut, Honey, Legumes (Lentils and Beans), Lentils, (Organ) Meat, Milk, Rice, Salmon, Shrimp, Soya Beans, SunFlower seeds, Tuna, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, Whole Wheat, Brewers Yeast
itamin CAlfalfa, Apple, Apricots, Artichokes, Asparagus, Bananas, Bee Pollen, Bitter Melon, Blackberries, Black currant Oils, BlueBerries, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cherries, Chicory Greens, Chinese Cabbage, Citrus Fruits, Collards, Dark Leafy egetables, Fennels, Grapefruit, Grapes, (Sweet) Green Peppers, Guaa, Honey, Kale, Kiwi, Lemons, Lemon Oil, (Romaine) Lettuce, Lime, Mango, Nectarines, Oranges, Papaya, Parsley, Peaches, (Green) Peas, Pears, (Bell) Peppers, (Green) Peppers, (Red) Peppers, (Sweet) Potatoes, Radish, Raspberries, Rose Hips, Spinach, Strawberries, Swiss Chard, Tangerines, Tomatoes, Watercress, Watermelon, Zucchini
itamin E Alfalfa, Almonds, Apple, Apricot Oil, Asparagus, Bananas, Barley, Beans, Bee Pollen, Beef Steak, Beef Lier, (Brown) Bread, Broccoli, Butter, Carrots, Green Celery, Chicken, Cocoa Fat, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Oil, Cod Lier Oil, (Dried) Corn, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Dandelion Leaes, Dark Leafy egetables, Eggs, Escarole, Flour (Germ), Grapefruit, Haddock, Hazelnut, Kale, Lamb, Green Leafy tops of leeks, (Romaine) Lettuce, (Desiccated) Lier, Mackerel, (Organ) Meat, Mustard Leaes, Nay Beans,  Nettle Leaes, Nuts, Onions, Oat Meal, Olie Oil, Oranges, Red Palm Oil, Parsley, Peanut, (Green) Peas, (Sweet) Potatoes, (Brown) Rice, Rye, Safflower, Seed Oils, Soya Oil, Spinach, Spirulina, SunFlower Seeds, (Green) Tea, Tomatoes, Turnip, Unsaturated egetable Oil, Leafy Green egetables, Walnuts, Wheat Germ., Whole Wheat, Yoghourt


Diabetes in general:

The book "The Rejuenation itamin", by Carlson Wade, is extremely interesting for people who want a cheap cure to their diabetes. Don't underestimate the power of itamins and minerals. Doctors have used these simple cheap medicines for many decades now with extremely good results also in almost hopeless cases. 

Extremely important against diabetes seems to be Organic Chromium, itamin E, anadium, Selenium and  Zinc if not enough of Chromium. It is also important to abstain from Smoking and Aspartame

The Zone-diet described below also describes basics of how blood sugar leels can be controlled to a larger extent, God willing. 

It is ery important that you discuss all treatments with a real doctor. Allopathic or natural doctor. 

Most diseases can be fought with:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Eating enough Minerals, itamins, Enzymes, Oils from mainly organic sources
  3. Perhaps some herbs
  4. Moderate Exercise
Gerson Institute claims that they have had success against almost all modern diseases with this kind of treatment. The only modern killer diseases they not have claims about success with is accidents and suicides. 


For the poisons mentioned aboe in the first list click on each of the mentioned poisons that are underlined or click on the link 

to find out where the poisons are in our food, water, homes and enironment. 

Selenium during many months can sometimes be efficient to stop or milden effects of many toxins, especially from heay metals like Mercury from Amalgam -fillings, Lead and Cadmium in root canals and/or water and/or food.  Zam-Zam water and water from Lourdes is rich in Germanium which also can have good effect against poisons. Organic Chromium can also have a good effect against poisons. 
EffectMinerals (at least if organic), itamins, Herbs, Methods etc. that are Good against Poisons, Insh-Allah
Detoxification in generalMolybdenum
Detoxification of kidney (Water based poisons) Much absolutely clean drinking water (Distilled or R/O water), Lingzhi (=Ganoderma)
Detoxification of lier (Fat based poisons)Choline, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Nettle, arious Bitter herbs.
Preents PoisoningBee Pollen Germanium, Organic Chromium, Selenium
Preents Poisoning from Heay MetalsOrganic Chromium, Cystine and Cysteine, Germanium, Selenium, 
Preents Poisoning from PCBGermanium


Drink 1 glass of absolutely pure water each hour or around 3 liters a day. Instead of pure water juice from organic fruits or from organic egetables can be used. Don't feed yourself or especially your children with tap water. Read the fact sheets about Chlorine and Fluoride on how to aoid these poisons. Inest in a distiller or a reerse osmosis system if you have Fluoride in the water. Carbon filter can be enough for water contaminated with Chlorine and some heay metals. Boiling of water can take away Chlorine only if it is boiled for around 20 minutes and concentrates other poisons. 

Many diseases and symptoms can disappear or become milder after a simple detoxification by drinking enough absolutely clean water. 

Cleaning of the lier can be done periodically with help of some herbs like Dandelion and/or  Milk Thistle. 

For more seere diseases like Cancer, other methods have to be used as well. (Eliminating root canals, Eliminating or reducing Amalgam, Enema etc.). Selenium during many months can sometimes be efficient to stop or milden effects of many toxins, especially from heay metals like Mercury from Amalgam -fillings, etc., Lead and Cadmium in root canals and/or water and/or food etc. 


Every single cell depends on minerals for function and structure.  A certain Dr. Reams found that the human body requires 84 of the known 106 elements to maintain optimum health. 

A US congress report from 1936 states that 99% of all Americans suffer from lack of minerals. How bad is it not then today after decades of use of artificial fertilizers and modern refining and other processing of food? 

Minerals are of three types: Elemental, chelated and colloidal. The first type is not easily absorbed. A child might be able to absorb 8% of this kind of mineral and a 50 year old perhaps 1%. It is like licking a rusty nail if we want iron. Quite useless. 

Chelated minerals can be absorbed typically 20-40%, but the best form of  minerals is negatiely charged colloid particles = organic minerals from plants. These organic minerals can be taken up by the body 100% independent of age. The size of each particle is 0.01 millionth of an inch up to 10 millionth of an inch. The smallest can even pass through glass. They exit in and out of body cells without problems. They will not accumulate in body cells to become toxic. It is not the quantity of minerals that matters but the quality. The best is colloidal organic minerals from plants. Health shops sell minerals too often in an inorganic relatiely inefficient form. 

Good sources of minerals can be: Unblended Raw Honey, Bee Pollen Wild mushrooms and Eggs. Try to get hold of the product Higher Colloids or similar that has lots of organic minerals from deposits in the Lie Earth mines in Utah, USA. 

The remaining ashes of Indians in South America that were cremated thousands of years ago were weighed. Ashes are nothing but minerals. These ashes have been compared to ashes from people cremated in modern time. The South American Indians weighed around 4 times more! The same was discoered about Japanese monks living at the same time. In other words proof for that modern inorganic food does not contain enough minerals. (And Allah knows best). Minerals are building blocks for the cells in the body. The agriculture has been using artificial fertilizers ( = only a few selected minerals, NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium), since oer a hundred years to make plants grow without enough of a ariety of minerals. The top soil is depleted through repeated crop planting, top soil erosion and acid rains. Organic farming does not make use of artificial fertilizers. Plants can better withstand fungus, bacteria, insects without pesticides and fungicides if they are grown with enough of a ariety of minerals. A natural way of adding more minerals can be to try to see to that the earth has enough earthworms. Using only earthworms can increase the production considerably. The Highway Of Natural Ways points out POWERFUL benefits of minerals!
The Highway Of Natural Ways points out POWERFUL benefits of minerals!

  1. Conductors of body's electrical current
  2. Catalysts and actiators of other nutrients.
  3. Most itamins cannot function without presence of minerals
  4. Building blocks of hormones and other chemicals in the body
  5. Balance of pH and pressure of body fluids.
  6. Important for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  7. Many known and unknown specific functions: like rejuenate body, strengthen nerous system, grow new hair, help form color pigments, normalize heartbeat, help control blood sugar, boost immunity, proide energy, oercome fatigue, help cope with stress, and improe memory
  8. Help protect against pollution by toxic heay metals and other contaminants


Today most doctors know about positie effects about itamins, but they often do not know that the dosages for sick people often must be much larger than stated in most medical books. They do not always know that itamins in a ery large number of cases cures ery many seere diseases without side effects or with ery limited side effects according to controlled studies in the books mentioned below. All cures are of course with Allah's help. itamins work together with minerals and cannot work without minerals. 

Many of official side effects of itamins are false or exaggerated according to two books, The Rejuenation itamin by Carlson Wade and How to Lie Longer and Feel Better by Linus Pauling. A classic example is itamin A. (These books must be read not only read about). These books are abundant with information about the positie properties of itamins. Something eeryone in the whole world should know. itamin E alone can have around 160 positie known effects. 

If you take itamins and at the same time take medications, seek adice from a doctor since sometimes the medications must be reduced when itamins are taken. 

Oerweight and lack of Energy:

For going down in weight  check the ZONE diet . We eat too much  carbohydrates and too little fat and too little protein. Hard to believe perhaps. But much science have pointed in new directions away from US food pyramid with bread, grains etc. at the bottom of the food pyramid. even whole meal bread and brown rice contains a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates bring up the glucose leels quickly in the blood unless it is counteracted with enough of good fat (e.g. butter, not margarine) and enough of protein. The brain becomes "high: on too much glucose. If the glucose leels reach high leels quickly with a low fat, low protein diet the body answers with high leels of insulin. The high leels of insulin makes the body manufacture fat. The body also manufactures cholesterol from carbohydrates. We become fat. When the leels of insulin in the body are high the leels of blood sugar goes down quickly and we become quickly hungry again. The brain and the muscles need more glucose. We become tired. We have to eat again or we get craings for something sweet. Better if we eat a more complete meal. The blood sugars keep within "the Zone". 

The body does not need carbohydrates at all. Some Eskimos have been studied that lied only on Fish and Meat completely without carbohydrates during a whole year. The same with two researchers. They had gone down in weight after a year and were completely healthy and feeling energetic. Study this and about Egyptian Mummies at

The Egyptian Mummies show that the Egyptians were almost all ery obese and almost all died of heart diseases and related blood circulation diseases. They died in their 30:ies and 40:ies. Egyptian soldiers were called "bread eaters" by their enemies. No wonder US population is so fat. Perhaps 55% of the US population is oerweight today. 

Good against high Cholesterol: Celery, anadium, itamin B3, itamin C, itamin E and the Zone Diet 

Good against bad Cholesterol (LDL): Allicin, Chromium, Green Tea Flower (Camellia Sinensis), Omega 3, Omega 6, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Reishi (Mushroom), Reseratrol, anadium, itamin A, itamin B3, itamin C, itamin E 

Preents Cholesterol Buildup in the Arteries: anadium, itamin F (Unsaturated Fatty Acids) 

Raises Good type of Cholesterol: (HDL) Chromium, Omega 3 

Bad for Cholesterol: Carbohydates, Coffee 

But all cures are with God. 

What to do:

Read the books, Educate yourself. It is your health not your doctors health. Always seek adice from a real open minded doctor. Eat organic. Eat supplements itamins, oils and minerals that preferably are based on organic sources. Eat higher dosages of itamin and never stop completely but if you must go down in dosage half the dosage during a month or two first. Try to get hold of the product Higher Colloids or similar with lots of organic minerals from the Lie Earth mines in Utah, USA. If you have gray hair you might even get your hair color back after half a year or a year. A gray hair color can be one of the first signs of lack of some minerals in the body. 

Read the fact sheets about Chlorine and Fluoride on how to aoid these poisons. Inest in a distiller or a reerse osmosis system if you have Fluoride in the water. Carbon filter is enough for water contaminated with Chlorine . 

If you can afford it try to eat only organic food that is completely free or almost completely free from pesticides and biogenetic engineering. Organic food also has considerably more minerals than food grown with fertilizers.


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Your itality Factor, Author: Richard Earle and others, 1991, ISBN: isbn 0 330 31074 0, Pan Books Ltd, Caaye Place, London SW10 9PG, UK 

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